Frankenblin, the Hungarian pancake - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Srp 2018.
An attempt was made.
A Hungarian blin is a Palacsinta. But the recipe they have includes sparkling water. Clearly not something I would put in mine when cooking.
1 egg
¾ cup milk
10 tablespoons flour
¾ cup of soda water
salt (or sugar optional)
oil for cooking
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  • The way he flinches at the camera at 2:11 😂

  • Wait Russia has lidl?

  • Do you think that there is someone what knows boris's face?

  • I like how Boris emphasizes the milk has to be from a cow, as if us western viewers use anything different than cow milk

  • hello is big fan! i love mayonaise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Only i understand hunharian language

  • As hungarian i think the problam was the flour. And the way he fryed it.

  • 5:00 *gets demonetized *

  • *Is there no one who would tell me which ingredients he use pls*

  • Well at least we know now Parízes suitable for human consumption too I only seen people feeding it to their dogs :D :D

  • Boris no offence, but are you normal?

  • this is literally the westphalian pancake recipe

  • I'm I the only American who watches this

  • I just set the pan on fire. This is shame because im hungarian

  • Doesn't matter what you're cooking, pancakes, crepes, tortillas, etc, the first one is always pizdec

  • Gotta love when you make frankenпиздец

  • His at lidl btw

  • This.... This is just painful.... Blin with lemon taste water.... Boris... WHYYYYYYY? you're hurting uuus :

  • Okay but, not everyone speaks hungarian what the fuck did he buy?

  • buzaretesliszt is translated as corn starch or wheat flour according to the internet. The internet is no help.

  • Why you leave Masha blin

  • Come to slovenia

  • Can any hungarians please translate and list the items he actually bought?

  • Jaj boris majd jobban megy a palacsinta készítés! 😃🥞

  • You should make a video How to make goulash

  • Wait... Pancakes are neant to be thin?

  • When a Russian be wondering about oil thieves in a former eastern block country

  • I hope, one day, I get to see Boris shopping in an American supermarket. I predict confusion.

  • It's Lidl... blyat

  • as a hungarian comrade i approve of this. ügyes kurva

  • your videos make me so dang hungry

  • He was deff buying groceries in a lidl (supermarket chain)

  • Actualy, thats romanian traditional blin recipie

  • He went to everyone’s favorite supermarket: Lidl

  • "Pápviká szosz" xddd

  • still looking where to buy Boris hardbass mix -_-

  • Happy hungarian noises. Happy to see you went to tesco. GREAT VIDEO.

  • I love how my grandma enjoyed watching this video more than me 😂😂😂👍🏻

  • Why does paprika sauce sound so good.

  • Read in hungarian: te komolya elmentél magyarországra az összetevőkért úg hogy még magyarul se tudsz🤣

  • I seen you in the shop

  • I'm Hungarian LOL

  • When in doubt, add BUZARETESLISZT

  • For the honor of my Russian grandgrandfather , I suscribe this channel , long live motherland

  • I die of laughter. I love your cooking videos like Magda Gessler

  • Wait hunguarian is not slavic

  • my dad was in hungary and he bought "domentos" for washing mashine and not milk xD

  • Was that lidl?

  • hungaria is not slav, come to serbia.

  • Don't know if that meat and sour cream thing was a joke or not, but as a Hungarian I can confirm that meat filled pancake really exists.

  • People do underestimate the effectiveness of a big spoon or hard book as a weapon This annoys me

  • Loving the big Lidl energy.

  • im hungarian and if u want i can translate it. alsu ur my favourite youtuber

  • I'm slav too and could at least tell that you were buying yoghurt and lemon flavoured water

  • "And these are.. 5 random women that saw me without a mask one time." ...that's just a coincidence, right?

  • Boris vs hungaryan lauange

  • Boris: Turn it down! I get demonetised! “Some seconds later” Boris: Cyka Blyat!

  • Hey Boris! "Búza rétesliszt" - " буза рэтэшлисть " in speak. Love your videos 😊

  • Aren't these just normal pancakes?

  • Looks like a tortilla

  • I have several questions! Több kérdésem is van!

  • The market name is Lidl


  • Montanablack88 is like the german version of Boris

  • Fuck you doin!? its 2 eggs x amount sugar x amount oil x amount flour x milk. we dont measure mom has it burnt in the memory. And you didnt get nesquick with the jam 🙄 😒 😑 well dissapointed

  • You should come to Romania and see the true taste of palinka, one of the most alvahoolic drinks

  • Looks like pewds pancake

  • I live in romania we call them ''scovergi'' and they are ALOT better than the original ones

  • that might be goat milk.....

  • Bazdmeg

  • "1 cup 3% milk" , "2 or 1.5 cup of soft flour", "2eggs", "2 spoons unsalted, melted euro butter President butter is good", half table spoon baking powder", mix until homogenous, leave for an hour.. stay Cheekie Breaky

  • This is Omelit.. Not blin 😂😂😂😂

  • 2:41 1000 € per month for one room, ~5 m²? Are you sure this is Somewhere, Hungary, not Munich, Germany?

  • How To make a blin Step 1:Go to Hungary "Well comrade looks like I have failed you..."

    • No problem just get some money and a flight ticket

  • Those thongs on top of bottle is to keep germs away so if you decide you dont want to use it yet, you can keep it good for longer.

  • Anyone else from hungary?

  • But wait, how blins are not supposed to be thick? ;oo I'm half Ukrainian, half Polish, my grandma was Russian. She used to make the THICCCCCCKEST blins one could ever seen hahah Oh the memories!

  • "Do you have a long history of oil thieves" My brain: do you mean the USA.

    • Lol 😂 American here but it’s true our government is all hoity toity and wants control over it all but fails at keeping us health and alive cause it makes a hole in the Rich’s pockets. But oh no they never pay their taxes 😤

  • In kurwa mac country we have better pancakes We have no pancakes

  • Scrambled blins is the best joke ever.

  • I am proud to know, that I own the same apricot jam as the main man himself.

  • I saw Boris putting the minced meat on, and thought he was lifting the entire searing hot pan with his bare hands.

  • This video was painfull for me, just because i am Hungarian :D

  • Can I use motor oil ?

  • Is it bad i can identify a Lidl's just by the baskets?

  • The only thing boris knows is alcohol

  • Like ha keresed a magyar kommenteket.

  • Honest to fucking god this guy is hilarious

  • Probably cause you're not using milk, but shitty dairy fluid which is a milk replacement. Is not authentic cow juice, is pretender wannabe synthetic western spy juice!

  • He bought a flour that is especially for a kind of dessert, but whatever

  • When my dad was young he accidentally literally burned down his house . Yes the entire house . So the burning the house joke hit hard. Lol

  • Just FYI, you should pour the vodka into the milk before you drink it. So your bones don't break when you hit the floor.

  • I know not this paprika sauce

  • hmmm a Hungaruan who speaks English on youtube rare to find that

  • I'm slovakian he said my country I feel special

  • before watching Boris: Americans after watching Boris: *western spy* (in Russian accent)

  • I just ate Buterbrod and it was good

  • Self defense tools, knive for beginners, spoon for advanced.

  • "Do you have a long history of oil thieves I have not heard about?" Nah, I'm pretty sure you've heard of Americans.

  • Wow my summer car a alomost unknown game