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Datum objavljivanja: 9. Vel 2020.
09:57 storytime of Boris origins
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Boris reviews things posted on the Life of Boris subreddit.
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  • oh there’s my carpet! I’ve been looking for it everywhere

  • "He doesn't even sound Russian." That's like saying "This guy who claims to be from New York clearly isn't American because he doesn't sound like my friend from Texas." People in different areas of a country speak differently, how is this shocking to anyone?

  • *I don't think you sound weird! In my opinion your completely normal!*

  • Anybody notice the gun in the back

  • about the accent uhh. yeah instead of what like chto moscow citizens say it like chvo or something like that.


  • 6:40 if you rewind by ten seconds boris will do the HAH and it fits perfectly too XD

  • you think this is funny?

  • good price

  • *let’s make cheese*

  • b a b u n i

  • Boris: I'm trying to teach people of the slavic ways not to watch cow juice harden! Boris many months later: hmm yes cheese I must teach the ways of the cheese!

  • more pls

  • Past Boris would be so happy to know that future Boris achieved successful cheese later on.

  • 6:15

  • more pls

  • Focus is in Serbia for some reason. Saw the border and Osijek was in Croatia

  • There is more than one Texas accent.... So, yeah. Accent doesn't mean too much

  • @11:08 Success on HRdown is achieved by having FUNNY ACCENTS!! IMHO

  • His accent is so Slav that he said "coronavirus" and DIDN'T EVEN GET DEMONITIZED-

  • Would Ukrain could as one of the slavic 4? It was part of Russia for a long while.

  • I know that there's a kosher version of doctor's sausage, but I forgot it's name, only that it has an f or a p in it somewhere...

  • For this year's birthday I'll just have pilmanei with mayonez Too bad I can only have american mayonez lol. I like the one with the quail eggs on the cover (ukrainian brand)

  • 6:18 ah yes vaccine that can cure white people only

  • the hockkey player going "why do you haf too be mad is just a game" sounds exactly like the accent you have, and that guy is slav d-lux

  • Boris, dude, come on, you definitely don't sound like you're Russian. This is coming from a true native, who's been living in Moscow for 20 years, has been to the Ukraine, Belarus, and all across Russia itself. Socialist bloc - sure, I'm happy to believe that, but not Russian. You can deny and joke about it all you want, but I'm fairly sure you're from one of the Baltic states (which is totally cool, I mean, I have ancestors myself from Latvia), to which you've left plenty of clues for the more attentive of your viewers to pick up, such as food brands, which you started hiding at some point. Doesn't really matter, though, I definitely won't stop appreciating you and your videos on account of something like that.

  • Subscriber counter lost from 7:00 onwards


  • 6:16

  • Anyone know what is the song in 7:38 ?

  • 6:15 My brother sent me a clip of this he found from iFunny. I am so glad I found the original source

  • vadim blyat

  • 5:41 western spy music crossover with your normal neighborhood song

  • more pls

  • More pls Boris !!

  • 7:12 omg that song is hotttt

  • What i find funny about the last one, is that I was born in Russia (, but I was adopted and grew up in America, so I sound nothing like a Russian, but still am one, I just know nothing about the cultures lol

  • 6:16 HAH

  • I feel like boris and swaggersouls would make a good video. Idk why

  • há pessoal tiga a ver os videos dele xD 3:44 No canto "altice MEO"

  • Please make "now we have a balaclava" song. please

  • My teacher broke arm and she says KURWA MAĆ

  • i live for his wheezy laugh

  • I just started bingewatching this slav and I completely lost it when he had another pair of glasses on :D. Blyat you mek mi lav

  • I am friendly neighbourhood gopnik

  • If anything it is more understanding that around Russia the accents vary so much, as Boris said, its massive. Here in the uk you can drive a matter of miles and the accent completely changes. Liverpool vs Manchester, Birmingham vs Leicester. etc etc etc.

  • 6:16 I SCREAMED

  • J O J O R E F E R E N C E

  • Future me: You commented on a laser square vid

  • Regional accents exist.

