HELLUVA BOSS - C.H.E.R.U.B // S1: Episode 4

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Ožu 2021.
Welcome the wackiest episode of the season!
When Cherubs and Imps clash over the life of a shitty old man, things sure do happen.
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WARNING: for old guys!
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    • When is episode 5 comeing out

    • Omg thank you soo much I love this

    • The short scene when Blitzo’s (Blitz) kitty sock flies away. 💔😭

    • Jjji

    • Hey Vivziepop if you ever had a main villain in Helluva Boss then the main villain would be either voiced by Cary Tagawa, Ron Perlman, Michael McConnohie, Richard Epcar, Keith David, Christopher Judge, Troy Baker, Liam O'Brien, Christopher Sabat, Robert Englund, David Hayter, Keith Silverstein, George Newbern, Kirk Thornton, Rob Paulsen, Patrick Gallagher, Dino Andrade, Mike Pollock, Jeremy Irons or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Lyle and Loopty are in the closet; change my mind

  • Can u make episode 5 plss this is fuckin good

  • I'm under 13 and enjoy this 😂

  • c.h.e.r.u.b and cherub the song doses and mimosas are the same word............


  • Hi Viv I hope you make more videos I'm your number 1#fan fan

  • when millie and blitzo said "lyle lipton" at the same time it reminded me of scooby doo

  • 8:03 HOOh! XD

  • 1:42 wait wut he got a sister :V

  • And i thought the gnome meme was gone...

  • Finally a thumbnail where Blitzo isn’t pissed. It’s been since the pilot

  • Angels in the Religion: Humans with wings. Angels in holy texts: Lovecraftian Entities of Light. Angels in Helluva: F U R R I E S.

  • You know your life’s a mess when you need an animated show that you’ll wait weeks for, just to bring you some joy😭

  • Ima tell you the story line of helluva boss. In Florida 2018 January 12 blitzo was dating his ex blitzo was so mad because verosika mayday was singing to much so they broke up. Blitzo wanted a job so he works at lulu land but than he quit his job because robo fizz music was so loud. Blitzo bought guns to end his life but he realized he can make his own killing company he called it imp but before he did that he met a guy called stolas he was now friends with him and now blitzo did not realized he was gay. When he felt lonely he got a dog she was 17. He called the dog Loona. Loona was a big goth.when he was on his way home he saw 2 people moxie and Millie he asked them if they can work at imp they said yes. Pilot ep: .1 week later on Friday imp company was going down so they made a jingle about how they kill people but moxie accidentally shot a kid they went to the hospital everyone stared at the demons with the child they laughed and said why are 3 clowns in the hospital they went upstairs and they went to room 666- I’m not saying that anyways they put him on the bed with weels and they tried to help him they bought him back than they told the imps the kid will need surgery but blitzo asked what was insurance (BADLY) the doctor threw them out of the window than moxie says stuff about loona got the wrong target all the imps and loona had a argument.The kid woke up and was mean to the imps.Loona gets a text and the kid was the right target than blitzo shoots the kid and I.m.p was punching and kicking the kid dead body and loona took a picture the dead body and they cut the kid into pieces they also threw out the body and put it in the trash

  • Love it so far!

  • M O N E Y


  • 4:05 Gay??? 😃

  • Halfway in. Why couldn’t he just put himself in the machine to make himself younger?

  • Couldn't the old man just used his machine to go back to young?

  • 8:02

  • my dear vgmepop wear is ep.5 as tge net says u have 5 madr in all but yet on here on youtube it ant why

  • YO!!!! i just caught the #cuties on the Mall-Santa's shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NOOOOOO! OOHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The dresses suits blitzo and moxie really well

  • 6:18 even blitzo is concerned

  • (funny comment)

  • I just noticed that blizs disguise is a clown with similar makeup like Brandon Rogers (blitz’s voice actor) clown character, blah blah the clown-

  • Yes I'm a big fan of your shows I was wondering if you can add a new character or her name is hila and and two more one night AKA Jacob and another one named Lily really is part cat because when we were alive I know God for SSI building with a family business blah blah blah and basically Paisley after Spirit Animals after I had a grease with him alive again different for an angel in the world we look like Angels and Demons as well pack her game involving humans and say yeah and we look like humans can you please have the street Candor pretty please and big fan

