Datum objavljivanja: 28. Kol 2020.
Cheesecake made with imperial units.
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  • Boris: * adding eggs * Mickey: *boris i am here to warn you a great evil is coming*

  • 24 mouthfuls remember that bois

  • hey man, other western spies use normal measurements, like the metric system

  • Recepy: 350(°F) Boris: puts on 350°C The food: IM BURNING DOWN HERE HELP Also Boris: Why dont we cook always on 350°C The dough: i see you like burnt food

  • 6:20 what am I seeing at the end of NNN

  • Hey boris blyat wheres apple pie video

  • still waiting for that apple pie

  • Watching this while eating cheesecake

  • boris says: "lets make video blin" the recipe: *i will crush your dreams*

  • Sometimes... I dreaaam about cheese.

  • 666k views. You heard it here, comrades. Anything but the metric system is cursed.

  • For me cups and tablespoons make sense. But oz and F° do not make sense. Because cups just make sense while baking a cake or some cookies.

  • This is bloody amazing

  • Raguesa should watch this.

  • Really dig the background music. Anyone knows what track this might be?

  • You somehow made a good cheesecake after cooking it at 662 Fahrenheit. Also oz means ounces. Also cup 1/4 cup means measuring cup.

  • By the're past 3.14 mil subscribers.

  • @3:00 Been a while since I've laughed like that, thank you Boris.

  • me watching this wondering were the apple pie video is: *Angry as fuk*

  • I live in America but I still don’t know how to use the American system 😂

  • The only problem is the crust and outer edge of filling but other than that GREAT JOB

  • Çiğ börek Türk yemeğidir.

  • I have literally never seen a recipe that calls for a cheesecake to be cooked. Americans are weird.

  • Wheres the apple pie boris

  • We hit the 3.14million milestone. When's the apple-pie video coming, i hope he uses the same measurement system he did in this one.

  • boris makes this video ever one : we will watch your video with great interest

  • is no one gonna ask who has a giant tub of cream cheese 0-0

  • We used to washing machines to estimate the size of a sinkhole once... It was about 3 washing machines for those of you who want to know

  • Dobre

  • O!!! Masło klarowane

  • Absolute proof that cooking is not an exact science

  • im scared for his apartment

  • I like how he actually likes our foods. 😊

  • 3.21 million.... WHERE IS APPLE PIE BLYAT

  • This video officially made me hate American measurements🤣

  • Graham Crackers *Days later

  • "Ah, The cake has started boiling."

  • "Wooden Grenade"

  • Idk if this cream cheese is homemade or what but it looks sooo good

  • Boris trying to pronounce graham is way to funny to me (gram)

  • What people see boris cooking cheese cake What i see fall of soviet union

  • It is now 3.21M subs, where is apple pie blyat? Also please be careful, KGB will know you are making western spy food

  • i burn crap at 350F how the hell did you cook it at 350C

  • Why your butter so big?

  • you surly mean: KÄSEKUCHEN

  • My man's really sat down and decided cheesecake was more American than a burger 😔😔

  • I have a banana pudding recipe you could try boris it feeds about 12 Europeans or 2 americas/slavs

  • "Which cup ?" I was on the floor 😂

  • Still waiting to that 3.14 Million subscribers Apple Pie tutarial Mr. BORIS 😁

  • 0:59 As an American, this cracked me up 🤣🤣

  • Oz is ounce

  • You used the wrong formula and some how got the correct answer. Like WTF

  • How did he do this succesfully at all

  • *Freedom units*

  • Watching him do literally everything wrong is so funny

  • He.... he actually did it...?

  • Am American we don’t use Fahrenheit we use degrees of Freedom

  • 32 F is 0 C 212 F is 100 C 350 F is less hot than 350 C Also, all of our eggs have Mickey Mouse in them And cups, oz, gallons, quarts, pints, you have a lot to learn....

  • Boris doesn't even get the recipe right, and it still turns out better than mine when I did follow the recipe

  • I wish apple pie was unit of measurement lol

  • GRENADE! 😂

  • don't tell him about the cheesecake factory

  • I guess he missed 3,14 million subscribers

  • when I saw him preheat his estonian oven to 350 degrees I knew shit was going down. I mean holy shit 662 degrees is 100 over any temperature I use to broil

  • You did it, you crazy son of a bitch. You did it

  • Being from America, this is hilarious

  • Boris, a “graham” cracker is pronounced like gram cracker

  • Boris, you have 3.2 million subscribers now. Where's the apple pie cooking video, comrade?

  • Wizard of ounce

  • Why didnt he measure anything in football fields

  • I tried making cheesecake after watching this video. But _I followed all the instructions properly._ I didn't make cheesecake. I made a mistake. 😑

  • 6:45 this is such a Russian laugh and I love it

  • I am suprisingly amused that whether or not it was a joke, Boris’ analogies essentially were equivalent to the actual U.S. measurements

  • Next time: Slavic food with imperial units vs. western food with metric units.

  • I had it on 0.75x while watching all of his vids and when I spoke my friend after I started wondering why he didnt sound drunk like boris did

  • Why does it say "digestive" on those cookies? 😂

  • Make Khash (Xash/Хаш) an Armenian soup made of cow feet that are cooked 12 hours straight, which causes the bones to dissolve completely. We eat the soup in mornings with vodka alongside

  • me: seeing cooking cake at 350 degrees of celsius also me: thats not cake, thats *_LAVA!_*

  • Weird 'merican measurements are weird. Why can't they just start weighing things like the rest of the world?

  • OH BLIN! Good thing I ate Dutch cheese cake, not western cheese cake haha... hmm real cheese cake has cheese in it...but western cheese cake does not. HA! I'm like the Russian chemist Ivan Pavlov! СУКА бЛЯТЬ I'm smart

  • Чебурек - это не русская еда, но вкусная

  • 3:33 did Boris make a magma?

  • if ya ever wanna cook the american way again, a stick of butter is about half a block

  • Needs more crackers blin

  • Fyi that’s cooking at like 662 Fahrenheit

  • As a Canadian who has to fight American recipe measurements all the time I saw you put the butter in and just stared. I too have gotten messed up with the diference between a brick of butter and a stick of butter and I have paid for it dearly

  • An accurate statement of nearly burning down a house when cooking is accurate

  • Stalin is angry at you now.

  • 4:45 did he just get a quadruple yolk egg and Mickey Mouse is decided to invade his home

  • Boris you are on 3.2 million subs, where is apple pie blyat?

  • Man, this comment section is great and cheap way to be entertained by people arguing about which measurement system is better than the other.

  • why you not add the most important ingredient to the mix... *...the bayleaf.*

  • B but cheesecake is greek

    • It's Greek and one of the most american things to exist

  • ........technicaly cheese cake has real cheese since cream cheese:/

  • Seeing boris saying graham cracker fills me with happiness

  • This man needs to try to scarf down some good ole fried butter

  • Boris trying to pronounce graham crackers is the thing I did not know I needed in 2020. 😂

  • 5:17 lol

  • 1:47 I lost it there.

  • “3.14” “Pie” WHHHHHHH-