  • At 0:45 you can see that the sub amount on the top right is 2.82 million but at 0:50 the sub amount on the top right is 2.83

  • is the rifle on your wall legit and if it is what type of rifle is it

  • I'm glad if you still remember that 1994.

  • How's Boris?

  • the counter noooooooo

  • since when did romania develop virus vaccine i want now give me I promise I am romanian as you see right here șțăîâ

  • i made a slavic game blyatsweeper on this subreddit, it's good

  • Ok , so I have to re establish the Soviet Union because apparently I’m expected to get an actual girlfriend instead of drawing fictional Soviet girls that could kick my ass .

  • I just made a meme about swearing in pretzels. I love being drunk

  • Wow that was donut operator

  • 11:15 Wait, what? Large countries have different regional ways of speaking??? USA: "Oh yah, that's a real thing, dontcha know." "Wicked smaht!" "Fuggedaboutit!" "That's hella wack!" "Like, totally, yeah." "Hey, y'all!" China: Laughs in Mandarin Laughs in Cantonese Laughs in Min Nan Laughs in Hakka Laughs in ... India: "Hold my lassi..."

  • more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls

  • Some random loser: Boris is not even Slavic Boris: Hold my 3.17 million subs channel built around Slavic culture

  • Yo hold the blin up 8:59 that is in Serbia i live like 50-100kilometers or more i live in Pozarevac and iv went thru there with my dad when we had to pick up my sister and seeing the sign i was like:what the complete govno blyat?

  • hes wearing a mask the whole time *god used pandemic on boris!* its super ineffective!

  • vadim blyat series when

  • Chernobyl be like 3:16

  • Me: Wait what? Also me: Angry Polish noises Boris: lEtS mAkE a ViDeO

  • I thought it was obvious that he embraces Russian meme culture, I’ve never been to Russia personally but I’m pretty fucking sure everyone doesn’t squat around in track suits drinking vodka shouting “CYKA BLYAT!” all day.

  • România f

  • 6:15

  • im prity shoure that hi sead his in moskau nowe but moskau is a wery big place so not wery helpfull


  • 3:15 They are talking in portuguese

  • 6:17 im romanian and also dying

  • BORIS, why’d you shift to Teespring and are you abandoning Weslav?

  • Holy fuck that’s an ambitious crossover life of Boris and donut operator

  • im not sure boris is a slav. NOT ONE single video on the T72 танк. maybe 1/2 slav for the Adidas stripes on the AK.5:44 no slav drinks absolute vodka. only russian standard!

  • “Hey let’s make some cheese”

  • ДА! More Reddit

  • I love how he asks who the blin is giorno 🤣

  • 6;30 am romainian ;( but am in the slavic country #2 known as poland

  • "His accent doesn't sound like a Russian accent" aaah, classic People will always be disappointed with your accent. Either your accent is "wrong", too strong or whatever. People get disappointed with the fact that my accent is very faint and doesn't seem Russian.

  • As a Romanian that rhyme made my entire Romanian class laugh

  • I got an ad the second he played the second youtube video

  • Multilingual Slavic edition is the accent of Boris, comes with a bottle of vodka

  • 10:45 *laughs in British*

  • 3:10 that is from my homeland Brazil! BLYAT THAT WAS SO DUMB LMAO! So much pressure that it went Chernobyl status. Glad you liked it. Salutations from Brazil!

  • Anyone else wants that Rhyme as an actual song now? *hits hardbass*

  • SO...the video from vadim and kvass is from my coutnry, Brazil, always funny tho.

  • LOL Croatian majoneze - Greetings from Croatia!

  • Boris: *laugh* Me: *somehow laugh*

  • blyat boris help i stole some mayonez and then accidentally joined the russian mafia help

  • ok now the point is, idk why is everyone so on the debate of whether Boris is Slavic/Russian or not, actually nobody reli cares, he is still the Slav King we all know and love to watch

  • Im romanian so the vaccine thing is so....just....WTF

  • Petition to make “Vadim Blyat” a series

  • Boris is Ron from parks and rec. confirmed!

  • 6:12 W H E E Z E

  • I start sharing like when I 3 years old

  • Never get tired of Boris making subtle dirty jokes like the "halfway in"