Harder than real life - Cooking Simulator

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Pro 2018.
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Harder than real life - Cooking Simulator
The game is called Cooking Simulator. It allows the player to live out the challenge of being an actual professional amateur chef.
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Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • Where is videos of crockidil tears and shower with dad blyat!

  • I've seen this kitchen before.

  • I wonder what cheeki breeki would look like as a food probably crazy cool


  • 8:32 he is so depressed about his potato

  • 7:45 I love how his first assumption is that the HECKIN FRIDGE EXPLODED

  • 7:26 Are we just gonna ignore then fact that he just yeeted fridge doors with a fire extinguisher

  • This is giving me Lets Game It Out vibes

  • Has to be the first time I’ve ever heard “The Polish are Attacking”


  • i hope they updated it to have Boris mode, cooking with axe, chainsaw and brick

  • Im a Polish slav 😎

  • "Made by Slavs, you can blow up kitchen, you can squat. What else do you need?" WHY CAN'T I MAKE BLINI

  • kurwa jak mu radioZet wykurwiło xDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Kto pl i słucha Rmf like

  • "it was fun until the police caught us for pirating games." Me: *laughs in country that has 88% pirated software*

  • In Soviet Russia computer fix u

  • Even Play adds are in game

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Boris:DING DONG CYKA!!!

  • 10:06 where is "or maybe two"

  • I don’t know how but I can’t stop watching your content

  • 97% of third and first person games: ,,you can crouch by pressing LCtrl Boris: ruins evrybodies childhood.....

  • When he’s say four potatoes on the plate he get three potatoes on the plate

  • 11:20 VADIM

  • 2:35 DED *-*

  • "The Door Is Locked, No Problem I Live In Kitchen 6:17 "Let Me Go Hooommee, I Want To Live This Placee"

  • 1:04 did Brois just confirm that he is a woman

  • 10:12 Order ready! *D i n g d o n g **_c y k a_* take your food

  • 2:34 me when kitchen

  • Boris do you have girlfriend?

  • "Oy cyka, what was that? Did refrigerator explode? Or was that sound of guests arriving?"

  • Babushkas cooking is better

  • I'm Ukrainian I'm kinda slavic

  • B E A N S

  • make blin

  • What else do I need? Danish butter coo- I mean the sewing kit.

  • 2:35 treasure

  • The bay leaf??

  • 3:09 why is he using an Xbox one controller

  • First time to one of your videos is that your real accent

  • *ЧО ЗА ХУЙНЯ БЛЯДЬ* wat its meaning?

  • Is not even german potato salad is debil capitalist potato salad by look of it atlease German potato salad is good in east Berlin blyat

  • In America you have whiskey but in Russia you got good *VODKA*

  • the polish are attacking

  • The plolish are attacking-boris

  • i understanded the radio beacuse im from poland

  • We have potato and sugar, now we just need some yeast and we can make vodka...oh blyat

  • Blyat the Polish are attacking!

  • I love how the kitchen is STILL a disaster even in virtual after Boris does his cooking.

  • Imagine going to a restaurant and from the kitchen just here explosions, shouting and stuff breaking

  • 13:40 DER'MO!

  • Gulag kitchen Dont send me to gulag

  • *Normal:* Take a shot of vodka everytime he says blyad *Slav challenge:* Drink a bottle of vodka everytime he says blyad and after the video ends, make blin without setting your house on fire

  • "do you keep milk in this boxes? AH YOU DO! What is this an hungarian shop?" I laughed for 5 good minutes ahahaha

  • Hungarian shop kitchen where Boris mistakes the sour cream for yogurt

  • Slavic Ramsay

  • Radiozet is a actual polish radio station

  • This game is polish because the radio had a polish radio channel

  • The explosion of that gas canister was by far one of the funniest moments

  • "There are two things that you should know about this game" states three things

  • Kuhinja Live

  • Boris: we cannot sit in silence. me: *StArTS raPpInGInG CaR RaDiO*


  • 1:58 blyat nahui urod

    • Make laugh so hard

  • Lol. Ten seconds into cooking and Boris does Hari Kari. 🤣

  • Radio zet XD i ta reklama playa

  • Imagin you walking into the kitchen and the chef was just squatting in the corner looking at the mixer in the other corner

  • куб


  • Okay, I read that as "Choking simulator" instead of "cooking simulator"

  • 1:26 yes boris this is how they make money on mayonez

  • Like a Village of Minecraft hmm....

  • "you can squat by pressing controls" But is it true slav squat?!

  • What happens if your send a true Slav to Western spy's kitchen XDDDD

  • How to use a knife: You see, you just rotate and you *d e d*

  • That mf radio zet gave me a heart attack

  • I want to see you Boris on tv!! In the program of masterchef!

  • 11:05 Funniest part

  • *_"NOOOO THE POTAT-"_*

  • "You rotate and you...DBLYAH!" -Soviet war prisoner learning how to use a knife after escaping a West Polish prison camp 1941, colorized

  • Ahhaahahahahahahahah I laught so much ahahah great boris!

  • This is a vr game?

  • And the bay leaf... or maybe two who knows

  • How to slav your restaurant

  • no need to clean to kitchen you only have to install game gain . :) heheheh

  • "the gas canister must be ready"

  • "you know.. no limitations" he sounded australian

  • Reminds me of playing "The Big Deal" on the Commodore 64. I was never able to make any progress in the virtual kitchen.

  • *Polish propaganda plays* Boris: “oh oh Blyad help! The Polish are attacking!”

  • I'm only Russian here😓

  • I'm fucking dying of laughter 🤣. Maybe because I'm bit drunk but still

  • I died laughing


  • blyat boris idzi nahuji

  • vadim ? WAT DE BLYAT 🤣

  • you need let Anatoli have his own channel yes


  • 11:17 Someone shooting at the glass: Boris: Vadim? 😂

  • ... What else do you need?... iiis Boris!!

  • Boris: turns everything on also boris when he get a bill (\_/)