  • 2:52 **Splits out tea in laughter**

  • I didn’t know Stewie Griffin was an angle oh how the turn tables

  • The tour bus dude reminds me of the evil scientist from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

  • LOL i love these videos and i'm 9

  • "to commit die" the way that was said so... casually-

  • Why didn’t Lyle Lipton just use his machine to make himself younger again? Why didn’t Blitz just kill the old man outright? Didn’t we learn the lesson of not hesitating before making a kill in the first episode? How did Loopty immediately know to travel to I.M.P, know where it was, and understand what Blitz’s company even does? Why did Loopty assume Blitz can put people in hell and not heaven? It’s not up to him where people go when they die. There’s way more questions than answers in this one.

  • I hate demons I like angels ⊙﹏⊙

  • *hi*

  • If those three got kicked out of heaven for one death I don't see Charlie's plan working very well.

  • Ok but Moxxie is best boy

  • 7:31 impostor

  • Can you make them roar?

  • Man, if my mother saw me watching this she gonna bave to call the pope good thing shes dead

  • After watching this many times, I figured it out! It's Deerie's ears that make her so cute! I wonder why the Cherubs still have haloes and wings after they got kicked out of heaven...

  • Vizzie its been 3 weeks when is episode 5 coming out ???????

  • one word M U N E Y

  • 4: 22 hey look, blitzo is blah blah the clown XD

  • Am I the only one, but old sack reminds me of Eggman with that moustache.

  • is it just me or does Lyle look like egg-man

  • mare aJUANa just look for it

  • This is THE. BEST. SHOW. ANYWHERE! Thank you Vivziepop

  • 9:39 am I the only one who sees human angel dust in there?

  • I really love helluva boss but I’m also waiting for the episode two of hazbin hotel

  • blitzo kills the singer the singer keeps singing me: what is this witch craft

  • Imagine the next episode has doomguy in it

  • I live how petty loopyty is. He wants to kill his partner and best friend because he did not die with him.

  • Please make Episode 5.

    • It will have more 4 episodes .

  • Gosh dammit Vizzie Gnomed us

  • Honestly it was a good episode but not as good as the last 3, this one felt a bit more like a PG13 episode.

    • @Brendan Milburn I was using it as a metaphor, I meant the overall feel was not as insane or shocking as the previous episodes. I think it had something to do with the cute animal angels, completely ruined the mood, like when your mother walks in on you while your taking your woman to town y'know.

    • Bloody violence and strong language including the repeated use of the f bomb. Not really PG-13 levels.

  • I see a lot of questions asking y dont they just kill him i feel as if hes under the cherubs protection but there trying to make it so lyle dosent kill himself once there gone

    • They probably would never leave him alone with the imps

  • So why didn’t he just use the machine to de-age himself?

  • C.H.E.R.U.B: how did they disappear?!What the fuck! Candace: couldn't bust the three? Welcome to my world of over 180 failed bust attempts. Took you three ragamuffins long enough. C.H.E.R.U.B: 😳😐🤨

  • ...Couldnt Lyle go back into the machine with it set to make him young and reverse the whole thing?

    • Probably his body couldn’t take the change

  • 12:26 + 0,75 de velocidad de reproducción= gemido ( lo descubrí de otro vídeo y quedé LOL)

  • At 0:15 in the video there is a baby Thomas the train running someone over

  • Other than skits or music videos, helluva boss ep five and other matters, what about hazbin hotel?

  • 7:00 that freaking killed me XD That random ass deer at the end was the icing.

  • Who do I have to kill to end up here? I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7:25 wtf- why do I feel like I saw moxie somewhere..

  • This comment is dedicated to the piano player who looked death in the eye and kept playing

  • Good bye my one true love all the riches of the world can't fill the emptiness i'm feeling now that my shitty old body can't do anything of value. blitzo: OH fantastic he's gonna do our job for us

  • The fact that Loona called Moxie "fattie" when she denied faxing him the weight loss ad.

