i'm back!

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Lip 2020.
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Boris is back! This is a status update on the current situation. The situation is good. Cooked with a chainsaw last time and cooking basics is coming. Leave your request in the comments and I will add it to the list of 300 I already have. No idea too crazy!
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Stay cheeki breeki! Enjoy!
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  • 0:14 *slavic bear movement*

  • Boris: *lifts shirt 2 cm* Audience: IM ABBOUT TO SIMP

  • Аааа сука ржака

  • Dude your fucking awesome. Much love from America. No I am not a western spy. Lol

  • 0:57 boris belly reveal

  • backgroud music : uamee - Milking It

  • For some reason I always come back to this video when I have a bad day. Stay cheek breeki Boris!

  • glorius

  • Two, the Boris always puts in one...THE BAYLEAF... the he throws in two because why not.

  • Boris have stomach verified

  • show us some slavic candies like horalky.

  • How do I smoke my own sausage???????????????

  • Your awesome Boris!!

  • make anatoli speak again

  • How to make Slav pickle!?!?!?!?!?!?!???

  • May 4, 2020 Boris: I’m Leaving June 2, 2020 Boris: I’m BAAAAACK!!!!! Return of the Slav king

  • I'm late to the party. Добро пожаловать назад comrade.

  • I see where all the mayonnaise has gone in 6 years 😍❤️

  • i love this guy

  • Would love to see Adidas and WeSlav collaboration someday

  • He stole the carpet from aloona

  • But I wasn't to see the old videos o never even got a chance to see them is there any other way to see those videos please 😭😭

  • How do I smoke semechki????????????????????

  • 😡

  • I thought this would be a Russian 6ix9ine music video

  • I thought this would be a Russian 6ix9ine music video

  • I counted in my head and assuming he has exactly 300 ideas and makes around 2.5 videos per month avg he would finish the list in 10 years.

  • I have the same carpet (but on the floor) :D

  • 4:41 OUR channel?

  • 2:09 Boris appearing from inside the wall? Is this what he stole from those western spies?

  • A man of his time.


  • the 606 people who disliked are western spies

  • cringe

  • Boris, I went to Bulgaria a few times and I want to know,, how do u make Pastarma Govezhda?!

  • waiting for decorating gingerbread house with hand grenade

  • Your channel is pure antimatter Boris ! In a good way :D priceless I mean

  • Leaves Creates cooking with chainsaw video before telling viewers he's back Makes video saying he's back

  • Vadim, cough COUGH! Vadim has to look after Boris as he is ill

  • go boris!

  • If you look closely, at 6:29 you can see some of his face

    • I'm not falling for the same trick once again, cyka

  • The man, THE MYTH , has RETURNED!!!!!!!!!

  • It would be cool to see some more programming videos!

  • brain/out gameplay

  • So about that anatoli channel-

  • He lives in ############### st petersburg

  • 0:57 at least we know you are a slav man not boy now for man stick lenght

  • I feel Slavic pride welling up from deep inside my very soul every time I watch one of Boris’s videos. Slavenski Ponos!

  • that 1 russian guy that actually is a russian.

  • Vodka

  • Somehow lost your channel a while ago but I’m so happy I found it again ;u;

  • Дарова Борис я твой новый подписчик

  • Not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed.

  • I bought metro 2033 redux because of you. best decision ever.

  • 0:58 whoa save some masha for the rest of us

  • Cute moment 3:42




  • The new boris setting is blyatiful

  • My video not upload on yt Blyat

  • make goрnik gingerbread man on christmas


  • I blame Vadim for negative reviews.

  • ROAD TO 5M

  • I made Blin's

  • Visit some slav countries you didnt visit like BELARUS SERBIA etc. I gave you an idea😂but sure u dont need


  • Just found out where Boris is from, actually had no clue that he lives in a country next to mine like damn, wont spoil it though

    • @Abyss google Where lives Life of Boris, then will come Estonia but he may be born in Russia

    • @Bugger 2033 oh shiet for real? How did you find out?

    • He lives in estonia everyone kbows that xd

  • After watching hours of your cooking videos i can't watch any of your videos without getting hungry lmao

  • Ofcourse, he needed to cook with a chainsaw before uploading the "I'm coming back" video

  • Imagine *Mr. Slav* meets our Comrade *Boris* 🤔🤔🤔

  • "Same microphone from 2015. Why fix if not broken?"

  • Boris when are squatnik suits coming back

  • YES OUR KING IS BACK 😌😌😌☭☭☭☭

  • Wait a minute he was in bratislava my hometown in austria is not an hour away

  • Boris Karbas gut

  • Put automatic subtitles and watch part 1:15 (intel masturbates)

  • something tells me he meant to upload this first and HRdown pulled a my yt channel on him

  • assuming 1 video every week then 52 videos every year, so about 6 years

  • I have vodka 4 u

  • Русские здесь На месте

  • Can u do a q&a at 4mil subs

  • I like life of boris video...uraaaaaaa


    • Thank you

    • @izakymom yes comrade

    • Hye Emmanwell I liked every recent comment until 1month so equally everyone gets one like from me if they recent so KOMMUNISM

  • negative comments on Boris videos? must be vadim blyat

  • Obviously we all sound different one time theenn different another

  • the return of the king

  • Da comrade Boris has returned URA

  • We all look like you now.

  • Slav brother you come БЛЯТЬ

  • I have no idea if he is actually a blyat

  • Gdzie jest kurwa Polska, dawaj mi Polskę Pamiętasz ten polski majonez??????

  • We all thought we'd see his face. Ha, no! His long schlo-

  • Russia+vodka+AK-47=1000000 rpm

  • Never fear,Boris is here

  • kurwa he's back

  • Hey Boris it is winter down here in Australia and us bogans would love to know how to grow potatoes like Babushka

  • Ti zaedal gde russan sybtitrs

  • Twój kanał jest Kurwa Zajebisty 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • I searched "Im back" I ignored the top ones