Film Theory: Hazbin Hotel, There Is NO Redemption!

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Ožu 2021.
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I've wanted to talk about Hazbin Hotel for AGES. FInally, I think I've cracked the big question of the show. How many souls does Charlie have to save to fix the problem in her fiery home? Theorists, Charlie means well but ultimately I think she is doomed to fail. Why? There are simply too many souls. Let's dive in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




  • I think its because he is a windigo its confirmed that he is a cannibal

  • Jesus is coming back soon repent and turn to Jesus before it’s too late

  • I wonder if he would do a helava boss

  • oh man my favorite gravity falls character would have to be mable i know its obvious choice but she so dang cute

  • MatPat: “Not to brag, but creepy animatronics... they’re kinda my bat signal!” Yeah and much like Bruce Wayne, you seem to be mono devotional. Look at all the fnaf theories, not to mention the hilarious “Final theory” phase.

  • Idk y but angel dust will always be me fav character

  • Bill cipher I like gravity falls

  • Alisters voice sounds like that because he was a radio host

  • Dude imagine the emo existentialist depth to a show about trying to find redemption even though it's not even possible like...based.

  • Wow I really didn't expect he would cover this

  • The messed up thing is if I produce the series like this it would be immediately tooken off HRdown but just because a multiple gender woman can practically do anything on this site but a man can't huh🤔

  • "Immidiete murder patrol"


  • Mat pat do you like Star Wars

  • Stanford pines people 😎😎✌️ Were is season 3?😓😢😭😓 Love you matpat 👍

  • ya know when you dont know HECK about a series but watch the game/film/food theroy by mattpat

  • Film theory got a mini sans is ness. Now make a full one.

  • my favorite character is bill cypher

  • I'm a Gravity Falls fan and my fav character is Bill Cipher

  • Just realized this channel isn’t verified and it has 9 mill subs

  • i like Bill

  • Bill all bill

  • I love❤ this chanl

  • No one: ... The angels: *doom eternal music*

  • The radio demon aka Alastor is like Wanda(scarlet witch) -They are both red -Sad background -very op powers

  • we'red did the john oliver come from

  • Demons and angels don't have souls. The whole show's premise is bupkis. If a demon or angel "dies", it's not like a soul where it gets a second chance or punishment of some kind in the afterlife. These beings are MADE of soul energy. Or at least the energy that makes up souls. When they "die" or more accurately are destroyed, they just cease to exist... completely. Their energy simply goes back to the ether from whence it was drawn before they were forged together into a cohesive entity, and simply goes back to being simple energy. Complete and total obliteration. The main character is just a psychopath having a delusional episode and is mentally lost in her own mind. Theory Solved.

  • Bill

  • I just wanted to ask....if you don't like the theories why continue watching the video? You could just click off and move on, you don't need to comment negatively. Now I know this is a sort of stupid thing to say because everyone has the right to voice their opinions and it's the internet, there is no possible way not to get someone whose gonna say something bad. But it just seems like you're hurting yourself, whether you think their theories are accurate or not is fine, but to blatantly say their wrong or stupid without any back up after watching a 19 and half minutes of straight explanation, detail, and research that he gathered and described while also claiming that they were JUST THEORIZING makes you look...well, not smart. You're putting yourself in a bad lighting and really disrespecting the amount of work and effort needed for these types of theories, the in depth work of it and knowing how to accurately explain to a wide audience so everyone understands is NOT EASY. I don't care how smart you are, this takes hard work. And although its easy to brush off negative things, it can still affect someone no matter how much they know its not logical to. It's why the internet can be so stressful, it can cause mental strain that turns into physical. Obviously, one comment isn't going to do so, but what if that one comment was just the last straw of a whole load of things they are already trying to handle? This isn't everyone's situation, im not calling them weak, and I'm not saying that everyone is affected this way. But I do think it's important to be reminded that we're all human and no matter how much we like it, words can hurt too. I'm already imagining all of the responses I could get to this, I don't mean to sound rude, and yes I could just walk away from this too, but if you all are gonna voice your opinions why can't I? Of course I'm voicing mine factually instead of just being negative...but that's besides the point. I'm not trying to say everyone who says something bad is an idiot or that you shouldn't post your opinions. I honestly think that this is the perfect place to discuss how you feel on the theory and why, putting a rebuttal to something they said or sharing how you disagree/agree would be perfect. I'm sure they would even respect and enjoy debating with someone (in kind manner). But I just hate to see how much this person's work gets put down simply on the basis that they're "making things up" or "living in their imagination" (not meant to call out, just examples) even though they have an entire video right there that shows the thought and hard work put into it. Again, I do know that there will always be haters, and yes I might sound hypocritical or judgemental but I honestly don't mean to offend anyone, make anyone feel like their being attacked or make anyone feel hurt/judged by anything I've said. I sincerely apologize if I do and I hope you can tell me so that I can work on how I word things in the future. This is just how I feel and nothing more, I don't expect anything from this, but hope that maybe this can help someone else. I want to thank all of those who support and defend when negative comments roll around, and I hope you all continue to do so because it is amazing. I know my thanks means literally nothing, but I left my gold medals back at home. I'm sorry this is so mushy....and long.😂 Thanks for reading to the end, because I sure doubt I would if I were you! Have a great day!!

