human fall flat ft. larissa

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Vel 2020.
a random game we played
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  • Larissa noooooooo!!!! To be continued...

  • Does anyone know the instrumental background music he's using? It's so catchy lmao

  • fun fact: they are officialy couples

  • want more larissa episode

  • rip imogen

  • 1:35 larissa say yes my Honey LOVE IS THE MOMENT

  • She is just annoying.

    • Shut up idiot

  • how is tenmo player?

  • Simp.

  • Can I have the name of the BGM please?

  • I quickly realized that you can climb walls by swinging left and right and grabbing on. Ooh how I optimized the fun out of this game :D


  • When ur gf falls into the void 😳

  • Larissa has a sweet voice ❤️

  • Brian wispers Long live the king


  • Time to find a lux main with lowercase characters for a name during a solo q game.

  • Is this game winnable

  • 5:24 when I say I laughed my ass off omg that was so sad

  • where is tenmo ?we NEED tenmoooooo


  • Go back to tenmo player

  • Omg you guys are so adorableeeeeeeee!!!

  • That Naruto music end was Great.. always hits in the feels man

  • I Hope this anime will get season 2

  • Larissa is kawaiiiii

  • A true solo-queue inspiration.

  • When is tenmo

  • Top ten anime deaths

  • sup ma boy

  • Seems like just yesterday they were- LOVE ISSSSS THE

  • im iron 2 for not using teemo(=(=)

  • My bed is now get wet due the pee I did for laugh a lot, I will stay paying for Internet due this kind of videos. Gracias Bryan.Bryan.Bryan.

  • i haven't laughed so much in a while, ty brian

  • literally nobody: Larissa: *giggles hihihihihihi


  • Yuo should play dont starve someday

  • river shen

  • i ship it

  • this game always keeps me on edge and it annoys the fuck out of me

  • Next video marriage ft. Larissa



  • Real simp hours boiss

  • Subtitles:"Hahahaha Hihihihi Hahaha Hihi Hahahahahaha Ohhh Hihihi Hahahaha" Love it!

  • Btw a fact Larissa is the name of the city I live in XD

  • River Shen

  • What tenko dog does off summoner’s rift

  • I want moreeew

  • Damn league looking way much diffrent now

  • Is Larissa Imogen?

  • How it should have ended: titanic

  • 05:20 Top 10 sad moments

  • that was cringy my dude

  • Why does pianta feel like watching disguised toast lmao

  • Is she into you?

  • A way better love story than twillight.

  • I love how they consistently passed each level using a method compltely different from the intended way to play.

  • Top ten saddest Anime endings ever

  • ? That no league

  • As a speed runner of this game that messes with it a lot and a fan of yours this was magical.

  • 5 minutes and 44 seconds of top quality content

  • nie ściągaj od Xayoo gościu

  • ma man

  • What is this game? Whats the name of it? I wanna play!!

  • a gamer AND a girl?!!?

  • Noob, i have completed all the maps 29373) times. My friends won’t play hff with me now since I am so pro at the game.

  • Is she the girl from the real lux girl video

  • more

  • i feel like this is what happens when you snort 5 packs of Coco puff

  • Where is my funny video from league Pianta >:c

  • make a drunk stream together pls :D

  • 5870100825156010,001000565hq87952801036479q3hdj4hhhhhhhh8251551854 8282055241235222yokfwvdec 5545045185 yg

  • 10000 yok can88965580662na3485+5516+,

  • The new Annie cinematic looks weird but ok

  • So you finally getting laid?

  • I have no idea what I just watched but it was hilarious.

  • :( "bai."

  • pls stream on twitch dued

  • Me trying to do pull-ups lemao. “get up! get up!”

  • This mode seems very balanced.

  • I used to watch AI simulation videos but this is another level of human evolution at work here

  • Man, i remember when my friend fell flat from a 10 story building It was like a firework explosion

  • 5:17 avengers endgame vibes, when clint has to sacrifice natasha to finish the mission

  • So this is ehat happens when mordekaiser ults you

  • Wheres imogens Comment?

  • 3:09 larissa got possessed

  • Wonder what happened to Imogen?

    • Proxy Human she’s still alive she’s just on twitter now

  • when is secks

  • I'm here to watch league of legends, Mr Piaaanta I refuse to watch that. Oh there's a Girl right there !! AND... AND... IT'S ANNIE, SO IT'S LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.

  • Ah.. Brian has a girlfriend... Oh how they grew up so fast these days

    • @John Paul Payopay aww what a sweet couple


    • wait really? they're a couple already? :O

  • who is larissa?

  • Nooo she is dead!!!!!

  • 3:16 Ok so i might be high but i laughed at my screen so hard XD Amazing vid

    • Idk how this ends coz i've been repeating that laugh over and over XD

  • Where is my lol

  • She really have a cute laugh

  • 2:17 how df did she do that???

  • 0:08 I guess im dirty minded

  • Our Brian is so in love dudes. He grown up so quickly:')

  • What kind of league mode is this?