Herring under fur coat (селедка под шубой) - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Ruj 2018.
Today in Cooking with Boris: Herring under fur coat a.k.a Shuba. It is like a salad but is not. It is more like a cake with onion and fish. And many layers of mayonez. It is glorious!
In Russian it is called селедка под шубой which literally translates as.. herring under fur coat.
This is my layering sequence to make Shuba:
Potato, fish, onion, mayonez, carrot, beet, mayonez, egg
3 potatos
2-3 beets
2 eggs
2 onions
1 large carrot
herring fillet (smoked or salted)
dill and parsley for decoration
Good luck!
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • NGL, I thought this was a Townsends vid when I first saw the name

  • Boris: "This herring will not go cold." *three hours in the refrigerator*

  • The first 10 seconds is so random xD

  • Boris: no.1-taste, no:2-smell, no.3: my favourite... me: mayonise?

  • Markiplier: i am a man who owns 5 ovens. Boris:iam a man who owns big POT

  • i hate it so much please never eat it its so disgusting,

  • That looks Very good

  • Im dutch in australia but seeing herring as title brings back memories of "babushka" or Oma bringing pickled herrings from P.Obox from Netherlands every season 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • So basically borsh salad?

  • Boris, please do that screaming potato, karrot thingy any time you cook please.

  • 3:43 Fun fact, what the *screaming* is saying is "When the tank comes to a stop take your f**king foot off!". It's from a video of a Russian tank commander scolding some recruits because they messed up an exercise.


  • 1:57 Ошибаешься

  • 3:43 What is the video where the guy is yelling for whatever reason?

  • If I don't have access to beets, what can I use as a substitute?

  • In Lithuanian it's Herring in the Sheets

  • Does anyone know what the music is from 0:00 - 0:15 ?

  • if you would use whole your majonez you would build a 4 floors monster so that urod vadim would be jealous af blyat

  • Sorry but he got serious cooking talent

  • 3:42 funniest shit ive Heard in a while.

  • "Focus, сука" *Slav school PTSD intensifies*

  • I used to always be shamed for eating mayonez with everything. Now am glad to know I am not alone blin

  • Яйцо проще на Терек натереть. А вообще не пойму что я здесь делаю... Я не искала ни шубу ни Бориса

  • Boris x aloona

  • cake with onion is not only slavic ^^ we know that in south germany too but i guess i could have migrated here during WW2 ^^ btw very delicious 10/10 recommend

    • also with ur recipe mustard may be awesome aswell (in fact mustard is mayonnaise too just more seasoned ^^)

  • This is the only time I've seen boris make soup and not use the bay leaf

  • boom (reactor 4 goes critical)

  • Thank you for this recipe from Italy. All my family appreciated it. You are great Boris. P.S: tell Babushka that she's late for the montly information report

  • "Do not worry about the carrot, it will go down like spaghetti" Sounds right

  • 301 dislikes are people named VADIM

  • "smaller bits more flavour, remember that" Yes i will.

  • The intro feels like a fever dream. never you change Boris

  • I could feel my Babcia yelling at him for throwing out that beet water instead of using it to make zupa.

  • What it base song called at beginning?

  • uh in germany there is a region where onion cake is pretty common. its just a cake with fucking onion filling

  • *Oozora Subaru would like to know your location*

  • Milk

  • Boris, some people do 3 layers of one item Also boris 3 layers of egg

  • did you ever made own mayonnaise recipe?

  • Ой блин, я такой голодны

  • "This is not game of hide and go fuck yourself" My favourite boris quote at 5:53

  • Did. . . did he censor the potatoes and carrot?

  • I use 6 onions, 10 soviet gold and 2 jar of mayo

  • nice vid man

  • This looks really tasty, gonna make this with a layer of pickles added

  • not trying to show off has a literal camera pointed at it.

  • I showed my cousin this and he said " I think this guy is black". I looked at him and told him "You're sleeping outside tonight, get out of my face".

  • all the foods boris makes look so tasty it makes me sad bc i cant eat most of it due to texture issues 😭

  • When I make shuba I use layer of pickle. Pickle grants immense power

  • The intro is what made me subscribe lmao

  • And please stop torturing me glorious foods!

