How to make Russian cheese (Русский сыр) - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Stu 2020.
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Russian cheese is the block of processed cow juice you find on store shelf in Russia. Some love it and others love it. It is the best no doubt. Here is how you make it.
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  • Ayy blyat bring the cheese Boris!! 😂 we all eat Russian cheese from childhood

  • At this is very same to my countrie's (Bangladesh) cheese. Its called Dhaka cheese coz its mainly made in the capital Dhaka. The process is 90% same....

  • Blyat

  • Where could Boris be from? The extensive research to find the truth... There are 13 Slavic nations: - Russia. - Ukraine - Poland - Czech Republic - Belarus - Serbia - Bulgaria - Slovakia - Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macedonia - Slovenia - Montenegro Of these we can eliminate all that do not use the euro, as it appears in many of his videos. This leaves: - Estonia - Lithuania - Slovakia - Slovenia We can safely assume he would not do a “country review” of his own nation. This leaves ONLY SLOVENIA. Unless he has bamboozled us by doing a country review of his home nation, or using euros in his videos for no reason, after exchanging currency, Boris must be SLOVENIAN !! I hope we have found it comrades.

  • Now leave it in a cave for 6 months to soak up cave flavour. No wait that's the english. Why do this.

  • 1:34 I'm dead.

  • I live in Wisconsin the dairy land, Boris is a master!!!!!

  • Opa I really like Russian cheese

  • Thanks you Papa Boris for you introduction to sprats.

  • Pfft, what is that fake AK bayonet? A real Russian would have known that it isn't the real deal.

  • COME TO INDONESIA AND I WILL GIVE CIU BEKONANG. Ciu bekonang is indonesian vodka

  • 2:24 "FOCUS CYKA!!!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can i ask you something Boris? Is БЕТОН mean concrete? Yep it is,it's mean concrete,I know it because that's how we (Indonesian) pronounce concrete

  • "If you think they use high quality milk to make cheese, welcome to the world of comedy." You need to visit Japan sometimes, Boris. Over there they have a lot of high quality products in each town.

  • Anyone planning to sponsor Boris a camera? YES? (uh...thats the only answer people)

  • Hail to cheese lord

  • Not​ russian​ cheese but​ its "Ruski cheeze"

  • "Crumble Like Western Economy." Damn, I got a good laugh out of that. Funny because is True.

  • Thank you Boris! Does Western Whole Milk work for this?

  • Wait, you don't make ricotta?

  • 2:36 A man so angry he threw the N out the window.

  • Tarkhun is so good

  • Waiting for coking with karasnikof

  • *Mhm.. polen~*

  • Boris is a kind of mom every slav would want

  • Yay blyat Boris any ideas on another stalker animation?blyat see ya Boris

  • руский сыр есть....... НО ГДЕ РУССКИЕ СУБТИТРЫ БЛЯТЬ?

  • Boris you can buy tarhun in Latvia to! How do i know? I live in Latvia.

  • Lol I see why this was recommended to me because I watch You Suck at Cooking.

  • Nice job, Boris, your cheese would be great with Haluski!! Authentic half Slovak, eh, me, a grandson of one damn fine amateur slivovice distiller, prefers "Slavic Egg Cheese", Sirecz/Hrutka. But it is not yet Easter. After seeing your TatraTea video, I now have better understanding of my addiction to strong tea, and even stronger "plum juice"... Cheers, stay safe, stay healthy....

  • Привет Республике Белорусь

  • hikikomoris: so today i actually made myself a breakfast boris: no market cheese blyat

  • im made russian cheese *y* *e* *s*

  • Where did you buy polish calcium chloride and rennet

  • 10:20 Vadim can read?

  • chernobly rainwater alright got it

  • I need cheese from my country ( Russia 🇷🇺 )

  • Notice the start of the video ?

  • In america you make pathetic small weak cheese В советской России делают крепкий мощный сыр

  • I need to be up in 3 hours and I just learned an invaluable skill, you never cease to amaze me Boris

  • 10:33 I notice that his bayonet has a marking say "AK-47 CCCP" on the blade near the handle.

    • It's fake "reproduction" that you can buy in the US so Boris is totally not Russian. The Russians never used this kind of bayonet for any of their AK rifles.

