Film Theory: Rick's Final Chance! (Rick and Morty Season 4)

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Lip 2020.
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We did it, Theorists. We've reached the end of Rick and Morty season 4 - and what a season it was! It feels both like nothing happened at all and that EVERYTHING has changed. Maybe that was the point. In the season 4 finale, we were hit with a WHAMMY of a twist. There really is a Beth clone! Not only that but Rick, and by extension us, have no idea which one it is! That leads to what could be the final straw for Rick and his family.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound
Editor: Yosi Berman


  • 8:01

  • but one little thing beth she a clone so it leads you to one theory why would rick make a second beth

  • this is the true meaning of DEEP

  • When are you going to do the theory on this show that people need? Tommy Pickles from Rugrats is Rick Sanchez.

  • Pppfffft they are both clones and the real ones, multiple parallel universes smh.

  • I think that bill from GRAVITY FALLS is in evil mordy

  • me:hir loser also me: O M G td

  • If only they knew how low my standards are😂

  • God Dammit Matpat I didn't need an existential crisis 11:31 - 11:30

  • No ego shattering for rick! That a series finale idea, you can't expect rick to work through doctor who level redemption!

  • It would make more sense that the Beth that is still at the house is the real Beth cuz you'll find at different moments that Rick is actually you lonely and just wants to spend time with his family( and to anyone that thinks it's Robo Beth please comment your evidence)

  • can't wait for season 5

  • i love the simpsons

  • Im here because 'Ryan George Viewers Also Watch' For some reason.

  • Did the jerry worm really have hair?

  • Wabudubdadub is that true Wabulubdadub help me.......which one is it

  • Stop speculating about what’s in the flask, it’s clearly mega seed juice to keep him smart when the previous dose wears off.

  • 1:09 Was that a tease at Food Theory?

  • "2:48" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2242 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

  • I got one ep!

  • It’s now Pee Pee 😜


  • matpat i actually have a theory you where actually right rick din't clone beth beth cloned beth i mean she did observe her father cloneing someone for 3 hours and she is really smart and she could possibly have done it so she could have all the memories of the clone so she whould know what its like.atleast thats my theiry

  • I wish in part five don’t like make a movie about Rick and Morty and a mom and a sister getting into a pickle like getting into a problem and the dad who grabbed the wizard stick without anybody watching from like a season ago saves them

  • oh god the hoof thiongy 18:29

  • F*** earned that LIKE

  • A hundred years ?

  • So it’s basically going to be a Futurama

  • Matpat more like phicolujest

  • I think a mix between serialization and episodic like gravity falls is pretty good

  • rick and bird person vs the universe morty and summer adventures two beths vs the world old enemies against old friends love and thunder

  • Rick isnt going to have solo adventures the whole season. I mean come on

  • Rick reminds me of bojack horse man trying to prove himself

  • The vat of acid is my fav season 4 episode

  • Hi

  • Intro was fire 😂

  • Morty and summer could have a younger sister. Like a new addition to the family

  • Light Yagami= rick Sanchez Both anti heroes

  • This channel is amazing, I also love how the majority of the fanbase of rick and morty doesn't know what the show's about lmao

  • i like the fourth season

  • 8:37 bfb 1 leaked footage

  • 3:13 until he runs out of theories!

  • Hey I got a theory for u (don’t kn if someone’s done or an said this) what if Rick is doing all of this on purposes what if the universe that they if our ricks original. And the reason why he is not just leaving and finding a Morty a Beth and summers that well lesson to him after in his own words he has an infinite amount of daughters. So this might just be the Beth that he abandons and is trying to make up for it. Well there’s more to my theory to lazy to keep going

  • I know this is off topic but why are Beth's teeth different?

  • Pp

  • Your wrong here Matt 5:27. Because what Rick was going to show was he doesn’t know. Rick chose ignorance and made it impossible to know. Edit: Also the lesson Morty learned about how consequences make you who you are is something Rick made him learn.

  • I cant belive this show started in 2012 and I was born in 2012

  • My brain at 3 A.M.: "Heh. Snake jazz."

  • Mat Pat I think your tired...

  • We should tell them, as long as they are having fun making it we will have fun watching it.

