hunting prey with the NEW 19,400 IQ CAMOUFLAGER role... (custom mod)

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Tra 2021.
Disguised Toast and friends test some more custom roles in modded Among Us. Today Toast tries the camouflager impostor as well new exploration on The Airship.
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Edited and Animated by: _4our_
#amongus #mods #disguisedtoast #airship


  • 14:50 I def played that over and over again lol

  • “Now that’s some Discussed Toast”

  • I love how toast explains at the beginning of the round how his role works, because there are SO MANY new roles and it’s taking a while to get used to them all

  • Space jim

  • I still cant stop laughing when Tina says "dinah"

  • Javed Jaffrey copy

  • 4:55 Was soooo lost when I saw the blood splatter down below... They were lovers! Totally forgot about that.

  • toast basically just let tina win a jester round without noticing she was jester

  • toast doesn't know who Yosemite Sam is

  • toast not knowing who yosemite sam was KEK

  • how come Jodi had dialogue in the intro? shes dead

  • Haha


  • shut up disguised toast

  • "Ohh, what? Why are there two bodies?!" Lovers.

  • Hi toast, I just want to say ,if can make like before content with story.. Miss it so much.. Miss Ludwiq to .. :)

  • what mod is this

  • Everyone : sorrying to Sykkuno for voting him Sykkuno : I left through a vent Not gonna lie that was hilarious

  • Yosemite Sam is the ‘prospector’ guy from looney tunes

  • i just know realized when the intro comes i always thought the man voice said ”hah! this guy is toast” but it actually says ”disguisedtoast” im stupid 😭

  • I thought among us died ages ago

    • you're on Disguised Toast's channel. What do you expect. Also, games don't die, they just slightly decrease in popularity overtime.

  • He killed you because you're pink, Abe.


  • Bro what is sleepy doing here

  • Yosemite Sam

  • His name is Yosemite Sam btw

  • Yosemite Sam be the prospector from Looney Tunes FYI. 5:53

  • My name is 5 weinies not shoto todoroki

  • bro what mod is that

  • Yosemite Sam toast

  • "The first time I heard carry-on I thought they were gonna bring a dead deer on board. I thought 'What are they going to do with all of that, don't they have the little TV-dinners anymore?' And then I thought 'Carry on! People are going to be carrying on, on the plane!' Well I don't like that. I'd prefer a serious attitude on my plane. Especially on the flight deck! Which is the latest euphemism for *COCKPIT!* Can't understand why they wouldn't want to use a lovely word like *COCKPIT,* can you? Especially with all those stewardesses going in and out of it all the time!" - George Carlin

  • 11:20 .... not only does he say the 1st word, but he says c***PIC x'DDDD

  • 9:22 😂 nice one

  • They tried to kill me in the rain...

  • 6:45 LMAOO

  • Honestly love the videos

  • "If I had to shoot, I'd shoot corpse" *Sweats in russian roulette*

  • The dark kangaroo intradurally interrupt because table analytically list without a flowery vest. magenta, repulsive adapter

  • Yosemite Sam is the prospector from the Looney Tunes, btw.

  • space jam with lebron is gonna be sick 6:05

  • Camouflage would be better if it made the person invisible rather than them making everyone gray

    • I didn't get that that is what happened because this title is clickbait and virtually none of that mod was shown here.

  • Right hand man toast on the airship


  • This gave me "Happy Tree Friends" vibes, for those who knew get this reference, you certainly had an interesting childhood.

  • 😐

  • Amish cyborg Toast is a mood

  • 5up threw that last game unless he did that for content

  • At 20:07, as soon as Toast finishes swipe door, Corpse immediately kills him

  • Sykkuno: I was there......I left through a vent." Kills me everytime. xD

  • It feels a bit odd that Toast doesn't know Yosemite Sam.

  • I still don’t understand why they are afraid of saying cockpit... they are adults right?

  • Loving the Japanese anime-looking animation at the beginning 😂❤️

  • Sykkuno "I left thru a vent." had me dying

  • The best place: cockp.

