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Datum objavljivanja: 2. Vel 2019.
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How to hat your cat
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Life of Artyom presents: How to hat your cat. How to make small ushanka so your slav cat not get cold outside. Is made by sewing, no sewing machine required. Just basic skills.
You will need about two A4 paper sizes worth of material. I suggest using two different ones like in video, so you have good contrast.
Ushanka is a Russian hat for winter use. But can be used all year around.
Follow along with some good cold kvass on the side.
Artyom says hello.
Get the pattern here:
This pattern inspired by:
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  • Instructions unclear, I accidentally made a full-size T-90A.

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  • Someone please tell me what the song ib the background is

    • Darude - sandstorm

  • I named my new kitten Boris

  • Boris : Ohh there is another cat... Artyom : I can explain this

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  • Mom: why are you buying a Russian hat? Me:is called a USHANKA and it will worm me up My brain:i evolved from normal to slav

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  • 5 minute crafts but it’s actually good

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  • Ths tutor very hard but it was worth it

  • i live in denmark and here we also make kompot we just dont dring it we eat it on warm summer day with spoon its actually very good lol

  • I have two dog do I follow same tutorial?


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  • If yall wants to work with fake, or real, fur : Never use scissors, use a cutter or a razor blade and cut on the non-fur side. Doing it so, you will not cut the fur and the fluff will be more beautiful (also less fur everywhere).

  • ah u missed the opportunity to make punk hair or atleast colorful stripe in the middle on top of ushanka!

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