  • pp pfft peepee

  • "he recognizes that he's a jerk to everyone around him but he doesn't DO anything about it." this is me but with depression and not having any drive. I recognize it, but don't DO anything about it

  • The speech was deep

  • Matpat should start a channel called the book theorist

  • I think the writters of rick and morty should combine serialized stort telling and epesodic and make it into a hybrid

  • I’m going to format parts advice and say look at migrators please do more Mr me seeks it was hilarious episode of like what looks like in the box great series now Cam is season five game sooner

  • I think you also missed the part about him losing to a god, to kind of make him realise that he isn't a God he is rick and also say that rick has limits i guess haha

  • You are fascinating Matt Pat but I can only imagine what You could do in real life situations. You Yourself are like Rick constantly working on something without the alcoholism. lol

  • duB duB abbuL abbuW

  • nothing good was ever created in english language

  • i just pirated season 1 and it was really good

  • seasom 5 episode 1: schrodingers box morty’s mom (yes i forgot her name)

  • the memory vial where ricks memory of which beth is the clone is red. red vials were classified as ricks mistakes in the mind blower episode.

  • But that flask doesn't contain alcohol, it's that seed juice from the pilot episode

  • I was just thinking. You don't see Beth's mom. What if Rick is the mom. And Summer is the one that changes to Rick. Summer was in charge of restoring their memories. Like Rick knew it would be her. Just like Rick knows about the simulations and jail break outs. Rick could be depressed because he knows what is coming.

  • dang y’all lookin so deep into these characters, meanwhile i’m jus over here enjoying a funny cartoon

  • man, this is deep

  • I genuienly hope it evolves into a big character arc for rick like bojack horseman

  • s

  • you should’ve also included the fact that the “new” galactic federation pointed out that “he’s a non threat if he’s left alone.”

  • We need more of Rick to call morty an idiot more 👍🏻

  • “Film theory, the show that will go on forever!” *Covid hits and leftist governors force all the theaters to close and go out of business 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • How much is the cost for this therapist session

  • we need more of glasses girl

  • Im getting some 'Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki' feeling here. HM: *watches this video* "hmmm... I get it now"

  • *I can tell a plot twist is coming soon* 🙈

  • Ok so basically, Morty is supposed to be the fans, and Rick is supposed to be the Producer.


  • Morty didn't become the leader of an alien civilization, the alien puppeteer did. Also, the kids saved Rick from God purely by accident. The whole point of their subplot in that episode was to dump on the typical cliche "Oh maybe those young people know more than we olds give them credit for" plot. Morty spends all his time playing video games. Summer spends her time partying and getting high. In the episode they find a spaceship that has its controls laid out like one of Morty's video games. Summer figures out how the technology works because these aliens store knowledge chemically and she smokes the owner's manual. Only it turns out a spaceship's controls work nothing like a video game controller BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY WOULDN'T! Also, Summer only THOUGHT she was receiving the wisdom of an alien civilization because she was huffing the spaceship equivalent of brake fluid. It's also worth mentioning that the kids found the ship as they were badly failing to survive a short hike through the woods after shitting on Jerry's camping skills. So.. HA HA.. the kids ARE NOT all right.

  • mort: saves the world over and over with rick all the girls in his school: he did do that BUT he's not cool

  • in pocket morty it says clone beth... but at the end it says clone beth??? on mobile version

  • I feel like they've made it to be like real life, there's always something happening with everyone we've ever met whether we see it or not and sometimes eventually those people may reappear in your life and affect you, but not so much so that you should read so deeply into every meeting and occurrence in your life.

  • well the original world was over run by insects so space beth could be the one from the first episode

  • "it is now pp"

  • Yo make a video on how at the end of season 3 Rick leaves Morty for another morty so morty c137 is not with Rick c137

  • Anime more like starwars . .

  • Sad yep 👍

  • I think the new theory channel should be called book theory or comic theory because of the intro

  • Literally binged all of Season 4 in 1 go after waking up in the middle of the night the same day I’m writing this. No reason, just woke up at 1 AM and decided to watch all of it because why not?

  • I like rick how he is

  • hew dude evil morty is back in that epesode where mordy becomes presedent of the cididel at the end the morty who got ejected says that morty isnt who he is the when it zoom out to all of the people who got ejected you see that guy and his pictures ar of evil morty

  • Okay. Just putting this out there. What if his sister is Rick? Lol or is that dumb

  • I got my seat 🍿

  • Gee waiting for season 5 is dragon on...

  • To be honest I still want jerry to go, he’s so unpleasant to watch

  • I’m like Rick never happy and just doesn’t care

  • Prager U ads are cancer

  • they need a gravity falls cross over episode or movie then get to the end tbh, otherwise we’re gonna get a “the rise and downfall of rick and morty” video 😭

  • I think rick and morty will be a mix of epidodic & serialized like community was with some progression over time & some episode overarching storylines. I like seeing morty evolve and growing from the adventures. Also the evil morty storyline is very interesting

  • No the main thing this season was the mmm store👍🤣🤣🤣