From NERD to HOTTIE -How to become popular by La La Life musical

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Lis 2020.
Do you want to be more popular? School can be hard enough without having to worry if people like you or not. But if there is a chance to be both smart and popular than it worth a try!
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00:00 I need to become a tik tok star
01:00 Skate tik tok
01:40 So clumsy
02:04 The makeover
02:55 How can I be a tik tok star too?
03:30 The party
06:00 Let's dance together
06:59 My friends are copying me
07:45 Wanna go on a date?
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    • I'm like literally fucking mad how she's being homophobic in the end.

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  • I'm like literally fucking mad how she's being homophobic in the end.

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