I Challenged Professional Football Players to a 1v1...

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Sij 2021.
I challenged 2 of the best football HRdownrs @Deestroying and @Dockery to a football competition and it was INSANE!!
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Dockery: @Dockery
Sherman: @ShermanTheVerman
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  • drop a like & subscribe if i should join the NFL

    • Nice to try the 30 yard

    • ok

    • that hard catch you failed you did do a good job i subed

    • What team lmao

    • @1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022? is the time of time to get this app out to the app and I can get it to be free and I can get it r rrrerrrrrrrr

  • 20 m please did him

  • Me sitting here know non about sports

  • Join the NFL

  • 10:56 why does this look like cod

  • Can someone tell me what was on Noah’s back I forgot

  • Noah what’s on your back like those red or brown dots

  • I realy want a ps5

  • Cool

  • yes

  • Behind his back damn

  • Hi

  • far u did mean as Faze rug man dokery's catches r legendary

  • 6:45 he ran like a little kid running to their parents

  • Can i get a iphone 12 plz because I want to gift it to my mother wish me luck

  • I’m 9 years old and you make my day

  • FaZe rug: HOWD HE CATCH THAT Dockery:I dont know

  • I can't even do that only soccer how

  • The sharp wire substantively trust because pot acly rule beneath a true company. lamentable, last steam

  • Destroying beat the nfl rec

  • Is that the guy from TikTok who where’s the football helmet

  • They aren’t even pros they are HRdownrs.

  • Donlad sucks he ain’t even rich he only has a mansion but that doesn’t mean that he is rick

  • Football !!

  • not pros

  • Dockery is legit but he always half assing things when it comes to competition. Like man you is a beast, don't doubt yourself.

  • @10:15 you spelled challenge wrong 💀

  • Rug it was funny when you broke the thing then you said no way I destroyed that hahahahahaha🤣🤣

  • You mean AMERICAN football

  • Can I be in a video, pleaz.I subed droped a like and have notis on.

  • Dock would’ve won all he needed was a little speed and the throw

  • Noah fam

  • Rug said I thought 40 seconds was good I feel bad for sherman he just stood there like my time was 45 😡🤬

  • Can I please have a PS5 my mom got scammed and I’m a huge fan

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  • (4:37) what has noah in his back?? (10:14) you spelled challenge wrong

  • You should challenge my cousin

  • What’s on Noah’s back

  • The real handicap methodically guarantee because mine allegedly last pace a idiotic cod. slim, steadfast bronze

  • Rug you have to kick it from the side lmao

  • Destroying Should Be A NFL Kicker Lowkey

  • 3:01 song name?

  • There was wind blowing through my eyes and I blinked lol.

  • I keep rewatching this cause this is insane pls make more

  • i love the way rug kicks and much love to them 2 and sherman lol

  • “The wind is going left so we have to kick it towards the left” what school did you go to? his school: 85+75=8575 that is correct. my school be like: e392 Times e9291= 17,698

  • Rugg

  • I am in the NBA and the NFL

  • all the legends go to this highschool 😎

  • didn't yall see he spelled challenge wrong at 10:10

  • 6:38 look at docks face lmao

  • Browns we need this kicker

  • My friend has the same gloves

  • Destroying is the best kicker in the world

  • Jidion hates you

  • This is not football lol. Yes i'm an European

  • FaZe Rug I want a ps5 or an iPhone 12 because I need one and I am you biggest fan when you hit 20 million which I think it will happen very soon and I subscribed and liked

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  • Wow

  • Like and subscribe if u want faze rug to post ( Faze rug Vr. OBJ ) on HRdown

  • I’m gonna explode right now

  • I love football what’s your favorite team in football

  • KC

  • He didn’t get the one that he said. 250k likes not 250k likes

  • Who think destroying is going to be Á punter in the nfl

  • rug im a boy btw but can you add me on fortnite please it will be my dream qt fr0st with 0

  • The. Behind the back catch is easy y’all dramatic

    • I don’t even post everyday like you and I still got more subs I’m weak 😂

    • @Liana’s Vlogs ok but first i would like if you get more then 2 subscribers and 2 views

    • i would like to see u try ;)

  • Yeet

  • Wu

  • Oh he got the one hand

  • I love football

  • I would be able to catch that

  • Wow

  • Bruh tell me why when he said chicken nuggets I got a McDonald’s ad

  • Noah should win cuz he run all that yards

  • Do you remember you know we are back to win out here you already lost my kid you’re so water your dog water my kid

  • Hey face drugs I have one question for you

  • Rug was pretty slick not gonna lie

  • I love football and base ball

  • I thought Sherman made it

  • Have yall noticed that in the intro of deestroying he missed the fieldgoal.

  • Faze said the winds going left so kick it left in The field goal challenge.

  • NFL stands for, National football league. This is just for the people who don’t know what it stands for

  • I love football 🏈

  • Y7ghm5dtydh6fyjtuj time, Girls

  • Love

  • 65 yards is the farthest in nfl

  • What you're shong okay

  • no you should not

  • Who else wishes they could catch like decory?

  • Deestroying is whereing Danny duncun murch

  • hi

  • he said his personal record was 75 when the world record is 64

  • What about water y Gatorade

  • I love faze rug

  • Next video playing football (SOCCER) with Messi

  • bad push ups

  • Dockery 🥶💯

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  • Hi faze rug