Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Lis 2020.
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By the end of the 21st century, humanity is becoming desperate. Decades of heatwaves and droughts have led to unusually poor harvests, while the warming oceans yield fewer fish each year. In the tropical zones, millions suffer from famine and resource wars have made millions more flee to the north. As things quickly get worse, in an act of desperation, the world's governments decide to enact an emergency plan...
It is far from certain that a grim scenario like this will play out. But the failure of world leaders to effectively address climate change, makes it far from impossible.
So in the near future it might become necessary to try something radical to slow down rapid climate change: Geoengineering. Interventions so massive in scale that they might undo centuries of human behavior. Or make everything much worse.
What is geoengineering, is it really an option and what if it goes wrong?

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    • "this experiment is about to go really exciting" I have never seen You this passive agreesive :(

    • The 400 year grand solar minimum cycle has begun. The next 3 decades will see the earth cool down as the suns magnetic feild turns down. GLOBAL COOLING IS THE CLIMATE CRISES now. There is Cold induced famine every time this cycle hits. Artificial attempts to cool earth will be catastrophic

    • Chemtrails happen multiple times per week. You can visual see the planes spraying patterns and turning a blue sky completely white and covered by a chemical blanket slowing falling down into our lakes and trees and houses and we are breathing it in and eating and drinking it .. how is this okay???

    • @INSECT BITE *-* Which one? Amazon, Inc.ompetent or Amazon, Brazil?

    • Why no add??

  • It seems more like a lazy and cheap option. We need to take action to improving things NATURALLY, by swapping harmful things out for more environmentally friendly things.

  • Fun fact, of the total amount of co2 released into the atmosphere each year only 5 % is humanity induced. Soooo.....the other 95% released from natural processes is totally ok, it's that small 5% humanity is responsible for that has the doomsdayers creaming their panties. Global warming is real and yes our climate is warming which it has done many times in earth's history as evidenced in the archaeological record but to put the cause solely on the back of humanity is absurd. Question: how many of you reading this post were alive in the 1970's and remember scientific consensus back then was the earth was going into the next ice age? Thats right, global warming wasn't even on the radar so the question is how could that be? The evidence was clear, science said so. WHAT YOU SAY? scientists were wrong? Truth is global climate is so complex involving a mind boggling amount of variables that even with the most powerful super computers it's impossible to correctly make any sort of accurate prediction for tomorrow much less 50, 100, or even 200 years from now. With that said we only have this small rock to live on. We need to keep it clean, science our way out of the dirty pollution problem if not for ourselves then for our descendants. Governments are run by humans, flawed humans with sometimes nefarious ambitions. All governments use diversionary tactics to hide true motivations and the sheep follow - DON'T BE A SHEEP.

  • climate change can only be done with humans out

  • GENIUS IDEA!!!!: what if we used asteroid mining instead of big mines to stop air pollution. We use the gas from the rockets as geoengineering to buy us more time while we use the money we make from selling the asteroid components to buy energy efficient power sources and to stop fossil fuels from being burned. Thank me later Elon musk

  • Prove that climate change is due to human activity. The earth has gone through heating and cooling periods long before humans, with co2 levels much higher than we have today, proven by drilling into polar ice caps. Trying to change or slow the earth's natural cycle could be catastrophic, and would most likely bankrupt our society.

  • Maybe I’m late, but the shading on your characters is looking fine guys! Keep it up!

  • we might have to do? we have been doing since the Vietnam war....

  • Stop tellling that "CO2 traps this radiation etc". The most of it is kept by the water vapor. At least say "greenhouse gasses trap infrared radiation". This manipulation of terms is not what I would expect from you guys. What a shame.

  • If there is no sunlight then what about solar panels?

  • human brain: geoengineering is a very bad way of survival, but it will have to do for now. monkey brain: heehoo plane make fardd

  • Geoengineering, a death or glory attack for the climate crisis.

  • We already do it....... and have been doing it.....

