Datum objavljivanja: 18. Lip 2020.
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Glorious Stalinum in War Thunder by Boris. 100% Slav memes top quality yes. With Anatoli.
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  • Me : mom can i play War Thunder? Mom : no honey, we already have war thunder at home War Thunder at home : 0:01

    • lol got pinned

    • @SCP 999 The Tickle Monster The war thunder is seriously free on steam.

    • @ZAKSZAZSO What's that sound? The sound of the joke flying over your head.

    • But the war thunder is free

    • "brakatakatakataka" "brrrrakatakatakataka" "Begone western spy!" *Actual tank round firing.*

  • 6:02 oh no.. BORIS TURNED INTO A WESTERN SPY (Using a American jet)

  • Thanks for the tip Boris u the best hope i see you in game!!!

  • And slav tekno!!!!!!

  • Me like free of charge!!!!!!!

  • Вроде на инглише всё, а вроде чёт всё понятно

  • Say please... ARE YOU RUSSIAN OR UKRAINIAN? Скажи пожалуйста... ТЫ РУССКИЙ ИЛИ УКРАИНЕЦ?

  • P-shi

  • respect i use alot of soviet tanks

  • Wtf man

  • If there are tanks made out of Stalinium, are there tanks made out of Leninium?

  • у тебя такой угарный голос

  • i have war thunder me use russian tanks goooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd

  • Boris builds tank with lego when

  • St is actually the element “ strontium”

  • Лол, как русский одобряю.

  • Please do more of this boris!

  • This dudes accent is thicker than Molasses

  • Booris when play Escape from Tarkev? Im joking i know is very expensiv game and Boris doesnt like expenisv geym But what if Boris went and tried Edcape from Tarkov. That would be interesting

  • warships, JALIKOPTERS

  • Free no more my east ruskies [Harrier elevates with eyes of doom] Free no more

  • this was on my recommend page

  • omg a fricken russian playing and sponsoring war thunder, I'LL BUY YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

  • SPY

  • Boris is Stalin

  • hey boris, how do i get the boost, when i already have an account? *oh, and btw. where can i buy that Stalinium, of yours?*

  • What the blyat, you dare fly capitalist UH-1 Huey and AH-64 Apache instead of glorious Soviet Mil Mi-24?! (that is, unless you captured them for proper glorious usage, turning their own guns against them, comrade?) edit: nvm, comrade, you redeem self by flying Mi-24 at end of video

  • I wish I could get all those vehicles, not in my life time thiough

  • base on my gameplay today theres a lot of banzai planes on my play

  • What HRdown channel have I just stumbled upon..

  • Hey! I’m a fan of the BORIS boi and I just recently unlocked the MIG 15 in game, ITS BLYATIFUL! (Also, send my regards to Cousin Anatoli).

  • 6:01 Plane: USAF. Boris: _>

  • Boris just so u know u can get War thunders new power update and making the game more realistic clouds explosions and EVERYTHING IN IT FOR THE SLAV BOIS

  • this is the most russian channel I have ever witnessed I like it.

  • * thinking abaut how it can be more realistic then real life * >:o

  • Cheekily beeki boris my salv freind eat sandvich and slav squat and kick

  • Stalin Approved.

  • T-80 is annoying I am now going down russian tree

  • I have that lego set!.

  • “Ah shit my night vision overheated”

  • 6:12 hes using western spy jet "USAF" mean united states air force

  • Почитайте чат в ночном бою))

  • Boris is so cool that he started playing realistic battles

  • Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service STALINIUM BLYAT

  • is it considered a war crime to wear the life of boris paint on an american tank?

  • Please play War Thunder even they dont support you . Its very interesting and we all like it.

  • Максимально русский акцент одобряю 🗿👍🏻

  • Best Boris pls make a video on the upcoming update of war thunder the glorious T90 is coming to war thunder

  • Thank you Mr Boris , i already play War Thunder but i like the decal

  • *Welcome Boris... the premier rage simulator known as War Thunder.*

  • Please more war thunder, glorious Russia awaits you

  • Leninism: *Am i joke to you*

  • Что за нах?

  • Been a fan of you since 6 years old, stay strong and stay cheeki breeki comrade.

  • I miss these

  • The thing i love from WT (War Thunder) is the Realism, HEAT do not penetrate as much as a AP round. the thing i love the most is: Every tank has his own language, so its not all "American" and puts something original on it at least

  • 6:13 boris driving western jets!!


  • *If it has the red star, then made with love in the U.S.S.R* *(and with Stalinium and Lenintainium but mainly Stalinium)*

  • Bruh “Ah shi*, my night vision overheated” as he is up in flames from a missle lmao

  • got a war thunder ad at the start of video lol


  • Классный анатоли ,классный смех и классная музыка

  • the subtitles enchnace the experience

  • I love how he's not even using his own music but is using uamme's provitrogaz

  • Ты же русский

  • Would there be an option of you making your own decal like G.I Haigs, so we can drive around with more slavness of our stalinum tanks?

  • i think i will stop the video just after the intro and go make me a blin or two then return to enjoy the video

  • 5 year old me playing with legos

  • всё, у меня сломались уши .......

  • Mobile legends ad is an bitch now

  • i wonder what boris sounds like if he's talking in his normal voice "or that's his normal voice"

  • Хорошая работа товарищ мать Россия одобряет вы работаете

  • Do you know Russian? скажи что нибудь на русском

  • yes comrade Boris I approve that the sounds are more realistic than real life

  • Братаааааан топ видос

  • Tal vez bro no se

  • 08:23 wtaf 😂😂😂

  • 5:24 *Ikr* *LOL*

  • 5:10 *You never know*

  • 4:35 *NOOOOO!!*

  • 3:58 *Ah* *Bound to happen* *Should have brought a MIG*

  • Me learning Boris plays war thunder. YES!!!! *Katyusha*

  • Pls do more war thunder 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • The only words I understand from Boris's background music is "Gas Mask"

  • If only this game wasn’t a grinding hell, oh well we all play it anyway

  • wow the F-104C Starfighter is an american plane so it is an WESTERN PLANE

  • "With sound effects more realistic than real life!"

  • to be fair it looked like cheburashka

  • Boris: *Flies an american apache* Me: Impossible...

  • Western spies are trying to unsubscribe me from boris

  • don't use capitalist vehicle's Boris soviet vehicle is best!

  • Playing air battles with new skies feels so smooth on a laptop.

  • Boris can we play together me and you comrade please

  • (CCCP) 😃👍

  • I don't like people that play Russian tanks, but I can make an exception here

  • Glory to Glorzo!

  • *G L O R I O U S S T A L I N I U N* have i done good comrade?

  • Warthunder pays Comrade boris with potato, this is why is only game that he keeps shilling for. Is nice arrangement.

  • только откуда в т-34 взялся звук автомата заряжания?)