I Bought $69 "Cosplays"

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Sij 2021.
I try on more $69 Budget Cosplays. Including Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter, Kanroji Mitsuri from Demon Slayer, Full Metal Alchemist, JoJo's and many more cosplayer to cosplay.
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  • 5:20 wtf is that ?

  • Um is anyone else upset that he number on does not have a wig cap and is wearing it side ways ( still lmao though)

  • Anyone alas get rickrolled by an ad

  • Welcome to Conner ruins your favorite anime's with his terrible cosplays!!!

  • Hisoka's wig looks hilarious🤣

  • Yeah we're DEFINITELY NOT here to watch him strip...

  • i hate ur editor

  • Why does he jump 2 weeks ahead.. What does he talk about

  • Evan is everything 🤣🙏 best editor. Bless this video

  • Got a pregnancy test add and a vegetable pizza add went Connor too of his clothes and... I guess my the doctor and the ads agree...

  • "Oh Gon~" Lord I just started watching it cause my brother was watching it and I didn't want to watch it with him...

  • The fruit is not yet ripe

  • Can we all just give this man some respect for doing this. 🙏🙏

  • "He said I was overweight." _SMASH CUT_ *_"AAAAAAAAAAAH"_*

  • I don't know why I became so enraged after seeing the back part chimera from the full metal alchemist cosplay. Maybe I remembered that scene in the anime, that's why.

  • Evan x connor yaoi when?

  • Now when i see sydney i see himehajime and when i see hime i see sydney

  • PLEASE cosplay 1 of the characters from Kuroinu

  • I love how he did Hisoka and female Kakyoin. * crying emojis * I love it.


  • "why don't you go play with the neighbour's kid?" the neighbour's kid: 0:00

  • joker persona 5

  • 10:33 me be on the floor XD

  • i liked the first wig 😂

  • now buy 690$ cosplay, im subbed so do it

  • the victorian era laugh was just mwah chefs kiss

  • I want gigguk's shirt

  • Haven’t watched Re:Zero but Echidna is kinda bad 😳

  • 6:40 all the people who think Connor should wear more skirts 👉

  • 11:42 IM CRYIN

  • I am so trigger by a swimsuit. What did I do wrong?

  • Do cardcaptor sakura xD

  • None of them are my favourite I give all the cosplay costume a zero I didn't like any of them mate anyway have a good one mate by 🇦🇺👍😀🥰

  • That intro is amazing. Epic. The Mitsuri cosplay is the best.

  • Love these cosplay episodes, soo funny and that opening scene haha 😄


  • You should do Magical Senpai

  • When you are thin in every other country of the world: Japan: you are overweight.

  • Why was Evan so scared there ain't much there anyway

  • You should cosplay Zero Two!!

  • Me:clicks the video Video: 0:00 Parents in front of me: 👁️👄👁️ Me: I can explai---

  • At 4:50 the mic is clipped to his chest hair lmaoooo

  • Can someone please teach Connor that the sib of a skript isn't supposed to be at the front

  • Hisoka? No. *Hisonnor.*

  • U...have ruined...fma

  • Every single thing about that intro was perfect.....no, wait, nvm. All of the video was just perfect

  • can u do a hanako cosplay?

  • "The Anime Dude"

  • 69$ 👌🏻nice👌🏻

  • what’s the name of your outro song? i absolutely love it

  • Is nobody going to talk abt the intro...

  • yoo if i get this video out of context it would be as long as the original

  • Cosplay as shrek

  • Oh no step bro I’m going to slay your demons

  • I don't care about his cosplays, I'm here for the thirst trap lol

  • Gigguk T-shirt.

  • I re-watch this video all the time just to see this on part at 3:25 i cant stop laughing at the wig!

  • i would love to see you in haruhi bunny edition cosplay ;)

  • Heres a idea you should dress as Lucy Heartfillia From Fairytail

  • We need more of this in 2021

  • I love how Evan added lil clips talking back to Connor. It's just amazing kndkwd

  • Yeah but did you know that bungee gum has both the properties of rubber and gum?

  • Connor at 7:45 looks like a 2000s emo anime-loving school girl Britney Spears

  • Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario Vampire please

  • the "i look like a doctor who villain" was probs one of the funniest parts lmao

  • I literally clicked this bc I saw "69" and "hisoka" and was like "WTF CONNOR-"

  • You should cosplay mikan tsumiki from danganronpa 2 goodbye despair

  • I want to see Connor in Uraraka's hero costume, anyone else? No? Just me? Ok then

  • Connor: tAnJiRo I nEeD hElP! Ad: *get your body ready*

  • 3:14 love the Gintama BGM🤣

  • not to go requesting a Basic Male Cosplay(tm) but PLEASE cosplay Aoba from Dramatical Murder

  • I really hope he cosplay as law

  • The hisoka costume was actually pretty nice....just the wig

  • Hisoka with sideburns

  • 69? thats kindof ... nice

  • höhöhö can u cosplay ghost king hua cheng? xDD

  • Could you do Dabi from My hero academia next please

  • Alternate Title: Connor Goes To Clown Town

  • "when the button is bigger than the hole" I mean, yeah, that's how buttons work.

  • me: *watches vid infront of dad* the into: ;) also, did you know bungee gum has both the properties of rubber and gum?


  • "Connor calling tanjiro while in cosplay" "gets an ad about best anime" "Demon Slayer pop ups" Me: .-. wtf-

  • "how do you even keep the wig out of your face?" ...connor have you heard of wig styling

  • This is a intro is a video that lives rent-free in my head.

  • Your doctor said you were OVERWEIGHT ?! Jeez Japan that's unhealthy

  • The "This video is on house" bit fucking killed me

  • 7:15 I wish

  • Has Connor done a cosplay collab with Aki? I think it'd be fun, especially for Connor to go to an actual cosplay store and get decent props and go to one of those studios and get some photos done lol

  • (sees hisoka cosplay) My brain:don't do it- Me:I'm gonna do it My brain:DON- Me:GOoOn

  • Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight :D

  • 0:04 war

  • Always kills me how he put on the stockings. Like hey, you don’t unroll the protection before putting it on. Same technique here

  • Connor, we know your gay pall. We know.

  • 4:50 i- is that mic... on your chest hair?? ✨ creative✨

  • That intro🤣

  • Hisoka-man !!! Haha

  • I love the Gintama music for the Hisoka apology video XD

  • CDawg: I don't think people come here to watch me strip.... Me: *sweating nervously* .... 1:30

  • Omgoodness plz do Junko Enoshima form Danganronpa!!!!!!

  • So this just showed up in my recommended and I am delighted I clicked, subbed