HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Sij 2021.
Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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  • I wonder if the mom from the 1st episode turned into a succubus, it would ideal if she did.

  • Still I think 80 cartoon like this better my generation can be harsh more trashy then now but you 9 generation trying keep up now no way ❤️❤️❤️👍

    • I’m mean it can’t be more trashy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I knew it was Cristina as soon as she said the first word lmao 🤣

  • Okay ever since the end of the episode here is what I've been peiceing together. So in this universe from my point of view: Satan is the God ruler of hell. While Lucifer rules the kingdom of hell. G.O.D is the God ruler of heaven while his son Jesus Christ (or Archangel Michael I'm still thinking so not sure about that situation) is the king Ruler if Heaven/garden of eden.


  • I feel so called out this episode lol.

  • I hope they have a episode where Blitzo’s relationship with Luna. Cause he can’t just get over that~ I wanna see how he handles it and what his emotions are.

  • pause at 9:20 .... are their tongues ok?

  • I love this serie

  • Do more pleassssssssssssss

  • When is the next episode coming out

  • I want that giant monster fish as a plushy.

  • I'm actually so glad that vortex has a gf that's not loona Thank god

  • 6:08 my my my, THEY BROKE THE FORTH wALL

  • 7:59 Marinette- Miraculous Ladybug Voice Actor This woman voiced a kid show before this...

  • Looney: calls Blitzø "dad" The entire fandom: *yes*

  • 9:36 the boy was hot 😩😩

  • I hope this become like a actual show

  • I just realized that millie looks like ellie from lego city chase undercover

  • What

  • 6:58 is the big guy Elias Ainsworth from "The Ancient Magus Bride" in the line? :D

  • They should make a IMP movie

  • I love how they just stare at the viewer 😂

  • This is sooooooooo goood

  • Blitz is the embodiment of "Only I get to talk shit about my co-workers, no one else can"

  • ok you need to stop and actually you work on hasben hotel too ok or in unsucrbe

    • @GeekyTheArtist no it is just some stupid to make an actual chocolate to get infinite time

    • @GeekyTheArtist no it when thats not i didnt mean that was the day i became insecure about giving my jsme se and bacon a to we are not used to this style a

    • @cool boy77 7 I'm sorry sir/ma'am, I can't understand you. Is English not your first language? If so, I'll gladly use Google Translate to attempt to speak in a more familiar way with you.

    • @GeekyTheArtist no it when thats not i didnt mean that. theres a windoe

    • @cool boy77 7 that is how it works though. Hazbin Hotel got picked up by a network, Viv is under legal contracts and can't say anything or post any finished episodes. Helluva Boss is independent, under no legal contracts that we know of, and can release episodes and teasers whenever they want.

  • Is there going to be a season 4


  • It Gets More Interesting ! ,

  • Did anyone else see the clown when the police cornered them?😂😂

  • This has so much potential to be on adult swim

  • 3:04 Loona owo'd.

  • Drunk mox is a mood lmao

  • Please post episode 4 this Sat for my birthday?

  • I’m secretly hoping towards the end of the last episode Luna calls Blitzo “Dad”

  • Drunk moxxies MIIIILLLIIEEE

  • Bruh why Is the imps killing innocents people maybe they are famous of the imps xd

  • I NEEEEEEED EPISOOOOOOODE 4 !!!!!!!!! Plsssssss


  • Verosika's car at the bottom: suck-4 life

  • 12:25 (Expectation) Moxxie: GET ME OUT OF HERE!! 12:30 (Reality) Moxxie, drunk out of his mind: Miiiiillliiiiiiie! Hai! My god, he's so fukcin' adorable! And of course, Kaos' voice just makes him even more awesome. Like, no joke; All I can imagine the whole way through is Kaos instead of Moxxie.

  • Excellent social commentary. Calling cops pigs.

  • Wait... How can there be a sea in hell..ಠ_ಠ

  • Verosika: Rehab is for sad loser wash-ups. Me: So you might even say it's for... has-beens.

  • Fucking amazing

  • Awesome 👍😎

  • Welp its time for me to DIE !!!! hrdown.info/block/video/p3urrLJ_m52Gp5Y

  • This show is so full of vulgar language that if someone makes the fan made episode it'll be too family friendly XD.

  • I want to know who hung the "Buck You Flitzo" sign above the parking lot!

  • Question: which Hellava boss character is the most like charlie?

  • 最高だった!面白かった!モクシーとミリーの絡みとルナとテックスの絡みがめちゃくちゃ可愛かった!

  • ".....I don't pry into your stupid personal lives!" "YOU DO THAT ALL THE TIME SIR!" "Uh, yeah, you kinda do that." "You totally do that."

  • According to asian man's calculations the episode 4 could come up on 10th of March

  • 15:11 ここ顔写ってるの可愛いw

  • 2:50 Mille has a little sound effect when she jumps

  • Hola

  • ill wait...

