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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on HRdown, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.



  • i always find it a little disturbing when people’s “ideal” is blonde hair and blue eyes.. red flag

  • so this is a modern, gender-bent Pixel Perfect? great

  • Ok is anyone else concerned about the fact that Mae is basically falling in love with a robot? Like....that's not healthy 😐oof

  • Disney channels version of terminator

  • I just subbed and turned on notis i am a try greg

  • Albert broke all 3 of Asimov's law of robotics in this movie. Therefore he should be terminated.... oh wait

  • Pp

  • I don't understand why in some school movies people call some kids by where they're from. Like in this they call Albert Alaska and in Mean Girls they call the girl Africa. I have NEVER heard anyone do that in real life

  • Watch Zombies next it’s terrible.

    • No zombies is soooo good

  • I always forget that Danny is 26 and not 13

  • Wait... you said this was a kinda good movie compared to other Disney Channel movies... That's honestly terrifying because this is one of the worst movies I've seen someone react to. Like the plot had potential... but the way they did it *SUCKED.*

  • The Simp-Bot

  • "Hey May I'm a really boy" nutcracker Danny flashbacks

  • 11:22 his license plate says "meow zers" on it....

  • "Maybe her bones are getting squishy..." I love whenever he makes this reference from scales, he really should make this merch.

  • Blonde hair and blue eyes? Sounds like Hitlers perfect race, and what did hitler want? Super soldiers and huge armys to fight, and he wanted... Oh my god, his perfect race to be those soldiers, THIS MOVIE IS A NEO NAZI PROPAGANDA MOVIE!!?!???!!?!

  • The guy at 14:41, Roger Bart used to date Trisha Paytas. Lol

  • OH GOD , Disney movies

  • So I see Disney Channel Original movies haven't changed at all since 2005.

  • Hmm Can I bleach my brain??

  • everytime i see that dude now i got the "eeeeeoooooooo!" in my head, thanks Danny xx

  • It’s been so long since I watched this channel

  • omg as a kid this was like my favorite movie 😭

  • Also I just subscribed and I’m really happy to be greg

  • I think the frog shirt is really cool cause I love frogs 🥺

  • im trying to build the Best Rocket in Spaceflight Simulator 1.5

  • Alt title: Detroit: become human

  • why dont you say greg day?

  • the story avengers civil war is based on

  • The classy colon phytochemically park because male transmurally look plus a half air. gray greasy great, lame wind

  • 3:27 Notice how she takes off her glasses to look at him.

  • I feel dominated

  • 8:27 are they nazis now?

  • T

  • He was 25? Dude im old enough to be a disney channel star where do I sign up to be told no?

  • We all know its just a copy of "Weird Scince"

  • Danny you’ve obviously never met anyone in the military, cause if I had the option to self destruct than continue on you damn well know I’m gonna just blow myself up

  • -XyRtGYtaSa4

  • i wonder wtf would everyone else in school think when Albert just zoomed into space

  • E

  • 8:15

  • 8:14

  • pls danny should watch ahs

  • “Hallo” -Joe Beijing

  • Do camp rock!

  • Hey you should check out sky high

  • I haven't watched Danny in two months and I felt really bad

  • ni ce

  • o k

  • How to build a better girl... Remove vocal cords.

  • do you feel dominated right now me:no i feel vilated

  • is that johnny from the outsiders on mae’s wall-- i love this movie even more edit: when i was 9 i watched this movie for china and kelli and now yet again im watching this movie for china and kelli

  • What a stupid ending!

    • If your pfp dressed differently and maybe did there makeup differently, they would look like May😳

  • the only thing that came to my head is that in the beginning of the movie they said they were taking senior math calculus or whatever, so doesn’t that mean that there just as smart as a regular high school senior? And disney just like makes them seem as smart as like some one who would work for NASA or whatever but they really aren’t and I am just so mad right now that my child brain fell for that. Sorry if I’m cringy.

  • You look like James Charles

  • “Give me your boots, your clothes, and your Lamborghini”

  • I know the main character from another show

  • Is no body gonna talk about the fact after we see Jayden's gf we never see him again..?

  • A good concept of the viles of liquid is like a different type of fuel for the emotions

  • 1:13 I used to think they were so much smarter than me for being sophomores in senior calculus, but now that I'll be a sophomore in honors senior calculus next year, I realize they're really not

  • my real name is mae so 12:34 was extra terrifying

  • Did Danny just call that liquid....a SKIN BATH

  • Shitty wandavision

  • why so many dislike wtf lol

  • I read the title wrong I thought it said I bullied a better boy lol

  • I really want the sci-fi/thriller version of this story.

  • All that and she couldn’t even keep the boy? I’d be pissed 😤

  • Flamingo is typing...

  • 3:34 you know how there’s the meme about how gays cannot physically sit right in chairs like somehow we all just don’t sit proper? Yeah

  • Pls do Alvin and the chipmunk the squeakquel

  • adventures of food boy pls it's a gem

  • thought he was saying "hella fresh" lol

  • You should watch upside down magic. I only saw 30 minutes of it but I already know it sucks

  • Meep

  • wait but the song higher, from this movie, was actually a bop

  • Mae really just fucking said 'my boyfriend goes to another school'

  • Pinocchio NSFW version

  • 3:41 why does it look like he’s about to make out with the chair

  • So my teacher is expressing dominance? He sits backwards on a chair. hes 60 i think

  • do zombes

  • But why was this my favorite movie when I was younger!!

    • This is a bruh moment

  • You watch it once and don't realize Noah Centineo is in this omg I can't

  • They called them nerds as if they’re not all in that math class that’s smart 😂

  • What the hell kind of school disects LIVE frogs?

  • Wannane weird science

  • "I decided I don't want to kiss with you" "Oh, OK" "I'm gonna kill you now" "wat" (Stabs him in the heart with a knife)

  • Oh my lord. The number plate on his car says 'meowsers'

  • May when given the idea of creating a social media account for a fake boyfriend: That’s creepy and lame. May when given the idea to make a realistic virtual boyfriend and code his software: This is perfectly natural.

  • gay people can't sit properly, the cool people can't sit properly......

  • 7:30 don’t mind me, just saving my favorite time stamp

  • srry I cant comment bc I dont have a computers

  • What a mean robot.

  • I keep watching this video just bc of the quotes "HE'S TOO F*CKIN HUNKY" and "Mean robot". These lines kill me haha

  • you should watch valocipastor

  • 8:22 why does she have a Justin Bieber poster?

  • I really hope her bones aren’t getting squishy 😟

  • Medium well? Pink on the inside? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

  • *hot burger*

  • You should watch minute men it’s a DCOM from the really early 2000s