Flip phone in vodka - the ultimate test

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Srp 2020.
Part 2: hrdown.info/block/video/zKWxcbdvlM-jaZo
Few days later: pCCwYjjdjj3B/?igshid=19m7vc7n2m7sr
Boris drops a flip phone into vodka for 10 minutes. It's a 2020 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that was sent by a friend for Boris to test out. Testing out if the phone is waterproof. And vodkaproof..

0:00 Intro
0:29 the background story
1:54 unboxing
3:33 the phone itself
5:55 the vodka test intro
7:28 the vodka test
9:11 conclusion
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  • Ты дурачок

  • LinusTechTips drops a lot of thing's but we don't need him any more because we have Boris

  • Make a video on how to survive in Soviet Russia

  • Not lithuanian, Boris that's some western language

  • 2:01 thats latvian on the top i know that CAUSE IM LATVIAN

  • 소련여자가 어디서 국뽕과 병맛을 배웠나 했더니 보리스였네ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Just FYI.... in english You borrow FROM somebody. You loan or lend TO somebody. Your friend loaned or lent it to you. But i believe in russian is одалживать for either one. I know;English is crazy.

  • 삼성 갤럭시 z플립!

  • I'ts crasy how the first ad was about the galaxy...

  • Latvieši apstiprina)))) hi from Latvia! БЛЯТЬ!

  • For a minute I thought I was watching lunius tech tips

  • Umm why aren't you using the brik style nokia?

  • Borja йопта, это Латышский язык.

  • 6:57 --> 6:58

  • should I be happy that my phone actually waterproof or vodka-proof?

  • 9:41 opa, chernobyl!

  • Vodka works well. Phone looks ugly.

  • I'm supposed to be sleeping... ah who gives a shit?!

  • My iPhone also can bend.

  • 1:12 thats latvian language we are in baltic next to RUSSIA we were part or RUSSIA before but now we are not

  • Boris! That is not Lithuanian it is Latvian! Very big difference!

  • In Russia vodka drink phone

  • lubrication in hinge

  • 2:08 Latviskai cia, bet close. 2:54 *THAT ONE IS LITHUANIAN NOT LATVIAN* 3:30 *again it's Latvian*

  • "Blin" what does this mean

  • Suka agian he saying on latvian text its lithuanian

  • I actually have this phone

  • Nobody : Boris : Lets test Z flip in vodka

  • kuk bong

  • the slav recipe for cereal: step one: get bowl step two: pour cereal step three: pour vodka

  • Ur phone is drunk

  • 2:08 thats not Lithuanian lol

  • 9:28 the galaxy vodka drip

  • ur sounds tracks are always fire commrad

  • when u make new video Blyat i miss you please blin

  • Boris

  • 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • Next time dip it in mayonaise

  • *Tries reading lithuanian* Lithuanian: OOOOH LOOK MOM DAD SOMEONE KNOWS ABOUT LITHUANIA But I think its polish or latvian, sounds rather germanic, lithuanian is more well russian

  • Put some vodka in dragunov 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🍾

  • Vodka is just alcohol and water, so phone will be good У нас вообще платы электроники спиртом моют

  • Lithuanian blyat????!??!

  • You should sell knife with slave logo. Three stripes

  • Wow

  • You’re phone is vodka Proof

  • Английский язык и Русский акцент НЕСОВМЕСТИМЫ!!! НЕСОВМЕСТИМЫ!!!

  • How boris speak 50/english 50/russian ✌️

  • Do vodka nokia waterproff

  • "Latvia and estonia but they always put those together" Well there's not a lot of Estonians that can afford phone so they put together with country that pays good

  • its not lithuanian

  • If u 144p you can understand what Boris explains .

  • lol it was in latvian

  • Boris you debil 2:01 that is not Lithuanian i would know I'm from Lithuania

  • I know lithuanian and that phone is not lithuanian

  • "So in a technical-scientific sentence, I would say that the phone is getting drunk" - Boris, 2020

  • Boris you should come to the US for a visit and do a colab with the AK guy! Boris x AK daddy can only be great memes.

  • 2:03 thats latvian....

  • If You 480p You Can See What Boris Address Chornobyl

  • 3:08 Boris saying *dongle* circa 2020

  • 500-600 of my american rubles XD XD XD Looollll so funny

  • Is it ok if i want to be slav like you but i am from bosna

  • 7:30 😉😁

  • -0:58 The kyrgiz Police have alredy succeded with that, I flight that I will never forgot...

  • You to gulag

  • 5:27 we need a remix of this sound

  • No one: The creeper that explodes behind me when im mining diamonds: 0:05

  • Ah yes boris definitely would be sitting in a bar with 3liter shot

  • If your black z flip is not too slav, just Do 3 Adidas Lines on it

  • Who Else realize Or It's just Me That The Clock: 9:42 Is For Chernobyl Lul 👍🕒

  • You got flu , ooo blyat lets Squat for heal , i am squating for you on my sofa

  • Its latvian

  • he bought it from latvia i could read that

  • Vodka cooled phone

  • Is that vodka still drinkable or do you have to worry about like battery acid and shit?

  • Boris, sorry but thats not lithuanian.

  • Is this samsung 96

  • Z Flip was saied : I'm not drunk yet. Need more Vodka :D

  • 4:56 nice battery

  • You need go back to school Mr. Boris. :D That language is latvian.

  • The new Jerry rig for slavs

  • так блять ?! Какогохуя тогда мой комп сдох после водки через пару дней?

  • But vodka means water


  • Comrade has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  • I think its latvia 2:05

  • 2:05 Thats not Lithuania :DD

  • that phone is legit drunk, let him aside to sleep or he gonna want 50 more minutes of vodka!

  • This review Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip?

  • Boris is a CZECH imposter! Real Russians drink Beluga Gold line!

  • 5:07 did anyone notice the location for the weather?

  • It wasn't Lithuanian xD

  • Nope it wasn't Lithuanian haha

  • Hi Boris, longer time i want ti ask you wich pohone is most slavic. If is it Samsung or something else more slavic cuse Samsung are western corporation and iphone too 🤔

  • 2:00 is Latvian Language btw im latvian 🇱🇻

  • very clever :) he used special 100 percent vodka which does not conduct electricity. People fully watercool pcs like this

  • The text you we're reading on the box of the phone was definitely not Lithuanian I can tell you that

  • people don't die because of drunk driving phones do

  • Hey the phone will never overheat

  • RIP money blyat

  • Nice