  • Your carpet; your phone, your food, your toilet paper all contain petroleum products. The largest contributor of green house gasses is meat production. Cows on average release 3.1 gigatonnes of co2 a year. In fact with the advent of modern catalytic converters and diesel exhaust fluid systems cars release 12 times less co2 a day than the average cow. The real solution to climate change is to eat more veggies and less meat. I’m not saying get rid of meat because I like it too. Just eat a little less of it.

  • The only way for earth to prosper is to wipe out humans

  • 2:42 funny moment!

  • The gov will only fully invest in helping prevent global warming if there is a large chunk of money waiting for them at the end.

  • Boo hoo muh fossil fuels Not happening any time soon, nerds

  • where is subtitles ?

  • "Hey ferb, I know what we're going to do today"

  • Why are most of your videos so dramatic and scary?

  • Global warming is a hoax folks.

  • Remember all those memes disregarding chemtrails?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Dipshit chemtrails been going on for atleast 20 years. What fucking rock u been under????

  • Problem is, this particular geoengineering strategy to happen is very unlikely due to the need of a GLOBAL political agreement. Say, if the USA goes all independent and does that - there is no way that the particles stay above the geographical borders of the country - cause, well, weather doesn’t care about borders. Meaning if one country does it, every other country could be directly effected. Meaning every country on earth has a say in it and all countries sharing the some opinion on this topic is just... extremely unlikely.

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  • whoa... self destruct button... hmm .. 👁️👁️

  • Like they haven't been doing it since the 1950's

  • No C⁰² means no fire, no of that, and more i guess.

  • Snowpiercer fans are going nuts rn

  • Meh, you guys think you're so smart. Futurama had this idea like a decade ago - just drop an ice cube in the ocean. Easy

    • I do not know if you are being sarcastic or stupid

  • What if we jus harvest CO2 and use it directly, and make every waste we do a new product. In that way we make ourselves better and more sustainable.

    • Because C02 is really hard to use. It does not carry energy, it can not be made into anything, any it cost a lot.

  • This is such a clear, amazing and understandable way to explon complex stuff to normal people who are not scientists or experts. Thank you so much 🤗🤗

  • Please add türkish languagr

  • isn't that orbit at 0:40 impossible. Just nitpicking, great video

  • Waiting for indonesian subtitle sir

  • Indonesian subtitel pleas

  • Another ways to stop global warming 1.dropping giant ice cubes in the ocean 2. Pushing earth a little bit father away from the sun 3.steal a moon 4.destoy the sun 5.make littering punishable by death 6.giant fan

  • why cant we just plant more trees?

  • Ah, more climate fear porn.

  • We are doomed

  • Snowpiercer irl huh

  • Like the the current pandemic, human life is a pandemic, we reproduce faster than we die, we kill everything without discrimination

  • Acho que esqueceram das Legendas ;-;

  • Man, I wonder what these experiments testing geoengineering are, *COUGH* chemtrails *COUGH*

  • indonesian subtitle please

  • _"...we know it was _*_humans_*_ , who scorched the sky..."_

  • What if we stop destroying earth with our predatory exploration? " And lose some money? Nah, let's change the way how earth works, much better"

  • What if we stop destroying earth with our predatory exploration? " And lose some money? Nah, let's change the way how earth works, much better"

  • Yup chemtrails. And they have been spraying multiple times a week. Much more than once a year like you suggested. It's been in effect quite some time. Nano aluminum is deadly to be spraying In our skies.

  • Where is the turkish language ? I wait months

  • were is a legends in portuguese and of the outher languages of this video?

  • Is it possible to make CO2 into oxygen gas and something else made of carbon?

  • Wow can anyone name a better science teacher? Like I just subbed to him and watched most of his vids and I love them

  • The Climate will change naturally without our help so I wonder if we will ever develop methods to prevent climate change it its entirety.

  • Those global temperature projections look a lot like Covid infection projections.

