I 1v1'd pros but secretly changed the score so I always win (Rocket League)

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Vel 2021.
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In the video, I challenge some of the best Rocket League pro's to a 1v1, but secretly change the score so I always win. Will they notice or will I get away with it? Watch the video to find out!
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Arsenal: hrdown.info/least/uRS9KcqyOamnYjd6zOKiFQ
Ayyjayy: hrdown.info/least/ktpnUzA1CI7rWna-Uc0tKA
Chicago: hrdown.info/least/3Ac5mG8pIiwAwblDMQXZNA
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  • check out Dragon City and download using my link for free rewards! dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/amustycow #sponsored

    • @Musa Desmond I am trying it out now. Seems to be working.

    • i dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hack if you care

    • @Hansify lol

    • Better hope epic doesn’t ban u like Jarvis

    • 100000000000000 haha

  • i love how theres just cans of g fuel behide him lol

  • AYYJAYY’s flip resets tho, so buttery

  • This guy has good vid ideas but bad vids

  • “ I was looking through my challenge ideas list” I think u mean, stealing content from other youtubers list

  • Video Idea : Rocket League But I take away the Streamers goals without them knowing

  • "Lol my bad my monitor was off " LMAO

  • Alright... Now do the same & give them an extra point when they goal and see if they like.. trash talk you at the end or something lmao. Edit: I believe to make this MOD 100% better is to mod either a ball reset or car reset. So say you "hit a goal/add a point". You can click down on the D-PAD and reset your car as if you actually just scored. I'm sure they would be confused & probably say something is lagging.

  • Musty is cheeks

  • Man I need this mod so bad

  • Actual scores: Arsenal-9 Musty-0 Ayyjayy-9 Musty-4 Chicago-7 Musty-5

  • You should do the same thing but where u can take away the score of them

  • Dang he did him dirty with the cheats

  • lol

  • Musty you gotta be more subtle with changing the score next time lol, only do it one at a time and try not to do it to get the lead. Only do it to tie or get closer to the opponents score. This could be even more fun if they don’t notice lmao

  • The ultimate “next goal wins” when you’re down 10.

  • I already play dragon city on my phone

  • You should do this but you should make it so you can take goals off your opponent

  • Me:cant think of meme Evryone: i kniw a meme They're meme Roses: are red Violets: are blue Idk what write here poo poo blue

  • Yo

  • 0:10 “my little brother was holding the controller, my gaming chair was in the wash, I was lagging, Sakurai needs to rebalance this game...” and so on

  • chicago: im gonna solo play me: isnt it ones ???

  • You should make a mod to remove goals

  • Man i used to play Dragon City A TON LOT on my Ipad 1

  • Get a mod that removes their scores

  • Can you please shout me out

  • Do one but use infinite boost without them knowing

  • Watch this video be the one that gets him banned from rl

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  • Secretly adding goals to the opponent?

  • Mans high on GFUEL

  • How can he add goals

  • He don’t give a crap about dragon city

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  • hey musty my friend keep saying mertzy is better then you i know the first 1v1 video but i think its time to make a new one. like this commet or make your own if you want them to do another 1v1

  • What’s the code for the map?

  • Yo

  • The amount of times musty Said Jesus Christ------->>

  • You show do this again but instead of goals you should be able to give yourself boost.

  • Chicago: I’m going for a solo play . Me : well what else were you going to do????

  • That funny

  • My God arsenal is annoying bro

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  • I swear to god this happens to people in ranked

  • Did I hear ayy jay say yallah when he tried to make a 2 fliprest and that’s Arabic so is he Arabian 😳🙀

  • u need to like score a few then add buttt i guess its hard to score a few in succession lol

  • do u play warzone or smth?

  • Lol

  • Is that really the “arsenal pinch”? Swear I’ve seen that a lot before I knew he existed lol. Just looked like the normal wall pinch 😝 You’re awesome keep it up ♥️♥️

  • I dont think you play dragoncity

  • You should make it so their score go down

  • Frick

  • Saick

  • Should of spammed giving yourself goals at the end to really confuse them

  • Waaiiit, what would the replay look like?

  • Do a big hit box mod

  • He should have just added a ton of points at the end to confuse them a ton more

  • HRdown keeps suggesting videos like this even though I respond not to show them and I dislike the video

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  • Arsenal is just a cool dude always humble

  • Why is this man cracked?

  • what are the wheels that AyyJay was using

  • are we gon talk about how stratigised arsenal is?

  • EG

  • Ayyjayy had two different decals on for musty screen one for imhus screen

  • I literally played dragon city in facebook like 10 years ago lmao I'll clap you so hard musty

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  • I have dragon city omg Musty

  • Your room is sick

  • Everyone noticed because they aren't blind

  • Next vid: Unlimited boost

  • hey, thats already been done. its called cheating.

  • Arsenal calling rocket league this game forgetting it’s called rocket league

  • haha what a coincidence i already have dragon city

  • 5:57 damn musty sounds so believable that he makes it look like Arsenal has a memory problem and cant remember that musty did a musty flick on him

  • He got 0-9 with arsenal but he got over 2 goals with Chicago and AYYJAYY

  • When ayyjay scored his car went from pink to yellow, explanation musty?

  • Decent counter | |

  • Imma put that musty on Tictok🤣

  • Why are esports players so dry when they were talking after the game it was like musty was talking to a wall except for Chicago

  • Musty you should try having two pro players 1v1 or 1v2 and add points to both sides and see what happens

  • He said I gave myself three goals so you would have beat me by 2

  • “That musty flick I hit on you tho” 😂😂

  • chicago in 1s: 'let me go for a solo play here' and here you know 100% chicago is a 3s player

  • Im on ps4 musti_140

  • Your a sellout

  • “Dragon City is 1 of my favorite games” 😂😂😂😂

    • @Virtual Hydro No, I get that he's sponsored by them and they paid him. But I still would have argued that with them, or simply not done it. In my opinion you shouldn't be accepting sponsors like that if you don't believe in them, or they make you lie like that. It cheapens you.

    • @Rudy Wolsfeld They paid him to say that

    • They paid him and gave him a script

    • Yeaaaah the least he could do was not lie about it.

    • On god he a liar 🤥. He knows damn well he’s never played that shit in his life

  • Rocket League videos are usually interesting, not particularly funny. This one is an exceptions. Oh boy I was laughing when you were hitting those points against arsenal.

  • I already play dragon city xD

  • "Oh good save by us" Arsenal: *pain* 5:14

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  • Cmon now , we all know you dont play dragon city

  • Musty be honest Is the only other game you play Dragon city?

  • This is like lying about the score in pe football

  • What mod are you using

  • If u see this comment I bet u clicked on this vid just because of the thumb nail

  • I have dragon city it’s awsome it’s my fav game


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  • u didn’t play aswell cos you was so concentrated on the mod for goal giving