  • Matpat I have a question. NO A FEW 1 have you even seen helluva or hazbin? 2 DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOOGLE IS???

  • if ur making a theory on this then you should expect to be demonitized

  • Gravity Falls is life! And Mabel rules over it all!!

  • There is also no another episode bc vivziepop keeps making heluva boss

  • I come back to this channel for every new Fandom I join

  • bill

  • Can you do helluva boss please???

  • I truly hate it here. Could you not have even waited until April Fool's to make this at least a little bit less stupid?

  • Bill

  • Really weird seeing and hearing Alastor said so much. That's my boyfriend's name.

  • How there just helping by getting more souls in the horel

  • I LOVE GRAVITY FALLS my favorite character is dipper

  • Matpat love you're video but you're hazbin theory you had said ake thing about hazbin hotels

  • I am a gravity falls fan. My favorite character is nobody, I don’t have one.

  • bill is god

  • Favourite character is soos, doode

  • Im sorry have you looked at Google cuz like the next episode is coming out on October 31st

  • Yes!! I am a big fan of Gravity Falls. My two favorite characters are Dipper and Bill Cipher

  • Did anyone see blitszo in it

    • @Funk Monk's well that isnt blitz

    • I'm not good at spelling or what word I should put sometimes

    • @Funk Monk's no it isnt also I can hardly understand you use English

    • So I could of thought that but he still could be

    • First off its blitzø secand thats not him its a other imp

  • What about a theory explaining why Mat Pat is a cardboard cutout

  • No

  • We ever gonna get an episode 2 for HH?

  • *This Film theory is only for Mature audience (+18)*

  • Hellavaboss is better lol jk you have your opinions

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he's censoring the clips from Hazbin Hotel and him literally calling Helluva Boss "HECKuva Boss"?

  • bill cypher

  • That show is so great. I freaking love Charlie’s songs! We desperately need more episodes!! 🦦

  • I love gravity falls and Bill is just weirdly awsome... I like him I mean Dipper is great but Bill for me.


  • not every pee pee is poo poo time 🍕🐕

  • I guess they are similar because they are both demons

  • Is bill cipher the microphone

  • Dipher

  • “Sharp writing.” Hahahaha... oh you were serious

  • Immediate Murder Professionals

  • I love gravity falls, and Mcgucket

  • Just get doom guy to do the job

  • Man, is the Doom Slayer in Hazbin Hotel?

  • Thank you, I’m flattered I’m your favorite!

  • the canaians get their own town because all canadians are just objectively good. period.

  • What they do is not use angels they send in the DOOM SLAYER

  • Do you say sharp writing🤨🤡

  • 5:45 Also we should ask how insane her bills are going to be.

  • Wow matpat does not have a ferm grip on names of my favorite connected to shows

  • Candan Heck well boys I of

  • I love mini theory and favoute charter I Stanford pines and think you did a good good Vera Lyin is good

  • bill cipther

  • My name is alistair (pronounced alister) so I love alastor

  • Hehe death rate go brr during covvidddd

  • Isn't Brandon Rogers voicing one of the characters in this show or am I thinking of a different show

  • My favorite is Stanley Pines. What I had to say his true name to prove I'm a Gravity Falls fan!

  • ... mini theory sounds a aful lot lot like... *cough*sansisness*cough*

  • youtrr thmbuawnaio lokse like sihoa

  • Yet again, people forget the purpose of these videos.

  • Bill

  • what if bill is controleing Alastor

  • Hey for yall who didnt know, Charlie and Vaggie are cannonly dating

  • Soose is definitely the best character in gravity falls and you know it

  • 15:12 ah yes... hll

  • A-hahahahahahahaa! A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  • Gravity falls bill ciphers 👁

  • My favorite character is Mabel

  • i like ford and bill

  • Mabel is the best character in my opinion. She's so fun, also I again ask u to do something with Raya and the last dragon

  • Here’s my own theory: No one matters Alastor only And that’s on hazbin tiktok However my favourite could be Pentious or Angel lol 😂😂

  • Im a hazbin hotel fan and im really happy

  • Me when I see a theory on naznin hotel: WELL THIS HAZBIN A SUPRISE

  • bill

  • Catch this: Charlie wants to maybe go to heaven or at least has a very healthy desire to give souls back to God as a way of correction & apology for her father. Her father, Lucifer, being a fallen high ranking Angel up there with God himself, & with her mother Lilith being Adam's first wife & God's creation as well. She's directly related to both humanity & God. The irony in this is that her parents are the first 2 that flipped God off & went against his wishes.