  • Me and the bois going to turn Mars into a green planet

  • This scares me

  • Ever since 2063, we simply drop a giant ice cube into the ocean every now and then solving the problem of global warming once and for all

  • Portuguese subtitles T_T

  • Looks like the chem-trail conspiracy theorists aren't THAT far from the truth. Of course, they think it's microchips and stuff, but, whatever.

  • I like how the West keeps telling the developing countries to switch to environment friendly tech after they already built everything they need. Fossil fuels are way more reliable and cheaper than clean energy.

  • Do these chemical trails left from airplanes do geo engineering? Or is it something else?

  • guys lets just buy some ozone from darth vader hes a cool guy

  • tanto tiempo esperando los subtitulos en español y nada :$

  • Chemtrails, they're already doing it lol. This is called predictive programming. Start showing signs if something way before u reveal it to the public to create more tolerance.

  • Aren't humans part of nature too? So whatever we do would be part of the "natural processes" of Earth? We aren't removed from nature. We are a part of it and like any species we have the ability to change our environment on a massive scale.

  • In conclusion the best solution would be to slow down and stop the climate change, by reducing the CO2 emissions.

  • Isn't just farming geoengineering? We domesticated many plants and animals and changed our environment to suit our needs. What separates city building from "geoengineering"?

  • I think any idea including ozone damage should be avoided ...also u could just stop fossil fuel use instead of researching how to cool earth....i mean it looks like the only ideas happening in reality are the ones which does not include human consumption compromise

  • we here at wilford industries we warn u to not use this method to make the earth cooler trust us we have experiences

  • What about taking co2 and making it cold to cool stuff, so we would use bad stuff to do good things

  • So you were telling were just fucked

  • The "Direct air capture" kinda sounds like a sequestration plant for reducing atmospheric pressure.

  • 4:55 *s m o n k*

  • Where the Brazilian legends??????????????????????

  • Interesting way to mask the smell of our farts

  • Interesting, i can already smell three egg aroma in the air, *Takes long breath*

  • We cannot prove climate change via the numbers, so lets fudge it.

  • This is funny cuz this is already possible and ready to be done, if not already being done. Don't believe me? Cia has confirmed haarp is a real thing and it's tech has come far enough that it can cause rain or snow at will anywhere. But they don't tell you they can cause tornados and hurricanes... Ahhh there's the conspiracy

  • You really should include nuclear reactors in the images of solutions to climate chabge

  • I started a YT channel yesterday would be cool if somone would bring the stone to roll. Have Your best Week :)

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  • Where is the subtitles?

  • If we don't reach carbon neutral before the end of this century, then the Solar system will have the second Venus.

  • Portuguese plz

  • To be honest even when nukes are released there is a chance that earths crust will go through a displacement and destruction can be released Is this true?

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  • The problem is that the companies and corporations that cause the most problems with global warming aren't doing crap to sort it out, so no matter what we do, the effects will only be minimal unless those companies pitch in ti sort it out too...

  •'re telling me the fate of the world is in the hands of a few first world countries , USA , Russia and, lol, China included? AHHAHAHAHAAHAH. Also it's the southern part of the hemisphere that's gonna get the old climate change hammer first? AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHaaaaahahaahaa ha Ok, so no point having kids then.

  • Please make indonesia subtitle for this video @kurzgesagt

  • Isn't planting trees and making it grow faster, as well as environmental friendly house is more less expensive and the obviou-est answer for climate change?? Well we need more cooperation

  • Mann I myself when I here Philippines or Filipinos, or our culture be included in movies, series, songs, yt videos, etc from foreign people will always have this patriotic feeling

  • 45 degrees in spring in Australia? boiling water coming out of my tap a full month before summer. This IS happening.

  • They said we all would be under water by 2020 back in .... 70s and 80s

  • CIA brings you convincing kids through smarty cartoons on YT while sounding science-y

  • Person of Interest: "Never said I never said never."