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  • Fresh I am Subscribed to FreshFresh and Fresh and Notifications Please can I have a PS5.

  • Did he know that he could hook up a Keyboard and mouse to the PS5?

  • Fresh that's a left handed controller

  • I want a ps5 because my family doesn’t have the money to buy it

  • You are so trash at ps5

  • and you have to turn up aim assist strength to 100Percernt

  • I can help use a burst ar for long range

  • Anyone else notice the buttons and d-pad are switched?

  • Lol practice makes perfect u can't expect to just win after a few days lol love ur vids tho

  • I play on ps4 and Xbox 1 dude you need xbox

  • I’m waiting for him to say wassup guys no!!!

  • Is that a left handed controller??.

  • Fresh: to dann easy Still fresh: dies im done with this game

  • atleast he knows how hard to be a conttroller player

  • I hate her I am mad at her

  • my mom just got me the ps5 but she said I can't play on it so like whats the point of getting me the ps5 you know

  • I know fresh won't look at this comment, but you can hook up your key board and mouse to your PS5 that's what I do

  • 'and five xbox x's' me and other Xbox EXTREME enthusiasts: We'll find you, and we will beat you at Fortnite

  • Why is your handcam inverted

  • Fresh you can turn the vibration off in settings

  • How do you join the challenge

  • Through this entire video when he says he’s not a controller player I’m just saying hook up keyboard and mouse

  • Ir my fave utubet

  • Yo fresh if u see this I love ur videosss keep up the content

  • You have an aimbot

  • they have clouds for PS5 players??!!

  • You do know you can plug in a keyboard and mouse to Console

  • I have a ps5

  • fresh give me the ps5 if u hate it

  • Can I pleas get a ps5😢😊

  • U know u could of just connected ur keyboard and mouse right?

  • u ar trash fresh

  • the reason u can't prob aim is because ur aim is to slow

  • Is that controller backwards?

  • Us controller players can teach you

  • Was aim assist strong -exactly

  • I wanna ps5 pls can I join the giveaway

  • I was jealous but after I got a ps5 for Christmas

  • Yup

  • I want the ps5 plz I sub and like and I still have ps4 and my brother sub and like can we have one of ps5 and the xboxs plz I love console

  • i wone the compotition and i got a xbox

  • I want the ps5

  • Does anyone notice that the controller looks different

  • Mr fresh I've been a subscriber for 1 year I love you videos please choose me I never have been chosen in my life please choose me Mr fresh 🙏🙏

  • Kalm

  • I plsy on ps4

  • You are the best fresh

  • U can plug in a usb keyboard and mouse

  • You should not be an console player 😂

  • I’m better than you at controller

  • Hey fresh can i get the ps5 please!?!? I've done it all

  • Can I get a ps5 please I’m one of your biggest fans I actually made a youtube account to subscribe and hit the bell

  • Im so sad i did not see the notaficaton when you uploaded

  • Fresh i thought you was not playing on console again?

  • Hey do u have a mask

  • I’m like 95% sure his hand cam is inverted, but idk

  • I have a ps5

  • his jump is press right joystick 😐 bru

  • imagine fresh using a switch

  • P”ease me, I am not so rich

  • a jusd code fresh

  • jusd kode fresh

  • I watched this vid just to see your binds

  • U can connect kayboard and mouse with USB

  • PS 5 don't have aim asist

  • My brother is getting a ps5 next year but I want a ps5

  • He had aim assist on

  • MOM

  • Can you get me one of the ps5 please

  • I want a ps5 please please please please please please please please please Fresh your the best person in the game

  • My series x is better

  • He uses a mask in all his thumbnails

  • The controller cam is changed the x botton is left and o is left and triangle is left and square is left ???? 😂😂

  • Can we get him too say “ what’s up guys no” ?

  • when henchmen had 200 overall health

  • I GOT A PS5

  • I FOT A PS5

  • The Most Scary Thing Is Fresh Using Aim Assist On Pc

  • I hate creative nerds

  • Hi

  • But xbox series x is green wtf

  • he is on left hand controler

  • If the give away isn’t over then Pls comment on one of my vids Sleek Sheep :3

  • Do you want to play

  • Can you add me my name is Fresh2020

  • How do we get in giveaway

  • lol edit button is circle but u have to hold it..................its really annoying

  • i love how his aim is better when he doesn’t aim, than when he does

  • Nice

  • I am a pro and I mean pro on PS4 controller but only on 30 FPS I don’t have the console and I want it

  • you got this boy

  • Ps5 is joke

  • i jave a ps5 but im still so new to the buttons

  • I have a ps5 too and i thought i was a bot i learned to do 90s 2 weeks ago than i saw Fresh on console...... I AM A PROOOOOOO

  • Giveaway

  • Just watching this video as a controller player is... fascinating

  • Controller tactic #1: spray and pray

  • if you guys wanna see a ps5 montage please check out my recent, it will help slot for support😁!

  • I’m your biggest supporter

  • im your biggest fan ever