How to make Doctor's sausage - Cooking with Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Stu 2019.
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3:44 start of recipe
4:10 why it is called "Doctor's sausage"
8:03 face reveal
11:24 start the boiling
12:15 tasting
ingredients and tools:
110g pork (cold)
20g beef (cold)
20g pork fat (cold)
40ml milk (cold)
some ice (cold, duh)
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tbsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 egg
sausage skin or plastic wrap
some string
plastic bag (or a sausage maker machine)
a blender

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  • Yes never reveal because no one would watch your videos

  • my brother:where did you learn to cook? me: in boris channel

  • 4:48 Such a glorious laugh, made my day, Comrade Boris

  • that moment where you cant eat pork

  • Instruccions unclear: accidentaly circumcised the local Doctor

  • Похож похож )

  • *PIG FOAM*

  • I was for some reason surprised when the blender didn't have a Slavic accent

  • 4:51 *bit of g a r n i s h*

  • Boris I can’t eat pork *cuz I’m muslim* can you make a no pork recipe soon

  • Him genuinely laughing is Groovy

  • Russian Kwite

  • The phoniest russian accent I've ever heard.

    • Probably this accent is sketchy just for entertaining purpose... Lot of things on this Channel seems to be laughing off how American and probably other Western people imagine Russian life.

  • Radal wants to know your location

  • bOris would you believe I have to buckets of 2 months old meat in garden it was for the big dogs guarding my castle ...? I am trying to make a vacine ...

  • To make doctors sausage you will need a doctor and a knife...

  • Ох ебать, запахло детством и докторской))

  • Crazy I live alone and now noticed I have 1 pot

  • I randomly found this "suggested" video. I heard around the first 4 seconds of this guy and immediately subscribed.

  • 4:48 his accent just leaves

  • Откуда он колбасу берёт?

  • I remember when I was young we use to make "poor man's kotlets" with mortadela. We breaded and fried it like pork kotlets.


  • I still yearn for the day someone will tell me what song he used for the intro

  • Feed me sosig -artyom

  • Or if you live in the US you just buy some bologna at the store because it's the exact same thing.

  • South American countries have this marvelous pink pig foam product, you can find it in most food-trading establishments.

  • Does anyone know the song at the beginning? Has some really chill vibes.

  • Your balaclava IS your face, just like Anomaly

  • Boris: **takes out mask and ushanka** KONO UAMEE DA!!!

  • In Europe do they not use 2 peices of bread for sandwiches? It always seems he just stacks and consumes

  • We don’t want boris face reveal. WE NEED BABUSHKA FACE REVEAL

  • no, you haven't tasted freedom until you have tasted an in-n-out burger

  • I don't know why, but this looks like gourmet and trash at the same time

  • The Butter Is _blyat_

  • If you happen to be in Sweden, just look for "falukorv", available in every grocery store in the country.* Usually it's the cheapest meat product available. *I have not actually inspected every grocery store in Sweden to verify this, but the falukorv is culturally significant enough that IMO if you find a grocery store that doesn't have falukorv then you are fully justified in channelling your inner Karen (or Kerstin since this is Sweden) and verbally rip into the manager for not stocking essential food items.

  • Thank you Boris I just learned about this sausage and was so glad I saw this recipe can’t wait to try it докторская колбаса !!!!

  • Epic face reveal

  • sausage

  • Boris neck reveal 🥵

  • everythings a bloody dick joke in this video isnt it haha

  • I guess it's like a better quality version of that 5 lb log of Bar-s bologna from Wally world

  • He didn't even take his buterbrod :(

  • if you want a sponsorship then stop cyka swearing you dumb blin

  • I'm so proud of Czech republic that we have doctor sausage 🙃😁

  • Boris in spain my country doctor sosig is mortadela

  • Det är ju falukorv

  • Your channels dead brother

  • Pretty sure that the "sausage" is Just a BIG piece of ham.

  • 0:10 no shit

  • Your cooking tutorials and vids on how yo live cheap really helped me in hard times, thank you boris.


  • Boris in america doctor sausage is called baby bologna

  • He pulled a kakashi

  • If you didn't knew Boris, in Croatia, we have doctor's sausage filled with cheese, blin!

  • You know he is true Slav when he cuts the sausage diagonal

  • 6:36 Townsends has entered the chat

  • The butterbroth looks like boris

  • I didn't cook but I got the doctor's sausage in me

  • I speak Russian now also wtf did I just watch?

  • hack premix the milk mix and freeze it and use that instead of ice


  • In South Africa, we call it polony.

  • "This is bread" I mean.. I thought it was a pickle so like-

  • 'It is the beginning of the end, my friend.' this was posted 18th novemeber the first covid case was traced back to the 17th November (i think) Oh dear fucking god.

  • Boris what if I smoke this instead of boil it? Also smoking meat tutorial when?

  • international day of buterbrod passed by 2 days I'm sad now

  • I only watched this video now, and realized... Yesterday, 2020/18/11, I made the most glorious buterbrod... on international day of buterbrod!

  • Happy International Day of Butterbrod

  • I just realized that this was uploaded exactly 1 year ago.

  • This video is 1 year old now But Boris is lying about the gardening video. He might have forgotten it or he just doesn’t want to make it.

    • maybe the cucumber has not grown

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  • It's the international day of buterbrod again

  • Happy Butter Brød Day!

  • Boris figured out how to make my favorite food

  • This is my first time listening to Boris... that accent is hilarious! :)

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  • I think we call dr sausage just fritz

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  • 9:09 "And what better way to add the colour of red?" Blood or Communism

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  • Nov. 16, 2020 - 2 days til International Day of Buterbrod!

  • Still waiting for cucumber tutorial


  • We call that cervelas in France Aka brain-ass

  • как же это охуенно)))

  • I was actually surprised at how accurate it is to the store bought ones he uses.

  • I from poland I dont like nobody but I will drink for you comrade

  • "It is the beginning of the end, and dinner is ready, comrades." Best boris quote by far

  • How the hell can this piece of art have 1.4 thousand dislikes

  • Him taking like straight out of Russia. Lol.

  • Do pryanik

  • Never reveal your face please!!

  • The dislikes are from western spies

  • Chernobyl rainwater? Wait didn't chernobyl had an nuclear explosion so what your drinking is pure radiation

  • Wait what video did he get sued over? Debil!

  • Finally meat i can eat...