  • Toast is literally the reason why Among us is still relevant. And he’s wanna be logic, but I know it hurts for him. I didn’t know him that long, but I decided to subscribe to him. So I don’t want him to think his content is not interesting.

  • Oof not me binging Toast because he admitted to being toxic and that somehow made him cool to me .... YIKES ... H A R D YIKESSS

  • Big brain plays, but can’t remember Yosemite Sam’s name

  • is 5up bcoming dumber? bruh abe literally walked with him lmao

  • "thats the weakest defense ive ever heard, vote her out" *2 seconds later*

  • Toast looks like Yosemite Sam

  • Corpse: "So are we going Abe or Sykkuno?" Poki: "I would still rather do Sykkuno" Sykkuno very quietly: "What?" 12:45

  • I actually searched for the origin of the cockpit because they seem to be so curious in it.

  • Okay throwing IQ in every video title is getting old and cringe really fast.

    • @promontorium Yeah it's getting really old.

    • I said that after 10,000. It was a perfect time to move on.

  • Yosemite Sam is the guy from looney tunes that has the orange moustache and the 2 guns @Disgusted toast

  • I love their friendship 🧡

  • Thats probably one of the only situations where 5up goes 0 IQ lol

  • tina 30000 IQ Jester play . making use of the situation and telling the truth but making it seem like a lie, tricking everyone . goddamn

  • Did 5up just throw?

  • Yosemite Sam... = Space Jam guy (def not looney tunes )

  • 5up and brodin......these two smh 🤦 lol

  • 5:50 ol' Symity Sam obviously

  • Me: stops watching Toast's videos for a while (back in the day of 800 IQ) Me: comes back Toast's IQ: ...

  • Hes from looney tunes and his name is Yosemite Sam (I didn't look to see if anyone helped already but wanted to be safe)

  • I love when sykkuno Say’s “i left through a vent” LOL

  • Me after seeing camouflage role-ye toh tatti hai Ps-only indians will get this

    • @Shubhransh Singh but that meme is mostly famous only in India

    • Not like Hindi is an India Exclusive language

  • "Corpse is a slow and methodical killer"

  • The fact that Toast did a 2 part task that r right next to each other but didn’t do the 2nd part pisses me off for some reason-

  • Yoo toast missed your tft videos!

  • Yo samity sam and the word your looking for is etymology. its one of my favorite things to do. I just ask my phone "etymology xxxxxxx" replace xxxx with the word your curious about. Fascinating stuff :-)

  • Toast and 5up wondering why it's called a cockpit...

  • The new term I have to use when talking to the flight crew is "flight deck" if that helps you when playing this map.

    • @promontorium agreed but seeing as it used the old aircraft term I offered the new one as a replacement.

    • Should have gone with bridge as that things more like a ship than an airplane.

  • It would be much funnier if Camouflager changed everyone's colors instead

  • ARRIQ can i play with you among us please👨‍🚀🤫

  • Such high iq but still don’t know Yosemite Sam.

  • now toast is literally "Disguised Toast"

  • 5:45 Yosemite Sam?

  • Toast only know Yo Samdy Sam from Space Jam... I get reminded every other day how old i'm getting as of recent LMAO!

  • No don’t use chicken use fish heads and stab the eyes it’s smells more and attracts the crabs more

  • Now *that's* clickbait. Used the camouflage exactly once in the entire video and only to see the duration while doing nothing with it.


  • Rae said I look handsome but was wearing toast skin so connect the dots lol

  • corpse did the “it’s me... april fools” thing and i immediately believed he would be imposter lmao

  • Oh dear god the amount of editing is making my head spin on five, loosely-connected vertebrae.

  • There should be a mod where it’s invisibility where u can disappear and catch someone killing

  • next video: erasing people with the NEW 217931328128127382736381 IQ BYCICLE role... (custom mod)

  • No love for Yosemite Sam or Looney Tunes, I see. :(

  • The Spy...


  • I love Toast's joy at Corpse winning

  • 12:48 I would also rather do Sykkuno.