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today i play heal barrier ashe in league of legend and give a review
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  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • I tried this because I was force to play adc support cuz my team didn't want to be adc. they were greedy with cs thats why i became support u cant believe everytime we got gank i just stood there and got majority of the kills got an S-after the game too 😂

  • No Flash-e.

  • Harrier Ashe

  • I do barrier ignite pyke Good shit

  • buy ravenous on ashe

  • Ok so no flashe

  • All those vids like buy boots for fcking pyke jungle made me stronger

  • River shen

  • i will test this on top but with ignite and heal

  • -1 thats why ure an silver

  • I didnt sup for ranged top lane

  • Ashe with flash is trash

  • The game wasent even out 12 years ago thx for the vid anywahs

  • literally better than my research paper

  • Heal barrier Volibear used to be the secret pinnacle to crushing

  • Don't forget to go like this so we can get another river shen movie. hrdown.info/block/video/vGlpkNprocZofM0

  • The music soudn like the music from "how plumbuses are made" from rick and morty

  • Not for those of us who go AP Ashe Support.

  • Heal barrier ashe is the new afk arena

  • What about Ashe with Ghost tho?

  • River shen

  • I actually used this (in mobile tho) and it was worth it XD

  • Been on a pianta video marathon. Thank you

  • Ich habe vor kurzem einen neuen kanal erstellt und lade dort oft league of legends videos hoch. Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mal vorbeischauen würdet :) der name ist „BrunoTV“ Nicht wundern ich bin gerade auf einem anderen Account

  • as much of an joke this is, im literally couldnt stop thinking "gameplay" cause fvcking lissandra wasnt able to escape ahah :D

  • do more reviews that was impeccable

  • ahhh yesss now i know why see ashes with no flash all the time

  • Where tenmo????????

  • it's friday 12/4 where's my pianta

  • this is why G2 lost this year. Perkz didn't have heal barrier on his Ashe :)))

  • Completely addicted to these videos.

  • Try phase rush teemo

  • Im done watching all pianta videos what the heck time flies so fast.

  • I tried your build just for fun and giggle turn out it work well more than I thought. Now I never bring flash while playing Ashe again.

  • 0:45 Pianta: "I just think to myself" Me: what a wonderfull wooooorld.

  • Remember the time PIANTA lost to a yuumi

  • this is such a good idea :0

  • why isn't he maxing E abillity?

  • Main ashes: the stand still masters

  • What about heal barrier ez?

  • #standingstill

  • Tenmo river

  • Been a whole 3 months I'm still waiting for tenmo player to save the world

  • after I saw this vid I used this idea and got to gold in the Korean server which I was diamond 3

  • 530k subs Pianta

  • try yuumi jg

  • Damn I might be retarded but I always read your name as Pinata not Pianta

  • Heal barrier temmo

  • flashe

  • 3:48 Did you mean: Fat, juicy, *ashe*

  • this is clickbait league didn't come out until october 2009 you liar

  • Damn Brian plays only with no lifer virgins look at their lvl and language

  • Remember that time when pianta lost to a yuumi xD

  • Yeah, the HILL BERRY ASHE is good

  • I thought this channel was about piano

  • Recipe gone wrong, my dong is frozen now

  • ignite tp varus top lane review next pls. just go dumpstered by it.

  • anh là người VN à?

  • Brain age song?

  • why did you kill tenmo?

  • I really want to try this in rank,but I don't want to. I don't know,maybe the next thing I'll hear is a bang on my door

  • I just need to see thornmail ashe with heal and barrier

  • Remember the time Pianta lost to a Janna mid?

  • Worth

  • You should play league in black and white and with no names above the champions heads

  • I cannot describe how much utility and sustain heal barrier ashe has, it is beyond many people's understanding. I wonder how good it is in the botlane? Assassins won't even dare to gank you when you're over pushing

  • I don't know what is worse, this or the guy on my list who plays ardent + ap ashe support nearly every day

  • Flash is a noobtrap if you think about it

  • No no no he got a point.

  • The thumbnail was what I thought when I was 12 in s6

  • Did you meet some dude on aram? He always uses heal/barrier there, no mather what pick he gets. I dont quite remember his name but found him varios times and never changes his sums

  • Please tell me that you haven't spent all your life savings on genshin ....

  • hillburry ashe

  • “12 years ago Ashe with flash” Also Brian: s11 items


  • So in other word's, don't try this barrier thing, ever.

  • I'll play this with a sunfire aegis & tank build and no one can stop me Both the opponent and also you reading as i already played 6 games with random champs full tank always winning

  • Same for ezreal Since ez have third skill and it's tp

  • The brain-age music is on-point.

  • I used this in ranked and work, i win the game. Im finish 2/10 but its Just a detail


  • Heal barier ash is good but ghost exhaust ash is the best

  • omega lol the brain age song

  • but what if i used heal exhaust ashe so no living being in the known universe can kill me?

  • Impressive

  • If you don't have flash. u can't embarass yourself by flashing into a wall or flashing on spot.

  • thanks for geting ashe on top with barier in soloq = )

  • I didn't know season 11 items was launch on 2008 lol

  • her slow, oh GOD her slow

  • 0:44 69 lol

  • 5/5 kept Ashe alive

  • Pls bring more guides like this, the WORLD need your genius :3

  • This guide was so good i went from Iron 2 to banned account !!!

  • Is this a guide on speeding running the fastest way to get a permaban with ashe?

  • Good old days indeed

  • Pianta took too long to review this, I'm disappointed of this review channel

  • For your videos I rate 1000000/1000000

  • Just did this in my game, worked pretty well. Thanks

  • Tenmo