Helicopter Bias 1944 (colorised) - War Thunder

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Stu 2018.
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Boris flies, Boris sails. Helicopters and ships now in game. No shortage of fun. Helicopter bias, taking off.
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  • "Leave the bomb alone you will be fine" Tank blows up "Well he has not watch my videos"

  • Type 75

  • And now we wait so he'll play Poltava

  • I love to play as England they have interesting tanks and plans (spitfire) But USSR isn't that bad for example T-34 very good tank ! And MiG-21STM I absolutely love it

  • haha good

  • 3:58 *Chopper breaks down* This is obviously Vadim's fault.

  • If a person plays on their babushka's computer then its probably safe to assume they don't have a ps4 or xbox one right?

  • Sometimes people say Я is R

  • Idi nahui there are no helicopters in 1944 blyat

  • Every country:we have new tanks America:m1A2 sounds nice

  • 0:46 When u at vietnam and drunk cause of drinking vodka

  • 9:10 is that a T-34 turret in a boat?

  • Not a big fan of the Hind, especially after playing COD 4.

  • 0:40 *Vietnam flashbacks*

  • hey boris i have a doubt .. i am trying to click the link and it goes to the website but i fail the captha everytime even if i am correct . is it a glitch or something pls help help i wanna download this and get the bonuses

  • I gussed that you are using German shops

  • Boris i have unlocked every t34 tank

  • stronk stalinum

  • I also like the G-5 for it's speed!

  • 148k eagles what the fuck haha

  • And I have an Xbox One I really want you to join me me and you can be good con rides and bring your cousin too if you want

  • Boris I am a new subscriber to you and I was wondering if you want to join the fight with me and War Thunder I'm in a BF 109 I really want you to join me I'm a really good I like your videos

  • The way Dji gives up by beeping lmao

  • wow bonus still works,just used it

  • blyatiful

  • 9:05 the boat has two t-34 turrets

  • blyat boris do you know how much does it cost to make a new cheburek stand??????

  • When you play Russian tree for Russian bias but sweden enters with its 20+ years ahead tanks. You:Oi bylatt..

  • Comrade there were no helicopters in 1944

  • Ah yes the Slavic School bus a classic helicopter

  • 0:15 Well don't need to pay got my dad hook me up with some at his store.

  • Like mayo

  • 2:36 CYKA BLYAT ALT F4

  • 1:08 : demonitisation in progress

  • You think they will brin an update where you can play as an soldier (like call of duty ww2)

  • there are manned missles

  • -USSR anthem playing in the background at times- Me: ah yes, the good music. -hardbass playing- Me: blin, this is good too. Boris: that’s why I use both

  • 5:26 HARDBASS name?

  • 13:13 lol

  • Comrade, do you have any decal? :P my tanks are way too much boring

  • даааа! Boris playing war thunder with Mi-24? даааа!

  • Downloaded this last night, and I don’t know why but... honestly disappointed that there’s no Hardbass in this game. I know its edited, and that Boris added the music but still. Damn. Kind of sad now.

  • 8:01 If that's a *light* cruiser what is a *heavy* cruiser?

  • Just me who feels flying helis in Xbox is so much harder than pc

  • Normal people: Helicopter Boris: vertical flying machine jajajaja

  • While in quarantine,my cat loves watching these while I play the actual game.

  • The two factions to fear in this game is Britian and the USSR thats where i have met very very good players

  • Opa Blin *Makes Boris Dictater*

  • Capitalist Tank: *fires shells at Soviet Helicopotrer* Soviet Helicopotrer: *bounces shell* Boris: HA! YOU CANNOT PIERCE MY STALINIUM ARMOR! *pay close attention to see how Boris spells Helicopter. You'll see why I spelled it like this*

  • Boris, can we play War Thunder sometime? My name is xSpicyNuggetx

  • Imagine using R to shoot rockets

  • Anyone see that the heli hes flying in the begining is an American heli........BORIS NO

  • Boris you should play space thunder and get the OKB 279 aka the object 279

  • Press F to flank B

  • Does this game come with the Hardbass? I’ll download it now

  • im playing since like 2015 or 2016 yet im not even at rank 4

  • Was gonna use the Russianbadgers boost but no I will use a real man's not a cross of a Canadian (too friendly) and a American (insert over used gun joke that I want to stab people over) I will use yours senseyour a real man.

  • 0:10 bottom left corner Is Boris a western spy

  • 0:41 vadim blyeat?

  • Bruh imagine breaking into boris's house and seeing a drone with a giant knife attached to it flying towards you

  • best thing to do while War Thunder is downloading is too watch some Life Of Boris videos

  • Finaly some fucking good ad

  • Yes yes yes, all your videos are nice. But you put in IL76 and you know I am dropping work to watch this one.

  • And btw Boris its chiki briki not cheeki breeki only western spy's say cheeki breeki

  • My little блять bro came in to my room and he saw me watching this and he was like CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE

  • America gets in Russian territory and Russia dont say anything . Russia gets in American territory news: omg russia is attacking us

  • Comunism we should share

  • Can u play russian roullete?

  • nobody: a villager: 09:04

  • 10:14 a russian bassist

  • 5:40 Is droneX Blyat?


  • I want u to say cyka blyat

  • 6:55 when you go into battle with your friends, 7:05 until your friends in battle are dead by your opposing team then you avenge them, 13:51 when you see one of your in game friends in trouble and try to tell them, 14:00 until your one of your friends accidentally do something wrong.

  • 6:03 A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

  • 9:00 This ship turrets look like tank turrets

  • you realize in the beginning he is flying a bell helicopter, from USA

  • WE want KV-2 vid komrade

  • alguien que hable español?

  • 0.15 I'm literally eatin salt sticks Right now

  • Mi-24 is most Slav helicopter. Why? Because is essentially flying T-72 comrades.


  • Blyaticopter

  • I smell sponsoring

  • Каво

  • what does blyat mean?

  • 0:43 that killed me 😂😂😂

  • 7:47 The bullets: STAR WARS!!!!!!!!

  • Ты русских позоришь....

  • what abt Ka 50


  • When will mobile version come

  • Nice МИ-24,пацан

  • pidarass nahui i will never play this shit agian

  • blin i cant even use steam account to play war thunder and for some reason i cannot create a gaijin account beacuse it says that my email has already been used but i have not even touched gaijin entertainment only steam

  • Easy d flying bicycle

  • Bias = Beware! I am slav!

  • WESTERN SPY ALERT The first helicopter Boris flew in the video was a States of United America capitalism machine

  • Krazny Kvass

  • Blyat.. You said your videos will never be sponsored... Yes, I know you have to earn money but aren't yt ads enough? No? Well, pizdec then. This channel is too good to dislike it.