Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2021.
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Theorists, it looks like HRdown boxing matches are here to stay - at least if you are a Paul brother. Logan Paul is gearing up to fight ACTUAL professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a match. Well, we think so - with how it keeps getting postponed, who knows if we will get to see it. Never mind that. The REAL interesting thing about this match is that Logan Paul CAN'T lose. Oh, I am not saying that in a battle of skills he would win, I'm saying that he's orchestrated this whole event to FIX a win. Why would Mayweather let that happen? Theorists, it's time to enter the ring.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Why does he keep showing UFC belt for Floyd?

  • 😂hate login the for just ,this liking I'm

  • This video is old news

  • Is this guy explaining this fight to 6 year olds?

  • Why is this on a gaming channel, another great channel that’s taken an exploitive turn.

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  • or logan thought it was never going to happen.

  • Day 7 of telling matpat to do a terraria calamity theory

  • this is not a Game

  • if you think the money will take a fall for money you are wrong. lol besides, what makes you think logan paul has the kind of money to be persuasive to mayweather lol

  • 4:53 69.9 kg eh?

  • Do an irregular at magic high theory or a akai haato theory

  • I'll informed information 🤢🤮


  • I absolutely love all the punch out references in this video!

  • I just hope Logan Paul didn’t see this

  • Even if logan had those 2 points he wouldnt have won, ksi explains this with the actual score cards. Ksi had won the majority of the rounds and even if logan had those 2 points he still wouldnt have won due to him not winning previous rounds.

  • Nice

  • Next Logan Paul Vs master Saul taekwondo

  • Me fighting a teen A normal day in the comment section No that's the just a normal day

  • I love how in the light middleweight division. Mayweather may as well just be sticking his glove out and ko'ing everyone right away.

  • When I first heard Logan was gonna fight Floyd mayweather I was like he is going to die awesome

  • Ok so I had to pause to understand the fact that I'm taller than Logan Paul 6'4" and weigh slightly more 199.7 if I got training I could be a boxer easy...why am I wasting my life behind a moniter?

  • im a fighter an am covered in scars

  • youre so close to understanding gematria and how world events are orchestrated. hahahah

  • yall must not watch his podcast.. yall must not go outside often

    • I watch it to dislike every one

  • I just want to see Mayweather destroy Logan Paul

  • OK, now you *have* to do a video on Jim Sterling's pro wrestling career.

  • The only way Floyd stays relevant at all in my mind is if he destroys Logan.

  • I don’t this is a video gane

  • Or Logan Paul just sucks? Is that a theory

  • What people don’t realize about Floyd is he spars guys twice his size for fun... He’s been doing it his whole career, him and Pacquiao😄

    • Yeah ik

  • Going up more than one weight class happens loads in boxing, Canello went from Super welterweight world champ right up to light heavyweight world champ, what will happen in this fight is the same as the mcgregger fight, Floyd will carry him for a few rounds and let him think hes doing half decent then Floyd will break him down and stop Logan.

    • * Whispers into ear * Corruption

  • Mass effect indoctrination theory part still has not been released yet

  • DO MoRE FNAF NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • my dad said its fake but its intaning but i think its true

  • Logan paul taking notes right now

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  • Wait this theory wasn’t from a game

  • 5'8 is tiny? Damn then what am i?

  • Hey I love the video but why is this on game theory it feels like a film theory

  • So 2:25 you must not have ever watched a real boxing match because. . . Well its painfully clear that, that no, no they could not stand up to a real fighter. Not at all.

    • And as soon as you start talking about size differance its clear you dont know much about fighting. While mayweather is smaller he is so much faster and more experienced the paul.

  • You should just change your name to The Theorists now

  • 12:57 if you slow down the speed to .25 you clearly see the right hook land from Ali. Ive seen this clip pop up a bunch and it amazes me how people dont get how fast punches they are thrown. You can see the punch thrown and head bob on impact. Its a old recording and a bad angle.

  • I could probably not beat them. I'm weak as cra

    • who the hell asked lol

  • Fact: KSI generated all the noise.

  • I don't know if logan can pull off a legit fix boxing match. He might not be talented enough or had enough fights to make it look convincing enough to throw the fight and not be notice.. which I believe can get jail time for through a fight with all the money in bets on the fight

  • Lol dude this isn't even close to the biggest thing in boxing, yeah Mayweather just bringing in new people who don't know jack yoo. Boxers have entire countries behind there back, check the numbers.

  • This dude straight up think Mayweather doesn't hit harder, IM SCHLEEEP CUH

  • The forth channel should be “conspiracy theory” for theory’s like this

  • #Blametheory or Maimtheory

  • Misogyny makes you a villain nowadays haha ok sure the women are all victims not trying to make a dollar or two

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  • U have no room to talk after polishing dreams pig stick on ur other video!