  • When will other episodes come out, i like the characters yo

    • Episode 4 is being worked on right now. It’ll be here soon, I just don’t know the actual date

  • 6:07 SHE KNOWS

  • 1:55 lol

  • Nobody's gonna talk about the fly sound in 1:05

    • Lol 🤣🤣 the fact that luna and the rest of the group just looked up at the audience when they mentioned "drooling freaks" 😂😂😂 cause of all of the perverted fan art 😳😂🤣😂

  • Legend says that everytime an episode gets 1 million likes another episode appears

  • Can't wait for episode 4

  • Can you Please put dead meat james in hellua boss

  • Vortex:or what? Blitz:or I'll call HR everyone:laughs

  • Or ill call HR 🤣🤣

  • Where do you animate this just askin

  • Did Loona nearly say "Dad?!" (3 Min)

  • So this whole episode was about Parking Space Issues? Hmmm🧐

  • 8:25 wait didn't he die the dude with shades and red cap

  • Loona kinda looks like ben ten to me

  • Drunk moxxie made me laugh

  • 16:14 when i leave to go home after an arguement

  • The crescent moon on Loona’s shorts appears and disappears throughout the episode

  • I garentee people are gonna want more drunk moxie but vivzie aint givin none more. You get whatcha get and bitch dont throw a fit.

  • A Helluva Boss crossover with Beavis and Butthead or South Park would be epic.

  • They should do a full version of her song

    • You can find covers of it, some girl I found on HRdown did a beautiful cover of Verosika’s song😁❤️💯 (The full lyrics too)

  • Lol 🤣🤣 the fact that luna and the rest of the group just looked up at the audience when they mentioned "drooling freaks" 😂😂😂 cause of all of the perverted fan art 😳😂🤣😂


  • Moxxie sounds like Zim from Invader Zim.

    • Same voice actor (His name is Richard Horvitz)

    • I believe they have the same voice actor. :3

  • It's so cute how Moxie still loves his wife even when he is drunk

  • Blitz ignoring moxy is like me ignoring my teacher when she is in my face

  • 6:57 Is that husker? :D

  • " A human called me a possum. I am not a possum! Me: XD HOHOHOHOHOHO

  • Yo I would pay for the sound track. This song and ep 2 song is a goddamn bop.

  • Finally broke down and ordered a shirt.

  • 6:03 ahh the fourth wall breaks.

  • Can you make a video about Moxy and Milly having a human disguise

  • This is why blitzo my favorite character

  • I keep listening Blitzo singing that song its funny

  • Blitz has a mental breakdown like half of the tine

  • Moxxie: *high five* Mille: ITS NOT TIME FOR HIGH FIVE MOXXIE

  • I feel personally attacked at 6:00

  • There's something thay really gets me off about this episode. The animation, the the new characters being poorly fleshed out (except maybe the wof guy), the sound, the sexual themes... But the worst is the narrative structure. Most of the episode seems rushed, does not focus on anything in particular, or have some nonsensical (Moxxie drinking that much beer) or illogical (why having Millie fight a monster and completely abandon Blitzo and Luna's argument?). It's a shame because I really love Helluva Boss, even more than Hazbin Hotel, and I greatly enjoyed both the first two episodes and the pilot.

    • @DrakeGrandX 1: Well...yeah. Because the ones here are background characters. Martha in Episode 1 had a much more major role. If you mean Human Loona, Vortex, Verosika, and otherwise, I can't really see what your talking about. They're just as fluid as ever (also yes there's a synonym in English. Instead of "woody" we often use words like "stuff" or "inanimate") 2: Well...I can't really argue with that. I'm not talented in music and musical taste is rather subjective so 3: I mean yeah I get your point here. I actually kind of agree with this. Fair point honestly, but I can't see how they could've naturally implied Succubus magic without some exposition

    • @GeekyTheArtist 1. The animation with the human model is quite... woody. (I really hope this expression does exist in English lenguage, too) I mean, if you compare ep. 1 humans with these, the movements are way more fluid. 2. I mean the sound design. There are moments where voices' volume was a bit low, and in some parts the background music was quite unpleasant. And the song's background is included, which is a bad thing (what irks me the most is that it wasn't even a pop song). 3. Well, I'm watching Hazbin/Helluva's world, I'm obviously OK with sex stuff under these circumstances, but in this episode it just seems like it has been handled cheeply. Which is the same reason I hate Panty's character. I mean, are you really telling me humans would begin f*cking each other on a beach just beause some sexy pop star starts singing a song about horniness? Even though it is parody, it still seems too much unlikely I get they are succubus and probably used magic, but there is no explicit hints it does happen such. And even the last joke didn't really hit on me, it was a generic "oh yes you can just do mouth works and bring everyone to your side" trope. Also I posted this comment on a 1-month-ago video and I just got two people responding after only 2 hours. What the hekk is going on?

    • I respect with most and agree with some of this. But I have three questions. 1: what's wrong with the animation? 2: what do you mean by "sound"? Are you talking about the voice acting, soundtrack, or the music? 3: Why are the sexual themes bad? It's an episode involving Succubi and Incubi. Literal sex demons. You should've expected this stuff.

    • @Thos did I don't know who you are.

    • Did you see my comment lol

  • Wha... Why is there a clowned?!? 16:22

  • keep making these they are awesome

  • *Oh my gosh it's a possum* SHE WAS A POSSUM??

  • Moxie is me when I know I should have been right but was wrong

  • Keep em comin