how sylas was created

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  • meanwhile at valve HQ with rubick . . .

  • RiverTeemo

  • New champion idea Sheen passive Q dash with 2 casts that does damage W targeted dash that shields E dash that heals R dash that gives stealth

  • He is like a rubick but whytout the difficult

  • 0:40 fuck

  • Fuck

  • 0:59 you *DID* not just do that

  • bush rengar

  • NEEKO???

  • Garen Jungle

  • spicy girl

  • Stop stealing my name


  • River Evelynn

  • Akali jg


  • *grasp firmly*

  • Spice Girl? Then Sylas is technically a WANNABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (this is a mfkin jojo reference)


  • Waiting for Sunday's vid yeet

  • those character designs are so cute

  • bring back tenmo pls

  • Creat more videos pleaseee i miss this

  • that animation is getting so good

  • Jayce Not Jayce Jayce Jayce

  • Its not like that. Sylas dont steal just your abilities but your life to.

  • New animation so good dfff litt combo

  • When your originality is shit but you can video edit :3

  • Welcome in champion spotlight Hitler the Nazi Passive-Hitler is getting stacks for every killed champion Q-Hitler shoots in one direction slowing himself W-Hitler throw bomb dealing AOE dmg E-Hitler commit suicide R-Hitler create global gas cloud dealing huge dmg but its have long cd

  • XD

  • The more I watch your video the more I feel like I’m smoking weed

  • Which uni did u go to?

  • Says Hitler, demonetized!

  • Animation is the best

  • Can you make longer videos pls and thank you

  • i love your vids but this is almost just a legit remake of the vid that league put out......

  • Sylas was the first champion in development after release of league but it just took this fucking long to code all the ults

  • They're changing Teemo in 9.7 :( It's like a giant NERF.

  • longeeeer ! love u

  • Sylas is just a Discount Dollar Tree Store version of Rubick

  • man i love your vids

  • a bit late but still good

  • Fine

  • I miss rivenshen

  • I loved it

  • Average rito head meeting

  • Jayce not jayce😅🤣🤣

  • How RITO created Sylas: A pinch of originality A teaspoon of Challeger can master him And a gallon of OPness, oops!

  • wtf


  • Lol malphite just a rock

  • Wait wait this is not

  • Did u just uploaded a league video and made it ur own?!!

  • I didn't like this video because you just took the original and voiced over it. just constructive criticism

  • 1:11 This champion? :( Ok that hurt

  • Pianta plz add me quality u tube content

  • not jayce

  • *cutscene*

  • Honestly Give me more of your amazing content you animal.

  • wow thats awesome pls more animation videos :D I love that kind of humor :D ( I also love your other (normal(?)) videos :D

  • Really nice animation. Good job

  • You are so funny

  • I liked the part where he said Jayce

  • Kdo je cz??

  • Spaghetti codes lol

  • Your a dev?

  • 😂

  • I Think I watched it Again Is This Deja Vu?

  • Well, by doing this, Riot Games will finally notice you



  • Today is my brithday and the birthday of my mother and nouruz So idk i am EUW

  • Whats is up with The title

  • So we have a champion with: A stun A dash A shield A heal (strong one) Every ult in the game Can be played as Top, Mid and Jg and still be viable

  • "Spice girls" Reminds me of Release the Spyce


  • I have finals in a couple of hours...

  • Pianta are you going to the FBI competition this weekend?

  • Rito: Hey, let’s throw Rubick into prison, just for lolz Rubick: *Spends prison time getting ripped and breaks out* Rito: ... Hey guys, we made a new champion!

  • Shoulda just had a recycling bin lmfao.

  • Hi

  • When sylas stole zoe's ult

  • Tenmo


  • Do u know why Sykes is broken? Cause he broke out of prison Get it No I will leave *yasuo left the lobby*


  • I feel that every reworked champs is for balancing Sylas

    • hence removing the disarm from irelias ult

  • wut?

  • fan from philippines

  • I do want more of those doodle videos from them

  • Well. Somebody fucked up. They switched the marijuana with shrooms. Now thats a bad idea. A RIOT employee needs heroin.

  • Jayce,to not Jayce... -Pianta

  • Josuke 0:49

  • Drop your shit people, a new pianta vid is out.

  • they actually didnt right 1000 interactions they just did this if sylas press r the champion r will be defaulted to he's r and they blured the animation so he only looks like he is taking the form of the other champion but in reality he is taking the full r champion animation including he's look and interaction(voice)

  • GOOD THING THAT Sylas can't proc tentacles when he steals Illaoi ult even if he does spawn them. GOOD THING (don't show this comment to Riot please I beg you)

  • is it you who make this drawing? what are you using to do it?

    • @tehultimate pandah no clue, look at riots video, its this video, but longer and in depth.

    • @FlyingMedic but what about the video thumbs? lots of them are drawings...

    • Uh...i'm not sure.. but i already saw this animation on the league of legends official channel and in depth.. not sure what that's about

  • Firmly grasp it.

  • Hmm drawings looks like lily pichu's, what if tenmo player and lily is the same person

    • The drawings are from an official riot video about sylas

  • Nice videqo