Generation Hardbass - Boris vs. DJ Blyatman

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Kol 2018.
Strap down your speakers. Boris is in town. Hardbass party time!
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Music by: DJ Blyatman
Vocals and lyrics by: Boris
Video by: Boris (of course)
Camerawork by: Boris
This is
Generation hardbass, squatting slow, moving fast
Beat is thumping, blood is pumping
Doing things nobody ask
This is hardbass party! Everybody come along
Gopniks dancing, blast this song
Every night last as long
Who am I? I am no one.
I am everyone.
Feet stomping, fingers up
Bass lounder than the club
Do not let the music stop
Stomping to the baseline drop
drop x8
Feet stomping, fingers up
Bass lounder than the club
Volume high, cannot drop
Hardbass party never stop
Generation Hardbass
Generation Hardbass
Voice as weapon. Sharp as knife.
Doing 90 in a 35
Glow as bright as Ural sun
Fastest one, beat by none!
Monday night 3:50. Speed is high, gears are shifting
Like a stolen limousine
Driving smooth, must be gifted
Down in Pripyat, heels are flat
Gopnik with ushanka hat
Working out, hunting rats
Running with a baseball bat
Different day, same place
This is time of hardbass
Generation Hardbass
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  • 🔥 *Listen NOW on Spotify:* 🤙 Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp & more... CHEEKI BREEKI !

    • My name is blyat 2000 in all game

    • Comraaad

    • you know honestly ive never really figured out ehy a man shoild try to tske his feet ov the groujd to kicksomeone in the jaw...

    • Cukaaaa blyattt Drugs are shit

    • Please put this blyatiful masterpiece on Amazon Music.

  • played this in a nike store.. now its a WESLAV

  • the beat dropped harder than me as a child holy shit

  • Idk it makes me happy 😂

  • This is gopnik aprof СУКА БЛЯТ

  • russia best love from macedonia

  • Борис ты топ

  • Топ

  • VADIM! BLYAT!!!!

  • imagine your grandchildren will ask you 50 years from now what music was like back then ... Put on ushanka and take out the vodka bottle ... listen and learn you little cyka

  • Великолепно! Голос Бориса делает музыку в 10 раз лучше!

  • Wow I have searched this up 100000 times and now I have a police and cia warning LETS GOOO!

  • I played this song in Vicky's house, now he is Viktor Antonov

  • i Like HARDBASS Song 😎 🎵

  • Me and my sis literally blasted this in the middle of the night and danceed to it till 3:38am Oy blin it is good

  • Hymne!!

  • Oh no.tôi lỡ tắt nhạc rồi.

  • nothing better than listening to hardbass after a stressfull day

  • Blyat

  • *OPA!*

  • 1:12 best moment skskks

  • ☭ ☭ ☭

  • This is fucking amazing

  • I played this in a AV-8A jet now its a MiG 17

  • Who is xxxtentacion i only know boris

  • That feeling when I'm so in love with Slavic culture that I want to learn Russian, but deep down I know I'll never be a Slav :(

  • Vibe check..............

  • OPAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • this hardbass was so hard it hit harder than my parents' belt

    • Bruh my parents use stick but I am a good gopnik and old so I'm Lucky blin

  • blin, this is good

  • i love this song boris

  • good

  • Boris when your gonna make a dancing lesson with Boris? I dream of improving my cossack dance to be looking like in 1:20

  • Boris is the king of all.

  • im pewdipie indian :)

  • This is a legendary song

  • Boomers: Haha I hate my wife Millennials: Haha I hate my life Gen Z: Fortnite ninja epic games Generation HardBass:

    • Gen Z = Generation HardBass

    • @Dog Games10 Thanks for writing this up to district manager, we will attempt to fix problem

    • No no no it's Slavs u dum blin

  • oh yeah

  • Its sad because Boris dancing alone😟😟

  • His Dance moves are like me when Adidas Store is on sale

  • plot twist all boris random videos are to promote his real content as music producer undeground of real hardbass

  • Let's describe a russian people: Adidas, AK-47, Wodka

    • Bruh I'm a Serbian gopnik a slav what do you expect

    • @Dog Games10 Sorry show off

    • Debil it's vodka not wodka and you are missing a T-34, Lada,blin homemade babushkas jam

  • wearing a mask before it is cool

  • i just looked down and noticed adidas logo on my pants so i had to find this (as a joke)

  • The little double note just before the second drop at 2:43 is orgasmic

  • Zawsze gdy słucham hard bassa to mam taki przpływ słowiańskiej energii

  • Very slav

  • Хардбасс это все

  • I dig the 90s sound

  • I wonder if the Russian Adidas store music is just Hardbass🤔 Who am I kidding, blyat. It's always Hardbass... Unless you're a western spyy👀

  • Played this in Spotify, now it's Slavtify.

  • Excellent Job my brother! CHEEKI BREEKI! :D

  • One of the best tracks! Greetings from germany!

  • imagine this was ur old house and u see this: 1:26

  • Why is my rifle dancing?

  • Doing things nobody ask hahahaha 0.30 Lov this

  • la la laa la la laa!

  • あー好きですぅ

  • I played this in a Skechers store. Now it's WESLAV store

  • When my 23andme results updated and I got .4% Russian :

  • I played this to some water *now it is the vodka blyat*

  • When you realize that you are 0.0000023% Russian:

  • i played this to my new era cap now its a USHANKA

  • *A.D.I.D.A.S.* *(All Day I Drink And Squat)* i stole it because its *OURStube*

  • Yea its lauder than the club but is it lauder than vadym

  • Best Song ever

  • i like when hé say opai😏

  • feofannueromanhk

  • you know they really dont like that whole doing90 in 45 thing. (still did)

  • nope dont reember it was drunk though

  • Just listening this..... is making me feel like a slav

  • This reminds me of the 90s energy/house dance music I used to listen to when I was younger Love it!

  • who disliked it is a pydarast blyat

  • This should have 4,687,558 Likes

  • Есть русские


  • When theres 1 vodka but you have 5 friends: Play this music... Then... **our vodka** Edit: i realized im very late

  • I played this in my car then it changed to a Lada Then I played it in my “Lada” and became a T-34 блять

  • Me, listening to Boris' music not understanding a word he says in Russian: I like your funny words, Slavic man!

  • bahlshevik mohawk.. (taint mohawk)

  • yuh huh

  • Imagine you go to adidas store and this music start

  • I played this to my cat and now she's artyom

  • I have a mad bass boosted speaker. Cant wait for the party.

  • Ahhh tovarish Boris comrade, you win everybattle as long as you have the force of mayonez with you, Priviet!

  • expatriate me please. and some vodka

  • I play this at Edison hydroelectric power plant. Is now Chernobyl Site #2.

  • Das ist Sound der sau gute Laune macht! 👍💀🎧 Danke

  • Played this in my neighborhood and now it’s gopnik central

  • Bora I love you, you create a great content keep it up hardbass

  • i played thi on my house and now all my family turn into A Soviet Family

  • I played this on my home now it's Chernobyl

  • The simplest moves, yet the hardest to pull off.

  • Jamet soviet😂

  • 제너레이션 딴딴 베이스

  • 1,1 k western spies

  • Chardbass never staps, I love forever this bass! :xD

  • This is *OUR* Battle not *YOUR* Battle