I'm Quitting Garen

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Svi 2019.
thank you garen for all the views,
sincerely GOAT AP Infinity edge Lawnmower Leader Garen
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  • Zed: get me out of this game, everytime i press tab i get tilted

  • Where is "I'm quitting Teemo" video?

  • Again

  • Garden video

  • I want

  • F

  • That actually touched ma heart

  • Ok pianta won as: Garen with zed jungle and zilean supp Garen ap Garen with 0 cs Garen with 0 items and levels. Idk if the enemies you play against are dumb... or if garen is actually the most op champion.

  • this time he plays again


  • The fact that he won that game tilts me really hard😂😂😂

  • Basic Garen; the strongest of them all.

  • so sad:(ç why?

  • This video is what made me the garen i am today


  • Did he actually quit tho


  • NO YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE YOU WERE THE PROPHET i saw your "is your game winnable" and got inspired to play garen.. and main him. why must you break my heart and shatter my dreams.. I know im late but my feelings are just as strong..

  • İs giveaway still contiuning? because i need one 🙄

  • ahhhh mana potions takes me back to the days

  • Better top wins

  • I cry everytime.

  • i shall carry your legacy.

  • in they dying montage he has no items... lmao

  • Gayren

  • hes gonna quit tenmo next watch

  • I want this pc to sell iys and buy rp

  • rovur tomun

  • Pianta:im quitting garen 3 months later Riot:Garen Reworks!

  • they are reworking garen

  • Captain Pianta!!! Its no time to lose faith Tornado Garen is coming

  • Me

  • playing tank garen. Win playing ad garen. Win playing AP garen. Win?!? playing BASIC GAREn. STILL WIN WTF? not even playing garen... and claim to challenge... i give up

  • And then rekkles win a game with garen "adc" (i mean, supporting yuumi) at lec... i hope for another video

  • i rly want a new pc and i cant get one and i am soo sad i rly want it pls let me win the give away

  • I can tell you watch David’s vlogs xd

  • does pianta have a discord channel

  • Garen is the best champion forever

  • You know you can play him anytime and while not recording

  • I cri evritim

  • Garno only to challenger !

  • What did I just watch... He won. No item. No skill. Just basic attacks. *Primate Garen*

  • A brain dead champion for people with dead brains

  • Riven Sher

  • I did all my entries on wrong computer add omfg

  • Wait

  • What about demacia?

  • am i like the only person that realised this is a parody of david dobriks breakup video lmfao

  • Dont quit Garen pls!!!!!

  • * Enemy team picks garen * Pianta: *It's Sylas time*

  • I could have sworn that that garen montage is what riot likes to call: iNtEnTioNaL feEdInG

  • I’m still crying

  • Emotional! wait...is this..?

  • I almost cried

  • how old are you??

  • Hi there can someone makes subtitle im a french 13 year old boy and i'd like to learn english with video so pls do it thx a lot

  • ♡♡♡

  • Fakin lucky every game

  • Also is kaibear a, gay bear because i wanna tapdat.

  • COOL video but @Ristiummask would like to have a Word with you.

  • I press F so many times while i was crying 😭

  • :'v

  • i cried the whole video

  • What name of music?

  • :(((( dont pls

  • :(((( dont pls

  • Actually really toxic.

  • Press F for that garen youtuber

  • pianta I love your videos and this one made me cry enjoy ur retirement

  • ME PLS

  • Go... go... go...

  • O7

  • fuck im crying

  • i'm quitting life

  • Give me the pc now.

  • The impressive part was not winning with No Item No Ability Garen, it was doing that with Yuumi on your team.

  • I wish i could have a pc like that, one day :')

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nice video TBH 😂😂😂😂😂💔😭

  • Pls come back to Garen.

  • Fuck you and other champs

  • You're Goanna win your own PC? Respect that =)

  • Rip

  • Man desist of quitting with Garen D:

  • But this isn’t the Glacier

  • lol i just start maining him

  • F

  • This made me sad.

  • Just got you recommended: I love you and your channel. Nohomo

  • After this checking pinata league acc

  • Why am i crying so Damn Loud.

  • Why the fuck is this video in my subscriber notifications?

  • le epicly sad :'(

  • pianta said he's done with teemo. BOOM tenmo player was born. guess we have another one trick account now

  • Why am i crying

  • im glad u are not in my server

  • 5900+ gold no items? and no skills leveled up lol

  • No garen don't go

  • I cri

  • you are kicked from garen master race