Hermitcraft S7 Ep 43: Grian's ULTIMATE Barge Quest!

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Stu 2020.
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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 43, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to take part in Grian's Ultimate Barge Quest! The quest is a 2v2 challenge that takes place throughout the Hermitcraft world. We team up with Bdubs and go up against Impulse and Rendog. I hope you like the video and the new MooPOP merchandise. Also, big thanks to Grian for making the quest and for the mega prize.
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  • I hope you liked the fun video today! Limited time MooPOP Soda merch is now available: represent.com/store/goodtimeswithscar

    • Got the hoodie. Its great!

    • The resistance will win

    • Can you say happy bday to Camila? Please 👍🏼👉👈😟

    • You stole the win from them!

    • scar you need to create a giant mario eating the mushroom hq.

  • 32:37 “OH MY GOODNESS!!!! FLYYY!!! GOOO YOU MAGICAL BEAUTY” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the amount of stress i’m in rn HAHAHAH

  • Yay! I love carbonated milk!!!!

  • wow bdoubs yells alot

  • Who do you think is a better builder grian or scar

  • that was such a crazy challenge, I shaked only from watching this :D amazing!! work Grian, and absolutely amazing teamwork Bdouble and Scar!!

  • bdubs is so funny for some reason-

  • gout man

  • Its so rare to see Scar get all focused like that, I love when he does that

  • Scar, you need to put llamas like the ones on iskall’s road in aquatown

  • Almost died 2 times in the last 10 seconds of the vid, you clumsy Scar

  • THE MYCELIUM RESISTANCE WILL RISE!!!! this is a joke this is not supposed to be mean

  • this is so wholesome OP

  • They called docm

  • Bro I need a water bottle and hoodie 😱

  • That! Was amazing! Grade A nailbiter though! But awesome!

  • "Fly! go you magical beauty!"

  • Ya goat has come

  • I was so frustrated during this whole vid, and then scar comes in with the clutch

  • 0:36 it’s a bat not a goat Edit you need to be in the right angle too see it

  • I can’t get over how much bdubs sounds like Phil from Hercules

  • Best episode ever! You and Bdubs win was amazeballs, ♥ how excited ya'll got.

  • Grian has a message click “Read More” to hear the message of Baby Yoda’s captor Baby Yoda is flying the plane that Bdouble won at

  • bdubs: just a sample scar: gives him like 7 bdubs mind: oh well... thank you?

  • Keep safe scar!!!!

  • This is, without a doubt, the BEST minecraft episode I have EVER watched. This is one I shall definitely watch again in the near future!

  • I would like to see all the hermits get together in real life. How entertaining would that be?

  • The zonked sharon paradoxically print because drain peroperativly bruise past a jolly seal. tired, foamy gazelle

  • you cheated. unsubing.

  • I wonder what happen with the other 2 withers are they just floating in the sky now

  • What are the tubes for?

  • Scar you are useing 2 brain cells

  • Scar: *singing to himself* Me: Scar: *suddenly has a really beautiful singing voice for a single line before going back to how it was* Me: O.O

  • "Height-wise I'm average." "I'm short money-wise. Height-wise is perfect." Bdubs, who hurt you?

    • Bdubs sounds like he needs a hug, there’s nothin wrong with being a short king

  • Wish scar sold real moopop

  • Can you spore me a moopop?

  • Theres good news and bad news,good news is they have stuff, But the bad news is they lost there old stuff.

  • Scar has the perfect voice to tell a story

  • Eminent domain. Take over Grian's spot as Mayor! :-)

  • the try on of all the merch is the best

  • This was the best magical hilarious episode!!!!

  • 22:29 basically MCC..

  • Don’t forget your shucker box in the chest at the trident race

  • That was the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen

  • Did I already miss the Jellie Plushie deadline?

  • 0:44the logo is like good year

  • does anyone else feel bad for impulse and ren

  • That moment when you realize you've been watching Scar, and you got the Moopop T-shirt and your not subscribed... I feel ashamed...

  • you should make fountains at the town centers (corners)

  • Could someone please tell me how that looks like a goat?

  • Doc is back and better than ever

  • No offense, but the HEP Agency is kinda useless because the HEP stands for the Hermitcraft Environmental Protection, and the HEP's aim is to remove all the mycelium from a mushroom island, and a mushroom island's natural environment, therefore, the HEP doesn't have much purpose.

  • They clearly won because of the moo pop This message was sponsored by moo pop Corp. get your fre-


  • Grandma Grian?


  • just putting it out here, discovering your channel was one of the greatest things that happened to me.

  • Scar all I have to say about doc is that the next time HEP storms the resistance base don't expect any of the members to get out alive

  • How Bad Can I Be? | Hermitcraft Animatic

  • Do a bid to beat him and get the land

  • reik


  • Um scar if you read this what happened to you I have no clue because I umm do t watch many of your vids

  • Scar: keeps missing the end crystal Me: “hit it with the flame bow” flashbacks

  • I noticed the teams in the barge quest are mycelium vs grass. Was that intentional?

    • Not when signing up, but when grouping yes

  • I wish I had friends like these guys do to play around and mess around on Minecraft they’re so lucky.

  • anyone else still not see a goat..?

  • Honestly, I'm surprised no one went to the barge with a wither rose. All the sign said was first back to the barge with one drop, but it never specified.

  • Rip RentheDog

  • I really want a moopop cup! Lol

  • What happened

  • Moopop is gross it's technically carbonated milk

  • This man is the personification of chaotic good.

  • Brian has a spot in aqua town. Did you know that?

  • Brian has a spot in aqua town.

  • You should make a milk and fish factory for Jelly

  • The GOAT has returned

  • Scar be like so do I get the barge?

  • scar is soo cute 🥰 ♥️

  • 31:19 look in the chat

  • The gote means that doc is on the myselim resetes

  • Gyu

  • Brooo this was rigged. Ren and Impulse might have won, at the white building behind grian's mansion. When scar went into the room after they pressed the buttons, there was supposed to be a wall, but grain messed up and scar was able to go threw. If grian didn't mess up, they could have lost valuable time

  • The prices are a little too expensive...

  • I swear elybeatmaker is gonna make a remix of: 2:17

  • Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Jk u thought

  • The ancient hermit builds from where you tried to find the mycelium resistance the ancient hermit builds are from under the rocks shop beezuma mad it

  • I thought my world was good Until i saw this

  • From when do you make a juke box using diamonds

  • Where can I get that MooPop texture pack?

  • Grian: "I did not know that withers blew up stuff" Does no one remember fighting the wither at the start of the season

  • What is the music use your time lapses

  • So you use a little bit of mod?

  • I just realized that Scar is against mycelium but sells mushroom products😂😂

  • I was gonna make a joke changing the first letter of scars name to G and then I remembered it was already g XD

  • #rendogwon

  • i would love to buy the moo pop bottle but i cant :(

  • Yes

  • grian making big bank

  • sony