How to make dried bread

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Ruj 2018.
How to make dried bread
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The latest Life of Boris cooking video is a tutorial on how to make dried bread.
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  • Yes

  • This is fucking genius

  • Opa means 👴 in the Netherlands grandpa

  • My family usually eat dried bread with tea but we never make it. It was made on its own

  • This video felt so real

  • the bread moved... VADIM BLYAT

  • Can you show us how to make Medovik

    • he made it

  • Boris show these new slavs what sukhari is.Ahh 3 korochki

  • Meanwhile: Western bread doesn't dry after 3 weaks laying close to a heating source..... Conspiracy theory: The western spies control us with the ingredients of the bread.

  • Next time Butterbrot

  • You should slice potato and put slices in slices of bread. I call it the slavwich. SLAVWICH IS BEST SANDWICH B L Y A T.

  • 1:30 The bread is moving

  • The longest way to make сухарики

  • no sabia ASER pan seco

  • 1:53 he sounded DRUNK.

  • mmm suchy chleb

  • you can put bread in toaster twice and then remove burned layer with butterknife

  • Neden başlık türkçe ?

  • Can you put the ingredients in the discription

  • Uwielbiam gościa

  • He lost one cuz he was drunk! 🤣

  • I approve of this video

  • This is the most useful Boris cooking video

  • What if Vadim is Boris' s 2nd personality and Boris has Split Personalty Disorder

  • 中文好评

  • Anatoly dyatlov

  • XD


  • *Mayonez ASMR*

  • 1:29 paranormal slavtivity

  • Why is it in Portuguese ?

  • How do you edit?

  • |© intro de boris toca |© BLYAT I AM FROM BRASIL seus cornos

  • Its like toast. But without the brown stuff. And better than toast

  • Окрошку Блять

  • The hardest recipe yet

  • I bought a packet of dried bread. Anyone want some?

  • That’s it? That’s all I gotta do to make home-made croutons?

  • 0:45 illuminati confirmed

  • yes

  • Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in the fan

  • Olum kanal verin bu kanal Türk mü değil mi

  • We call that bread Bulka

  • Why would I want dried bread?

  • ({})

  • 666,666 views Lol

  • Sto? Davai Cosin Antoli Is Back? *TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! AFTER 9999999 BOTLES OF VODKA.. OY PIZDEC CYKACWHERE AM I?!?*

  • You can only put in toaster

  • Need vegan recipe!

  • Is this actually a real thing? I mean deliberately drying bread?

  • Is leaving it out the proper way of drying bread or is it also possible to toss it in the oven to dry it and then let it cool?

  • These tutorials are so cool

  • Anatoli is back from army! Yay!

  • boris was vadim all along

  • what type of bread

  • That's not one o'clock!

  • Vadim? But how? 🤣🤣🤣

  • I accidentally made dried bread before. I still ate it though. :)

  • or easily let 3 breas at microwave for 3 min

  • Watching bread dry.

  • People- I'm making toast. Me, an intellectual- DRIED BREAD!

  • lmaoooooo

  • What bread he use

  • I did. the same but These Green Stufe are on it but i ate it anyway And its pretty good :D

  • Adamsın boris

  • Como q o Boris colocou o título em português BR C ele é russo

  • Slav bread. 🍞

  • Life of Boris крутой

  • *sounds of approaching Boris

  • 1:29 It moved!

  • Is this what Ghandi's sandals were made of?

  • I buy from store

  • Wait. My name Kolya. I owe you money? BLYAT. Fucking hell, cyka

  • Onde é que eu to??

  • I like dried bread it taste good.

  • ждать блея

  • Could you please make a vodka tutorial?

  • 4 days after my birthday perfect timing

  • I must have made a mistake, I ended up with a drunk gopnik in my kitchen

  • Give back my 2 minute ago!!!!

  • Matryoshka to gaurd! Blin!

  • Dlaczego nazwa jest po Polsku? Slaw power

  • Suka , is not babyshka , it's very glory motreshka

  • Sıcak bir yermi İZMİR gibi mi veya EGEAN gibi mi ? Ağlayın haha

  • Alternative title How to make stale bread

  • Where can i find that watch

  • Will you marry me? (no homo)

  • Slavic countries man, the most fun nations to live in

  • i never thought watching bread dry could be so fun


  • Most difficult recipe ever !!

  • I bet if Boris would make a video about watching paint dry, it will still be good.

  • Im from Romania!

  • I used to do same thing locked up in capitalist new york prison, no mayonaz sadly, had to use butter.

  • where did u get that watch without any logo :O

  • That's so hard

  • Easy

  • Аааааааааааааа сука

  • Boris you have slav ghost in your home. The bread moved at 1:29

  • Se mamo el men de los subtitulos en español con el *mayonesa asmr* xD