    • Shut up stan

  • I just want to know how much Logan Paul paid Mayweather for that he would ruin his streak and his reputation

  • Mike Tyson enough said. Logan will end up missing an ear

  • Mayweather lost once to a Bulgarian boxer Serafin Todorov

  • How to regrow a leg I stepped on a land mine ok theorist give me good theory to regrow my leg if not ya gay ooooo gottem

  • For those who didn't think this match was going to be fixed, I've got some magic beans that you can buy.

  • logan watching this logan i will win know

  • We should get a 4th channel called "Sports Theory" thoughts?

  • Exactly what I thought, this is all just fake to grab some cash from some folks.

  • There might be another side to this. FYI this is just a baseless theory so don’t chew me up. What if Logan was paid to do the fight? What if mayweather wanted more recognition than just fighting and winning against Logan Paul. Knocking him really pounding him. That would give him a ton of the recognition he wants. Also it could benefit Logan as well. There’s too ways as I see it that losing would benefit Logan Paul. They could spin it so when he loses mayweather decides to teach Logan, this would give him a ton of recognition. Plus bring him a lot of matches in the future. Every boxer would love to take on the traine of mayweather. And alternatively losing would give him a chance for a rematch. Him rising outa the ashes and beating mayweather after losing the first time would be insane. Again this is just a baseless theory pls don’t hate on me too much

  • I REALLY want Floyd to put Logan in his place.

  • Don't have to use the Lord's name in vain.

  • 12:57 That’s no phantom punch. Sonny took a straight right square in the jaw and you can see his head snap. Watch it at .25x playback speed

  • Is that wrong to earn money?

  • why is this on game theory this is not a videogame

  • I love how you are just throwing these people under the bus

  • He doesn't have the longest win streaks I'm boxing without a loss

  • Who is Logan Paul??? I'm really serious!

  • we need a world theory

  • bruh im 6 feet 2 and 110 kg

  • sadly but seriously boxing is most definitely not a sport😪everybody can’t get in the ring with a professional boxer and expect to win easily. serious injury is also associated with this sport.

  • He might get killed and Im not kidding

  • Mat Pat not pulling punches about how he feels about these two.

  • T 👌

  • Wait this is actually happening

  • ok know put him in the ring with an alligator

  • GA sports hating on ya bro

  • Hatton was a check hook and body jabs are very very common idiot

  • I mean it's possible, but Mayweather draws out his matches anyway and I can't see Logan Paul being talented enough to annoy Mayweather to the point he gets sick of being punched and just ends it. So I think it's go on and not totally embarrass Paul. Plus with Tenshin, I mean could it be possible that the talented kick-boxer just sucked at boxing? At least compared to one of the greatest boxers of all time? Plus during that fight Mayweather seemed to sleep walk through it until he got fed up and then he just kept flooring Tenshin - who again, is a kick-boxer not a boxer, I know they sound similar but a great soccer player wouldn't automatically be great in the NFL and nor vice-versa.

  • loagan paul is one punch man?

  • Why are you using MMA belts to represent boxing weight classes?

  • Feb 20th is the day before my birthday

  • If had to choose, I'd choose Logan Paul cause the things he's done are just disrespectful & terrible but Floyd Mayweather Jr definitely did not only illegal things but things that personally bother my morals & just ideals. So lowkey took that personal 😅

  • I wish I could talk to you

  • I bet $100 worth like that that’s Logan Paul would win so if Floyd Mayweather wins but she probably is I will lose $100

  • To be fair Its called Game THEORY not video game theory so ya boxing is allowed

  • Instead of boxing how about taekwondo.

  • Understand this. Floyd Mayweather Jr is the Best "BOXER" to ever Fight in a Boxing Ring. He is NOT the Best Fighter though. Floyd has a God Given Talent in Boxing, there are Great Boxers in History, Legendary Boxers Ali, Mayweather, Marciano, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler and these guys are The Apex of Boxing. Paul is fighting a Living Legend of Boxing. PREDICTION..........PAAAIIINNNNN !!!

  • may weather lost to many pacquiao

  • I mean yeah Logan is bigger, so was Canelo, look at what Canelo is doing to men larger than Logan? Do you think Logan is near the level Canelo was at when he fought Floyd?

  • If you actually thought he got the fight legitimately and not just for money then you're stupid

  • I'd rather not hear about fighting from a dude that doesn't know anything about fighting or combat sports.

  • I wasn't that interested in watching this fight until I saw this video, not I must watch it. Good analysis.

  • 4:28 ... So apparently I'm teeny tiny... Great.

  • boxing isnt just about weight its about technique if you cant box as well as someone who has been boxing fro much longer than you

  • Misogyny!!!!!!!!!! Run!!!!!!! You lost me at intersectionality.

  • It’s simple, Logan in the clinch. Wins hands down. Mayweather runs. Can’t deny he runs. Always has through out his career. Also he’s a technical fighter only because he runs. There’s a 3 percent chance Logan wins this.