How to make KISSEL like babushka (кисель) - Russian Kissel cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Vel 2021.
Goes well with syrnik:
Similar to kompot:
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fresh, frozen or dried fruits and berries. Boris uses frozen strawberries and blackcurrants.
potato starch
for topping: milk, ice cream or whipped cream. or mayonnaise if Boris.
For every cup (250ml) of berries add 2 cups (500ml) water.
Sugar amount depends on sweetness of berries, so try yourself. Usually 8-16 tablespoons needed.
For every 4 cups (1 liter) of water use 3 tablespoons (without heap) of starch.
Boris makes the legendary babushka recipe - Russian kissel. Very easy to make even on budget. This dessert is very easy to make even for beginner.
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  • Boris knows no one has mastered potato 🥔 quite like Latvians have 😂

  • I'm gonna try making DURIAN KISSEL.

  • 2:55 Boris sounds American when he says sugar Edit: and 3:05

  • oopa! new intro! looking very cheeki breeki i might say

  • Boris please make a vnideo trying brazilian strogonoff

  • "AGH, WHAT KINDOF EVIL SPIRITS?!?-" I literally died just then lmao

  • Wow

  • Volim tvoje recepte bravoo jesi li slučajno ukro recept od BABUSKE TI GOVNO!!🇭🇷🇸🇮🇧🇦🇷🇸🇷🇺🇺🇸 BYE

  • Hey Boris, have you ever thought about using the Brave web browser and signing up as a creator so other Brave users could send you BAT tips? Dunno how it works on the creator side but it'd be nice if you signed up and we could give you said tips

  • I saw this food in Masha n bear

  • opa new intro

  • Следующий ролик будет про то как варить самогон 😁 (если он уже был)

  • No fruit? Who the hell "enjoys" kompot without Fruit?

  • what happened to old intro music?

  • Kissel in our language means charcoal and when I read it I was thinking “well this oughta be interesting”

  • Boris...I’ve really learned a lot from you over these years. Thank you. 🥂

  • How tf did i end up watching and loving a random russian man make desserts

  • Like the new intro my Russian friend

  • Any babushka will know that sweet things need a little bit of salt They are the ones who teach that

  • So that is what it was called! Hoooo I should've asked my babushka more while she was around.

  • Why is the weslav shop down btw? 😭


  • He is like...russian version of Gordon Ramsay

  • Cook with an Ak Bet you are scared


  • Slap a bit of mayona- OY BLIN

  • Kissel. Man. That with some semolina porridge was the bomb when I was a kid.

  • I can smell through the screen. I watched it over and over.

  • Оооопа русский дринк

  • Is there any difference between Kompot and Kissel? My mother makes both but they taste the same lol....

  • Is Boris!!!

  • My cheeki's are breeki-ed

  • "We need all the sugar" Sounded super american.

  • I was waiting for this for too long. Not anymore! Today we dine in hell with KISSEL!

  • Still funny


  • I've made kissel and compot many times. It's absolutely delicious and refreshing to have on a hot day. Also, I've made compot cake.

  • эххх щас бы киселя классное видео борис! very well done komrad!

  • hey this was released on my birthday!


  • In Finnish its called "Kiisseli" 👍 boris make my day and like this comment, i got new apartment today i were homeless 3kk coz i broke up with ex and she took everything.. but i i have my own gopnik sanctuary 💯👍

  • maybe now: how to cook shchi?

  • This make me want to see my babushka again...

  • Molodoi robotoi.zeiebiz👍👍👍

  • Sorry guys im an traitor...i play disco panzer,(

  • hey boris, have you ever played escape from tarkov?

  • Kissel on serbian is Слатко

  • Today is my birthday, and the only thing that I wish for is for Boris to reply with a happy birthday....I know it’s probably not gonna happen but I know he reads his comments and maybe just maybe my dream will come true......

  • Awesome new intro and outro

  • But like, who would ever know if I used cornstarch right?

  • i fucking hate drinking kisiel. when babcia made it i used to flee the house so not to offend her by not drinking

  • I’ve actually been interesting in making some Kissel. This is perfect timing

  • Kiisseliä :D

  • I drink Kompot blyat !

  • We poles adress it as Kisiel ("i" instead of "s"), but it's so often instant kisiel.

  • I would probably burn the water trying to make this. My cooking skill is in the negatives.

  • when he pulled out the mayo i thought he was actually gonna do it...

  • davai

  • kissel good!

  • In Texas we eat a frozen version of that. It is one of my favorites.

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  • i eat the kompot without the fruits

  • _КИСЕЛЬ_

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  • i prefer the old "new" intro

  • when boris types ? he sometimes put = and = is right next to ? in the estonian keyboard boris estonian??? i am probably debil

  • Why are all russian foods a type of jam?

  • Boris made my life 1000x better by awakening my slavic power

  • Slawische Küche ist böse

  • New intro good

  • boris should cook with his babushka one day

  • like the new intro

  • Тут есть русские?

  • That's so accurate! People always freak out when I put salt into sweet things. But then again, I am an infinitely better cook than any of them ha ha haaa... haa.. ha.... ha... *no wonder I have no friend huh*

  • Babuska

  • Ah yes, perfect kisiel, great recipe.


  • Making it now! It looks delicious!

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  • Am i the only one who started learning russian because of this legend P.S. BORIS MAKE SOME VIDEOS TO TEACH US WESTERN SPIES HOW TO BE MORE SLAVIC

  • A true slav puts mayonayz on everything kissel, potato salad, even on the blin.

  • Dont forget about Diabetes🤣

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  • "If you have burnt House down start again" - Boris 2021