I Made a FULL EMERALD BEACON in Minecraft Skyblock! (#9)

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Stu 2020.
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In Episode 9 of Hardcore One Block Skyblock, I Made a Full EMERALD BEACON! Following the video where i made One Of Every Beacon in Minecraft Hardcore, I decided to make a return to my Hardcore skyblock series by making an emerald beacon in minecraft skyblock!
Welcome back to One Block Skyblock! The Series of Minecraft Skyblock but you only get one block! The difference is... this time it's HARDCORE One Block Skyblock! What can you achieve in Minecraft but there's only one block? will I be able to survive one block survival minecraft when it's in hardcore? Let's find out! This is Minecraft ONE BLOCK SKYBLOCK, but it's Hardcore episode 9
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  • Hypixel: watches this video One day later... Hypixel: NEW GAME - Wither Spleef!!!

  • Java players: Wither is Wither Bedrock players: Well yes, but actually no

  • on 4 blocks of dirt use only one sapling

  • Full emerald beacon in 1 block sky block is such a flex 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Love your videos!!!!!!!!!

  • Imagine he kills the wither and the star falls of the world

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  • Yeah the wither skull did take the 18 wither skeletons=skull well 3 more but 18+18=36 so it’s close

  • 0:06 captions- buy my money

  • How you remove mouse pointer

  • the emerald beacon was already have made by lazarbeam on his minecraft survival

  • That's why my picture is a green minecraft player

  • My favorite beacon is the emerald beacon

  • nooooo not the overworld+wither

  • The sound of XP which gaining is very soothing... Love the soung of XP... Who else like me who like the soothing of XP will hit the like...

  • So I did some trading off camera...

  • It is weird that I knew you were going to say but my mercy because I watched this video 3 months ago but still remember?

  • Subbed at 2.19 mil

  • Don’t tell me I’m the only one who watched these series in one day

  • Him : make a becon Me: well the platform is another circle

  • niggah emad]as] d as d asd a] sd a sd a s da s d as dasd a s da sda sd a s dasdasd a

  • 3:38 me too man

  • WadZee: The king of beacons

  • Lol


  • POV: Dream collects wither skulls

  • I can never make a correct circle

  • for a second i saw that you have 217 million subscriber

  • faster way to trade: Hold space spam shit and spam your mouse on the emerald

  • This why i bacame fan When i was watching I found this video So i click it and After many time ago I enjoyed so i click Red subscribe

  • I only subscribe you and 1 more I like your channel

  • luke the notable

  • You are bestest gamer I ever seen

  • When j look at my skyblock island and yours I hate mine


  • Where was the water checkpoint im thirsty

  • Y Overworld

  • he died his level was lower than last??

  • You are very very pro

  • Wadzee you didn't do the water checkpoint

  • RLcraft Skyblock

  • 10:31 how do you trade like that

  • Your island is the best

  • I am to lazy to make a mobfarm

  • Yknow I've always been curious y u turn it into slabs that kinda wastes the material or is it more durability?

  • Wadzee: I was still at this for hours Luke the notable: pathetic


  • you are sooooooooooooooo much brave

  • Wadzee single handedly makes the wither skeleton species extinct

  • Put it in the middle of the villager hall, it will look cool and I think beacons go through enchantment tables

  • I love the way how wad zee named the bow pew pew 🤣 Edit WadZee: THAT'S ALOT OF DAMAGE Me: *Dying from laughter*

  • i subscribe cuz yes

  • one second before you place the beacon i get an add

  • Wudzee make a foll netheright beacon on sky block

  • Who else saw that he missed a wither skeleton skull

  • Dude I had to kill 170 either skellys to get my 3 skulls on my survival world with looting3

  • dude i respect you sooooo much, the effort you put in to these videos inspire me, i mean cutting down trees for 2+ hours that's crazy

  • Pls put mending on the tools like pick axe sword

  • Did anyone notice that the chest in which he stored the wooden logs name was nether chest??? What a mystery???

  • Great Vid

  • Damn, I missed the merch

  • LTN: just one? Pathetic

  • I'm my moms son i subscribed to you you make the best video's ever

  • When he was about to put the beacon a skip add came and that was the only skip add that came out this whole video 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • When the next episode ??

  • i kill my first wither skeleton with iron sword and i got skul

  • What if the star was gone in the whole😂

  • Bro , You can make mending !

  • You just killed hamilton

  • Wadzee had an equal calculation for the wither skeletons 18 + 18 = 36 and he had 39 which is an equal amount.

  • pure effort HAHA

  • You should make a Beacon out of a beacons

  • Yo its risky to fight the wither know the overworld, it could blow up everything. It's easier to do it in the nether from my experience

  • Wadzee

  • LTN Quitely sitting in the corner LTN: Im 4 Paralley Universes Ahead Of You

  • I really just binge watched this entire series in one night

  • Luke the notable. Psshhhhh.

  • It is raining because you are making everything circle

  • How on earth has one MONTH passed since the upload of this great video!

  • U inspire me a lot with ur videos, one day I want 2 do what u do

  • That's not how probability works tho.

  • I saw the beating minecraft in the ocean...and how I'm addicted to this channel

  • These are the people that got an ad as soon as he was about to place the beacon

  • What’s the server ip of this

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  • *Me seeing title* Me : "Not again, WadZee."

  • Do in *Bedwars man*


  • Happy 2m sub

  • emerald is probably the easiest of them all, just trade glass for emeralds

  • Imagine of the wither had a 10% drop rate

  • If a fish villager max level is it can trade 1 pufferfish for 1 emerald

  • He killed golems to trade with weaponsmith lol

  • Wadzee on hard ore : using square gang traitor

  • rip team trees

  • Bro is your mouse safe as you are clicking so fast .I am very sad for mouse .😭😭😭

  • make a coal lapiz redstone and quadz beacon i i i i i i i i i it wont work but it will look good

  • wadzee is so stupid that he fight the wither in the over world