Funniest Hermitcraft 7 Moments (Part 4)

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Kol 2020.
video info: just another hermitcraft compilation , make sure to submit more clips in the comments
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  • grian watching bdubs is like stalking in minecraft

  • Grian is bound to pop up somewhere in this video

  • Iskall: talking Mumbo: 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗴𝗼𝘁 𝗯𝗼𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗱! 𝗛𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗶𝘁 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲𝘀?

  • 0:53

  • We are the dinky knights and we're here to make things small and if you don't like it we'll gladly fight you all We do it for our Queen's honor So she can be the most Grand! Forever! To the tune of We are the Crystal Gems.

  • Eat your cereal

  • Funny comments

  • 0:51 Iskall: *talking to audience Mumbo: Ight Imma Jump Down

  • What about (why cobble here) mumbo jumbo:D

  • 7:06: and here we see a wild Bdubs, with his inability to fly. Forgetting, about the intentional game design of sleeping in the nether

  • Scar: *wimpy voice "i don't know if i'm gonna be a good mayor or not" Also Scar: Goes on to be a tyrannnical mayor who rules with an iron fist with a resistance against him

  • i love the chat when they where saying what dinky means

  • I just love Grian's commentary during the 'dinky' one.

  • 0:13 leave good comments in the comments. i kind of did?

  • Credit your thumbnail please

  • "i'm going off to the garden to do some dinky" sounds like hes going to do some type of drug

  • The dinky conversation is the best thing ever

  • lol he said this is not a dinky end city

  • Grians laugh is so funny and loud and cute!

  • Dinky the Mumbo documentary

  • iskall it is an I.B.N.P 1 second of silence mumbo falls to death

  • "The Dinky knight! They'll attack your knees and ankles!" So basically Grian, right?

  • Someone needs to make hermitcraft season 7 to be continued

  • the first clip should go in a "perfectly cut screams" video 😂

  • The ingame chat during the "dinky" clip was hilarious

  • Me: sees this Me: clicks Me: not knowing there was part 1,2 and 3 Me: THERES MORE yay my lucky day

  • Grian built a replica of his mansion he finished his first mansion

  • has grian?

  • I love grian in the chat 🤣🤣

  • 8:40 that rule is straight up not real any more cus grian has literally said he will and has been in some of his newer vids

  • The way Iskall picked up the bamboo was like getting rick rolled

  • 7:30 lol

  • this video is now 10% more annying in the start

  • LOL first one got me XD

  • I would fall for that sleeping prank too


  • Hiiii

  • the dinky queen of england

  • “Well that being said, it is an IBMP.“ ... *S P L A T*

  • You know it just occurred to me that Grian and mumbo don’t really talk or hang out anymore

  • bad comment

  • It is an IB NP *Mumbo Kamikazes*

  • The fact that mumbo's death in the beginning was perfectly timed after Iskall finished his sentence is absolutely hilarious! XD

  • The picture of this video was soooooooooo adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I like how grain is watching the stream and be on the server talking and answering to them

  • I freaking love the thumbnail

  • Do you nkow da wea

  • Laugh Laugh funny hahas :)

  • It's my first time watching you

  • Hi

  • grian be like i see u,i hear u,i am watching your stream,i am saying in chat stuff

  • Iskall is gonna start ww3 talkin about the queen of England like that

  • Dinky 😂

  • Can't believe Mumbo called the Queen defenceless.

  • “It is an IBMP” Suddenly splat

  • 400k views pog?

  • You know the moment grian used a lama to kill the HEP dog and the lama didnt want to come🤣

  • I love the way that even though they were pro. There always some casualties that they became completely noob. IN A GOOD WAY

  • Once Mother said "My little pet You ought to learn your alphabet!" So in my soup I used to get All the letters of the alphabet I learned them all from A to Z And now my Mother's giving me Animal crackers in my soup Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop Gosh, oh gee! but I have fun Swallowing animals one by one In every bowl of soup I see Lions and tigers watching me I make 'em jump right through a hoop Those animal crackers in my soup When I get hold of the big bad wolf I just push him under to drown Then I bite him in a million bits And I gobble him right down! When they're inside me where it's dark I walk around like Noah's Ark I stuff my tummy like a goop With animal crackers in my soup! Animal crackers in my soup Do funny things to me They make me think my neighborhood Is a big menagerie For instance, there's our Janitor His name is Mr. Klein And when he hollers at us kids He reminds me of a lion The grocer is so big and fat He has a big mustache He looks just like a walrus Just before he takes a splash!

  • this is the Best Comment

  • mumbo jumbo afk

  • classical music for studying

  • LOL So give up scrolling STOP S T O P ! ! ! my comments is unstoppable

  • To grian:Can anybody sleep? To me:CAN ANYBODY SLEEP!!!A

  • Me: See yah Good comment: I WILL MISS YOU😫

  • I love how Grian, Doc, and a few others were watching/listening to their streams

  • *dinky*

  • Daffy duck LMAO

  • Oh god I read dinky as something else 😃🔫🔫

  • I’m studying criminology as an a-level and my main argument is that the queen is vagrant......ops??

  • Me: a native spanish speaker, training to learn better english listening to HRdownrs Mumbo: dinky THE FUCK IS DINKY I SWEAR I WAS LIKE ISKAL TRAINING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT MEANS -of course i understand that so much early than iskall-

  • 6:17 You just instantly know what's gonna happen LMAO Nevermind it didn't happen

  • This video was dinky

  • "ahh-" and that was his last words

  • I was just reading chat during mumbo and iskalls conversation and grian was in the conversation it was the funniest part

  • Funny video love it

  • Now that’s a perfectly cut scream at the start

  • we have to make a virtual reality for grumbot and you have to act like the mayor

  • i also use the word dinky XD

  • I remember the dinky stream really funny

  • i just need a playlist of Bdubs screaming

  • Upandaround Upandaround. Not a problem, upandaround. Upandaround, AAA-

  • Points: 6

  • dinky

  • I love how all of your thumbnails are from nova wallpapers xD No hat actually or critics, If you see, my pfp is from nova too

  • Yea Mombo and Iskall's conversations durning streams are honestly the best 😂😂

  • I heard it With my dinky ears

  • The thumbnail makes the actual video disappointing

  • Sorry I didn't quite understand, What does dinky mean?

  • aww mumbo luks so cute in the thumbnail

  • i watched this while assulting furries with a shotgun

  • Hermit challenges. LOL

  • danzakuduro

  • Mumbo photobombs Iskall 0:27 Mumbo and Iskall spend 5 minutes arguing over the definition of the word "dinky" 1:22 BDubs falls for Grian's prank 5:13 Grian reads out the Mayoral Election votes 8:53

  • Yo

  • Burnsticks?

  • Grian was watching your stream

  • The AAAAAAAA at the start of the video tho

  • How many times did he say dinky

  • Does anyone else use the word dinky on a daily basis??