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  • anyone else watching this late 2020, and realised while listening to the sponser segue that ww3 almost started this year?

  • 111k rp :(

  • 8:11 NA flash

  • 2:38 this is actually God-level tip

  • Rule #1 Always go for the first person you see with a tiny ****

  • music at 5:40?

  • u play ur fkin promos with teemo and get platin and i fkn cant get out of bronze:C

  • I Just wonder how many emails pianta used for all those teemo accounts

  • The shroom was there because when first brought to the death realm tenmo placed a shroom which Mordecaiser died befor stepping on it

  • 2:04 after 6 months I’m finally realized that the shroom is from 1:32

  • Finally I’ve been watching you for so long but I subbed 2 days ago just to know when u post

  • Did you enjoy Made in Abyss, i liked it to much ^^ (Love the OST of it)

  • if anybody wants to know why the shroom is there(you should know tho) pianta put it there last time when mord ulted him

  • U can't win sett

  • 2:10 bc when he put u in his r first time u put ur shroom in hes r

  • Georgeous

  • "mexican elmo" sad cyka blet noises

  • 6:53 garen

  • How many upnext do you have


  • 2:14 big pp revealed

  • Loving the dragon ball music 👌

  • You puted the shroom in the first r of morde, then the next r you saw this shroom again where you place it. That didnt was a bug.

  • best

  • What is the song in the backround at the opening

  • Can I just ask some of you? I dont play lol but I will when I get my pc. My friends say the max rank you can get from placement matches is silver 1 is that true? Or are they just trying to piss me of

  • Tenmo when morde ult u and when u place shroom in there when his ult ends ths shroom that u jave bin placed will stay in there for the Best R

  • now i know the truth that the spiderman multiverse is a copy as well as this is the most best anime

  • 7:45 Is your game winnable? xD

  • didnt expect that Dorothy

  • teemo mother

  • the r stays there from the previous r of morde

  • Whats the OST at the end?!

  • 6:55 garen is that you.

  • It literally wasn't the same shrooms, the health bar on it has only 1 minute on it, while the one in rift had like 4 minutes

  • The reason that shroom is there, is because you planted it before in his ult. Fact: the timing with the shroom inside his ult and the one outside have different time.😃


  • Oh another teemo main yassss

  • i like how u used made in abyss ost xD

  • smurf

  • 778th comment

  • 0:48 what is the name of piano music playing in the background

  • Soviet Union flag in the background Pianta: I T S M E X I C A N E L M O!!!

  • River Shen

  • Made in tenmo 👍👍

  • i like you to some extend lul

  • *Elmo dances with Russian flag clearly in background* Pianta: “OMG IT’S MEXICAN ELMO!!!”

  • Plot twist: tenmo dogfather killed tenmo player

  • He opened the elmo vídeo by himself yeah thats right i am Sherlock indeed


  • Whats the song at the start of the intro ?

  • hrdown.info/block/video/ymOJqrqro86xd5o

  • and then my bot lane swain dies. and then my tp support zilean dies. and my jg zed dies. and it was at this moment, where i watched my friend die right in front of my eyes, that i asked myself: is this game winnable?

  • 5:55 background musicc is from: "Made in Abyss - The First Layer"

  • No lie. You're the only reason I love to play teemo.. my friends always rage when I insta lock teemo now. That is when they know that I have recently watched a Tenmo vid.

  • Next character is tenco cat?


  • 5:56 i like that Made in Abyss OST

  • the link to the spanish elmo in the vid hrdown.info/block/video/ymOJqrqro86xd5o

  • The shroom from 2:40 in the death realm was the shroom that u put on 1:31 when he also ulted u

  • im 1.8m mastery teemo. it seems hes fallen off quite abit this season....any tips?

  • I wish I could've had that '85 Juliet Rose Shroom

  • The Dragonball music at the end feels so right

  • what about u.gg XD

  • T_T

  • Chills. Literal chills in the second half of the video.

  • where is the my flute

  • Part 3 to tenmo’s bizarre adventure?

  • lets just forget the fact that this video is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long

  • So even u do know advertising for conquerors 😂😂😂

  • 1:30 that’s why there’s a shroom, you planted it in the death realm

  • That made in abyss ost


  • And thay said infinity war was the most ambitious crossover

  • The shroom in the ultimate of Mordekaiser was the shroom that you put in his 1st ultimate ;-)

  • PROPS to the Made in Abyss music

  • Whats the background music at 5:56

  • I hear made in abyss soundtracks, cool.

  • i watch tenmo series like an anime

  • River teemo

  • Wait do you have any times vsing sett on Teemo . Like any times vsing him he is soo hard to counter. Plz reply .

  • because when you throw a shroom when you're in his ult his ult save your mushroom untill its end

  • This joke is going too far

  • You know Pianta is serious when the thumbnail art is better than the rest.


  • Bro I get it made in abyss theme because the main character is a reanimated corpse man that’s funny! References!

  • 2:30 is that a jojo reference?

  • Teemo obtained ultra instinct at the end..

  • I want more of this :(

  • Look 1:30 you understand

  • dumb shit

  • Love the made in abyss music in the background

  • next one will be omega squad teemo and he'll be called future tenmo because why not

  • The shroom was placed in his first fight with mordekaiser in the first clip he showed at the very end

  • this is some high iq shit i am too low iq to understand yet it is soooooo funny to me

  • Made in abyss OST. Man of culture.


  • pls dont rape dbz with teemo....

  • I love the Made in abyss sound track.

  • Is 10mo with 911 content? The evidence is clear look the video length :D