  • Nice

  • Millies so cute, even she looks cute with her triple chin face 1:00

  • "Whats the tea sis" " T E A ? "

  • And nobody's gonna talk about what sound santa just made...

  • Good episode, except why is IMP trying to encourage him to kill himself. They're assassins. Just put a bullet through his head and be done with it. Plus, how did they fuck up when they thought the dude went to heaven? That's not their call. Their job is to murder, not condemn people.

    • They Probably were avoiding fight angels

  • When is hazbin hotel episode 1 coming

  • god, dr robotnik what happened to you? all jokes aside, the old guy looks like dr robotnik

    • More like when he is in hell

  • Hey creators can you please keep making episodes of this new series? Please

  • 4:20 Omg this has to be a reference for Brandon Rogers Bla Bla the clown character. Hehe! I LOVE IIIIIIT.

  • Me at the first watch: Cletus? Why that name specifically? ... Oh he was aborted.

  • 1, 10, 1, 14.

  • Best line in the whole episode the voice actor needs a raise 8:20

  • Who blessed Lyle?

    • Probably some asshole milionário son in heaven

  • wait do some reptiles as so do dinosaurs live in hell?

  • Note the fact that the C.H.E.R.U.B advertisement background is in “Cherub Town”. Looks like there are definitely more demons than angels, bc there are no one else.


  • Hell are you, and what do you want

  • We all gon ignore how millie and moxxie started making out during a battle

  • Iyle: *tries to hang himself* Cherubs: *say sike right now*

  • Dude is that Stampers voice! Wow this whole shoe is so great and I can't even imagine the time you guys spent on this!! Showing everyone you losers rock!

  • Put blitz sister in one please

    • Maybe she apear on the nexts episodes....

  • This old man was so wealthy yet he could not have a picture of money printed WITHOUT the watermark!!?

  • I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior I Accept Jesus as my Lord and savior

  • What is the music at 4:17 called?

    • I saw the poster on the background and god why you so harsh 0:40

  • Collin is too precious. When Lyle died, Colin started tearing up before Keenie started hitting him. And he was the one that tried to reason with Deerie to get back into heaven. Also he was the one forced to get mauled by rabid dogs, and do all the paperwork, in the commercial. He doesn't really fit in with the others.

  • The lady died... so how is she still singing-

    • She was probably using playback

  • I gotta say she really is improving on each episode though. I have to rewatch a lot of helluva boss episode to appreciate some of the animation and detail. But this one really hits it out of the park. Nothing on this episode feels unnatural to the flow of where it was going. It’s perfect example for a company made episode better than most big shows. I love the designs and characters they introduced for the cherubs. Tbh last episode was good but some animations details like lunas hair at the half end of the episode, Millie getting out of the water and the van driving in the beginning the animation wasn’t as smooth and dosnt feel natural to the show. Here I don’t see any flaws in the animation it feels so natural like a genuine cartoon. I’m so proud of her in this one it’s excellent quality. Especially the jokes and how the characters talk improved a lot. Let’s compare to hazbin hotel. Sorry I couldn’t even rewatch it the perspective Is off for the components of the animation. Or from panel a to panel b dosnt transition well. And there was too much detail it’s so weird for the hair to sit on their heads sometimes it carried with Luna but has improved a lot. Also the diolage then and now. Now it’s more relatable and funny, I could say that for the rest of the episode’s I think the first two episode had some scenes where cursing isn’t really necessary but forced. Like characters don’t have to curse all the time they can be rude and mean, but GOD DAM they improved in all that this episode I just can’t say how much I love this episode enough.

    • Also in this episode dam I noticed a lot of characteristics that define their personality for the new chereb characters and the old man. But the reason I say that is that Millie is cute and she’s bad ass but I wished I could see more characteristics in her. Yes she has badass scenes but I wished I could see some more dialogue to define what kind of person she is. Like the chereb lamb female is one of those people who takes some sort of control esp in the last part with her and the other sheep. The sheep showed a bit of innocence and submissiveness. Looks kind of weak like a nerd being somewhat self conscious and the girl is more dominant and is more aggressive.

  • love is a bad thing and i hate heven i love hell

  • I pick jesus instead