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a dark twist for the teemo player... with a surprising outcome
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  • 0:20 Zylbrad?

  • that Thumbnail is that a black clover reff

  • 2:17

  • damn brian you were hot at first when you spoke then your voice became all squakyyy and gross :( bring back 1st voice brian thx

  • Tenmo where are you


  • who is dat in the beggining dont never do that again ok we only want brian and tenmo player omelet flipper can be here too

  • How the fuck is he lossing most of his placements and finishes in plat 4 wtf?

  • You can be a hero

  • Simply amaizing...

  • Platinum? What the fuck? I just won 7/10 and I got in iron 1. Seriously, Rito?

  • meanwhile i went 5-5 in placements on a fresh account and placed bronze 3

  • like the comment if you want tenmo player to countinue to tenmo:shroompunden

  • Last time i using my computer is 2 years ago and black desert make my pc fucked up...

  • 2:17 he tryna get a refund on that game

  • Well... teemo is now fun

  • Lol is that the naruto theme music?

  • how is tenmo player?

  • I win 8/10 , get Bronze II

  • Damn.. I thought first Brian voice was funnier quq bring the real Brian back the lux

  • Maybe start queuing jg second because teemo can jg now?

  • Sorry never seen a vid, I think this is good but I can’t understand half the shit he says.

  • Wait, where did Tenmo Player end last season? 4-6 Plat 1? Damn I was D4 last season, 8-2 placement, and I was put to Gold 2 LMAO. Riot please.

  • Video starts at 0:31

  • Sett kicks and takes the player for a roller coaster ride. You try to retaliate..but no, thats not happening with sett. (long story short...he screws you)XD

  • Wow teemo is *that* bad...

  • more tenmo

  • my dog is still a beginner in playing tenmo and he is asking what runes to use thnks

  • he getting plat 3 with 4/6 vs me getting s1 with 8/2

  • Is icon black clover reference?


  • Is the girl sponsoring Raid larrisa??

  • HOW!? I won 8 matches.. got into bronze and had b+ to s+ rankings...

  • best name for a teemo main account: Cowardly Spirit. You're welcome

  • Why you speaking fast i cant translate your words like my writing my english realy bad pls speak slow

  • 4:33 420.....

  • I remember when this was an imogen + tenmo channel

  • 4:35 sounds like my mid and bot every single game

  • Thumbnail: Me: is that a black clover reference?

  • YES, BDO is awesome bro

  • NB3 see is videos Me: Ok....

  • "all four of us chasing the leona" Leona: *Cowabunga it is* "all four of us running from leona"

  • "all four of us chasing the leona" Leona: *Cowabunga it is* "all four of us running from leona"

  • How to use voice changer?

  • The master has returned! Teach us the ways of Tenmo, master!

  • Slow down please

  • Thumbnail looks like meliodas tenmo

  • Pianta: _Life is great_ *1 Minute later* Pianta: _It's not great_

  • 2:36 best lofi channel.

  • Is that Dr. Stone music I hear? lol

  • top 10 rappers eminem wont mess with

  • River Shen Part 4 pls video Has 77k like

  • Do you srsly want play teemo or are struggling with your teemo-meme and now you dont know how to end it cause you get lot of views. ? For my part. I slowly hate teemo

  • Teemiodas

  • Teemo players deserve to lose every cannon even tho they hear the AA landing

  • this video tilted the shit out of me

  • when BDO episode?! xd

  • Question is - is black dessert still p2w

  • When he says ge won another game he means he got boosted bc he hardstucked


  • TeemoAsta?

  • Looks like my placements... except I I had 2W/8L...

  • This some good as anime series

  • River teeeeeeeenmoooooo

  • Isn’t the thumbnail from black clover or somethin

  • How you can play without timer in chat messages. I don't get it.

  • -The yasuo syndrome. Always. Ewery yasuo .

  • Teemo Asta

  • GO GO GO PIANTA !!! MAKE MORE TEEMO VIDEOS! I AM A 2 m TEEMO!!! MAIN!!! OTP! LETS GO 1 on 1! and i will show you who is the real Tenmo.. - D Shroomologist

  • so he goes 4/6 and gets plat 3, but I go 9/1 and get bronze 3, like ok

  • Bro 4-6 you get plat 2 I finish placement with 9-1 and riot congratulates me with sliver 1

  • Wtf?!?! You lose 6 games and still be placed in platinum? While i only lose 4 but ended up im bronze.. wtf

  • This voice Is the voice of an ANGEL!


  • Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to Diss.

  • hi pianta i have a game before watching dis and im playing teemo becuase of you i carried the team cuz my team sux and jinx afk thank you cuz of you i got out of bronze 4 luv you i learned playing teemo becuase of you but once for all luv you

  • Youre so funny dude hahaha

  • More tenmo

  • "Nao" translates to "no" in my language, so i'm not playing it owo

  • this was painful to watch

  • Imagine losing 6 in a row while playing well. Why even qeue up if you have no effect wether you win or lose.

  • U could have just flashed that camille E...

  • You played a game 2 HOURS AGO with tenmo player dont let tenmo surpass your main again Brian

  • Liked for teemo but not for more

  • Anyone playing black dessert mobile ?


  • Duo with imogen? :D

  • I love it that tenmo player has 1 person in the folder labeled queen. Probs larissa

  • you have changed you weird champ


  • that thumbnail is a phat black clover reference

  • insert ranged top bad

  • fuck black desert

  • 10 min video when????

  • literally be like tenmo under tower and being ganked, my team flamming me "play under turret"....

    • You're still to close to the enemy, stay under the nexus turrets, you silly. It's obviously your fault the enemy dove you, way to close.

  • Is black desert the new Raid?

  • 2 of these games might have been wins. His 3rd game he grouped instead of splitting bot on one of the worst team fighting champions in the game. Bot tier 2 was still up, he could have shroomed for vision and kite while splitting bot and forcing the enemy team to respond bot and lose baron or not respond bot and lose tier 2 and drawn out the game either way. Teemo is very squishy, his range is bad, and his burst is bad compared to other ap champions. He is terrible and at a disadvantage when walking into enemies and is better and at an advantage when forcing enemies to walk into him. I'm not sure I would try to group, even with a qss, phantom dancer, AND banshee's veil or edge of night. The 4th game he goes against Soraka and actually rushes boots instead of executioner's calling when he has almost 600 gold. Then he dies to minions and still gets the 435 gold ap item instead of getting executioner's calling and dies again with 1000 gold and no executioner's calling, because of Soraka's self healing. Executioner's calling is so cheap and so useful that you should buy it against people like Soraka/Vlad/Etc.. evev on AP champions, as long as you can auto attack to apply it. It will help you win lane early and can always be sold when you have enough for Morello later. There were games where he should have considered merc treads and or qss/banshee's veil too.

  • Moral of the story, stop caring and start winning 👍🏻

  • the 7 deadly sins thumbnail made me click

  • finally tenmo