  • Boris do you think people are stupid and don't know what is heaven!?

  • Boom... Ukrainian. Solved

  • ....how to basic?is ,IS THAT YOU???

  • Seeing the word, herring, got me! Looking good and an interesting name. We also eat the herring (ニシン Nishin in Japanese), but in different way, like with the buckwheat noodle and so on.

  • One of my favs

  • 한국어 자막 감사합니다

  • *I put my knife into the potatoes and instead of it sounding like a Slavic Russian, it sounds like a Japanese Schoolgirl, I think the potatoes are from Japan...*

  • Моё почтение повару. Шуба идеальна

  • haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So this is why his end of month situations are always so tight.

  • I make a living being a clasic blacksmith. So I'm ok!

  • ”I’m wondering what cheubrek with fish taste like” idc if its 1:am here rn im getting some fish & doing this asap

  • But not Igor he is urod

  • Tarkhun is Estragon, just so you know.

  • Oh my god HRdown ad literally cuts in the middle of Boris saying “stay cheeki breeki” that’s so rude and annoying

  • Somebody:joins patreon Boris:family is pot buying time

  • Hey my name is Vadim

  • Did you realize that the eggs have numbers in them. Those are primarily done in USA or Canada. Boris could be in The North American Continent. He is a Russian Spy

  • Ahhhhh fuck it *RUSSIAN LASAGNA*

  • ey Boris i see this tutorial video in Indonesian television !!! P.S. Hi im a huge Fan from Indonesia Please visit Indonesia

  • A cake with onion, how slav is that? :-))

  • smoked herrings, called kippers in England and Britain. Not seen for a long time - how I miss them. kippers with poached egg, best breakfast ever.

  • Boris then: Peeled potato, what a joke. Boris now: Peeling potatoes for one hour straight.

    • he's starting his own potato peel shop

  • Lol boris has the exact same mug as me

  • i was expecting idi nahui from the vegetables but who's shouting? i don't know but he's hilarious

  • "And then three soviet gold": *throws three peeled potatoes in the cutboard* 😂😂😂

  • One of these days i want to see boris try to cook american food. Like ny or chicago style pizza or a smash burger

  • niceee

  • I have to ask what the vegetables that are boiling are saying!

  • Or if it is easier for you, you can youse canned Tuna instead of herring i call it Tuba

  • Me watching this at 2 am... *drewling all over

  • If Boris had grated his fingers off while grating the beets nobody would notice...


  • love this, and what was song in the intro??

  • Ok, so first time I tried this dish I was out for dinner with a friend who was raised in Russia. At first, I was hesitant, but I ended up finishing half of the plate myself. DO try this at home! Comrade Boris, keep going! Love from Greece!

  • I localized the recipe and made "lost tuna in bering sea somewhere". And wow... of course it`s not shuba. But I learned that well dressed and happy tuna is much tastier than beaten tuna mush which made with same ingredients.

  • What's the creamy fucking bass line

  • Boris are you debil ! :)) you needed to cook onion on pan with oil ! Are you savage to chop it and eat it raw.... also it is in true slavic tradition to put atleast two layers of soviet gold - potato. Also where is black bread and vodka.... but still good video for effort.

    • he cooked fucking olivye with fucking carrots

  • whats name of the bass song in the beginning?

  • Legend says that this dish requires a couple of months to digest 😂

  • Don't lie Boris. Your number one aspect of food enjoyment is clearly mayonnaise.

  • only thing in my country, not slav, we clean the carrot and the beeds to use them. The carrot before boiling it, the beed after.

  • Opa means grandpa so that’s weird. Mein gott und scheiße

    • Opa means grandpa in german

    • What. That's not what Опа means

  • Why do you always put a cleaning cloth under a plate? Is this some kind of russian tablecloth? XD

  • Peeled potatoes? What are you a 3 year old?


  • I wanna make this. But there is not herring where I live. Suggestions?

  • Because my parents are western spies can i use those already boiled beets from store?

  • Otherwise known as "The Slavic Trifle."