  • Suka bylat I made cheese the cat die

  • Migs

  • is it me or is boris a polish spy

  • I don’t really care for his content it’s his voice I’m so in love with

  • me: puts too much culture by accident AYYYYY BLYAT!!!!! THEY BUILT AN ENTIRE CIVILIZATION!!!!!

  • I am here to tell you that we mostly don’t speak that russian-stereotype accent

  • That one guy who’s lactose intolerant

  • Sometimes I feel like Boris plays too much Civ XD Hoh I wish

  • *Русский сыр*

  • How to make ceass 2 this video my friend Rusan

  • boris can you try to make baklava again? From turkey.

  • ege naber

  • that slavic laugh is pure

  • Boris: "Do not eat half-cooked egg unless you want salmonella" Also Boris: *puts raw egg into the bowl of water for making cheese*

    • @SirHell What does that have to do with anything? 100% of eggs come from filthy chickens, and industrial chicken farm conditions are far filthier than family farms. Point is, I eat raw eggs and I never get sick. Actually, they are therapeutic...

    • @Μιχάλης So what? At least it's clean in the factory.

    • Real mayonaisse is made of raw egg and oil blyat

  • Boris: so you will need one egg- HowTo Basic: Say no more.

  • Ahh yes the crumbling western economy how did I forget, silly me living in my not prospering western country

  • My Mind: What the fuck is this channel? My heart: Заткнись, это матушка Россия

    • Fuck gordon ramsay this is the best chef

  • Cheese wax, is that edible?

  • my god, i love this guy. i can see myself watching his videos whenever im feeling down. Make me laugh from the beginning to finish.

  • ches

  • Next: butter

  • De blyat gods bring de comrade cows to make legendary cheese for boris to make dis video. Gud and healthy for Artyom (comrade cat) and comrade soilders excluded gulag prisoners I guess.

  • Only a Boris recipe calls for water so salty a raw egg can float on it..... Cant argue with the results tho....

  • I cant read Slavic, but I'm pretty sure that's actually Chernobyl water.....

  • "Cheesus Crust" is actually how I stopped un-intentionally cursing Christ every time something bad happened. Instead I make everyone around me laugh/question my sanity.

  • 3:31 ето полшкий


  • alternative title: how to shame GH5's autofocus, slavic style

  • Found boris cuz of hardbaaass yet stayed for all the great food blyat . Lol

  • Putin would be proud

  • Ахахахах смешно :D

  • Fuck gordon ramsay this is the best chef

  • Что я блять тут делаю в 3 часа ночи.........

  • Only 10 more days for the sequel... and Cyberpunk game

  • TARXUH Is also sold in Germany.

  • Гуфовский одобряет. Будем дружить семьями

  • I got an idea: how to make Russian vodka

  • Instructions unclear made tank of stalinium

  • Чтобы приготовить российский сыр - нужно его готовить в России.

  • Mission failed, fucking died of starvation by the time it was done.

  • Boris makes cheese 2: electric boogalo

  • what's the music in the "steps"

  • In my country almost nothing from you say available Im sad ):

  • for those Wondering what the hell is that green thing Zoomin across the screen at 4:18 its 2 Jets

  • Cheese cyka

  • It took 8 months but Boris has deciphered old grandma handwriting.

  • We have bread, butter, and cheese. Now all we need is... *T H E M A Y O N Y E Z*

    • @Rock girl please translate

    • что за конченый акцент? я даже не понимаю че он говорит из-за этого неестественного акцента. никто так не говорит

  • I like how he was using a measuring cup from target

  • Мне интересно, ты русский? Акцент, как у русского.

  • Ruski sir

  • ak-47 cccp. kife.

    • It's fake, the Russians never used that kind of bayonet for the AK-47.

  • Нууу, вобще правильно вроде, у нас такая же консистенция

  • please Boris teach how to make sushki to string in yolka for novy god!

  • America: Use Brick to build house Vadim at home: Pizdjec we run out of brick we use cheese

  • so now I concluded that Boris is/was a veterinarian

  • *Dutch breathing intensifies*

  • Youve been watching Curd Nerds again comrade....

  • The wax looks like american cheese (and surely tastes better)

  • Chernoglavaka tastes like jellybeans