Datum objavljivanja: 21. Kol 2020.
teemo returns... from the basement?!
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  • sorry for bad audio i actually had to play on the mac during the climb with a trackpad using one hand

    • Nice having you back and pls stop doding man i'm pretty sure you would be masters if you played your off roles

    • And he wasn't even trying and imagine if his keyboard was plugged in

    • Is that a free mac giveaway

    • Noice flex

    • or a sweaty jimmy vid

  • Made in abyss music at the beginning😱

  • You just waited 2 hours

  • guys, i think tenmo player have been locked in basement again

  • Ngl tho I’d simp for pianta no homo

  • Bruh i once went against a poppy with vladimir and whenever i got to low health she would just ult me halfway across the map and straight back under my tower xd

  • Wait is that his actual face?

  • Omg you are asian? I'm so sorry u_u

  • you gotta respect the comitment to the tenmo story

  • Amazing

  • I laughed to hard at the fortnite jumper

  • Dr stone reference xD

  • 2:25 hxh wallpaper nice

  • "Remember the time that Pianta lost to a Yummi"

  • my name is T3mooo xd XD

  • it´s hilarious how he alawys loses his accounts and then creats a history to look like he didn´t lose it

  • Has anybody else noticed on 2:26 on his table? i've watched this video like 11 times and i think its one of the best videos of yours! good editing nice and funny story (gotta say u look handsome) and just overall way too good.

  • Why does he look so handsome? If anything i want to one day be like him, hes so god deam funny good at league looks good got a deam good set up and i love his life style.

  • It's just a TFT Diamond... IT IS JUST A TFT DIAMOND xdddd

  • my boy Pianta is packing more cheeks than a bear in hibernation

  • Uniqlo fortnite


  • what is a lutschkinu?

  • Where Is electrocute tenmo?

  • I have come back to relearn teemo so I can surpass urgot mains

  • in cf we only need a smiley rank with a fking vip barret that smurfing sht

  • Guys... I have found somthing... Yoshihiro Togashi is in Tenmo's basement, 1) He has Gon's background as if he love Hunter X Hunter so much 2) Yoshihiro Togashi stopped producing manga 3) He made him in the basement so he do manga for tenmo 24/7 4) The couple chapters Yoshihiro Togashi produces over the year is just to distract people 5) He is gonna get caught

  • pianta sure is a babyboy

  • pianta plays with a mac has more fps then me

  • why reupload?

  • So you're me he counted 7 million seconds without sleeping? That is over 81 days!

  • The killua and gon screen tho

  • i am not gay.....but brian.....damn

  • Kekw

  • You're so cute man

  • so thats the fake tenmo player!!!???! I thought it was your alt acount

  • can you update a discord link so i can join?

  • Why are his soundtracks so good.

  • Proud of you my son, make sure to look out for those yuumis

  • how do u play on the laptop no original mouse

  • And now you loose to a Yuumi...

  • :0

  • The only tenmo play I love

  • ACTUALL FACE REVEAL nah we all know its tenmo 0:55

  • I cant stop laughing when his ear ring was shown jsjfhfhcjs

  • Ive just watched it idk... 9 times? And just noticed on 2:25 on his table. Hahahaha i love your content sooo much pianta and this is one of the best videos every made!

  • Dude this fortnite t shiet triggers me so hard

  • Pianta sounds like he is your friend trying to tell you a joke, but keeps laughing before the punchline!

  • Mans looking like a snack

  • why do your videos have so little views these days!?!?!? You're just getting better!!! >:(((

  • remember when rtb lost to a yuumi?

  • Where is tenko dog?

  • I can't believe the name wasn't taken in that time

  • brian how the f do u have 200 fps with the MacBook air

  • this is the guy that t3nm0plyr told your gf not to worry about..... trackpad skills so hawt lookit those finger mechanics whowza

  • I have an idea for the storyline: After escaping the basement of tenmo HQ, Brian had managed to log back into t3nm0plyr. t3nm0 noticing this, he sets out on a journey to destroy tenmo player. In order to do so, he needed to get tenmo's attention. So he started to destroy his family. Starting with tenmos dogfather. But tenmo didn't really care. Until tenmo noticed his dog was gone. SO. He went to find his doggy and found tenmo grimriper. tenmo grimriper told tenmo player that his dog, tenko dog, was sacrificed to revive his father, tenmos father. Turning into tenmos dagfather. BUT. Because tenmo grimriper is the "grim reaper of tenmos" he knew that tenmos dogfather had died. And it happened because t3nm0plyr wanted to grasp tenmos attention. Tenmo realized that t3nm0plyr wasn't just a replacement, he was the newer, better tenmo. To achieve masters. So, tenmo got angery and started climbing until finiding t3nm0plyr. They fight to the death but tenmo loses and barely manages to live on. Tenmo realized he needed allies. So he went back to tenmo grimriper to revive elevenmo but he needed a sacrifice. There weren't any other tenmos alive. Other then tenmo grimriper. He sacrificed tenmo grimriper to revive elevnmo to create elevenmo grimriper and togethyer they duo'd until masters promos which t3nm0plyr hasn't finished. After facing off against each other once more they fight in a 2v1. tenmo almost died but elevenmo saved him (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tho?) tenmo realized he had nothing left. No brother. No Dog. Not even a parent. He then exposed 100% of his emotions and destroyed t3nm0plyr. After an epic battle, there was only one tenmo left. And we leave it on a cliffhanger because that's how animes and TV Shows work

  • Brian do another skin giveaway uWu 😬

  • play runetera pliz

  • truth is that pianta forgot password so he just made this shit

  • week 4 of saying “quack” until pianta pins this comment quack

  • Why pianta NEVER played zed

  • Everytime a Teemo kills Darius i feel so sayisfied

  • You are disgusting, playing teemo xd

  • i got no idea what this video is and ive watched ur videos, is this a fever dream?

  • 4:22 the coin sound on the q tho


  • Unbenmo the Tenmo

  • Unbenmo the Tenmo

  • good video :)

  • Damn so many anime references

  • w8 what? u're asian? that's why u're so good, fuck xD

  • River Shen

  • havent even finished watching the ads and ive liked the video

  • is that trafalgar law's sword

  • You inspired me to play teemo im honorable teemo support with 60winrate i gold, and with 45winrate top....

  • the events of this video were foretold in the video titled "satisfying teemo dodges" there TENMO PUT SHROOM ON HERALD MEANING THIS WAS ALL PART OF BRIAN'S MASTER PLAN FOR THE TENMO COLLECTION HES TOO BIG BRAIN

  • Ohhhh god hes asian

  • idk why im laughing so hard at the first comment show from "THAT guy" with Brain instead of Brian 2 seperate things on this channel

  • 1:45 law sword :D

  • This is all just a front from the fact he keeps forgetting the passwords to his accounts

  • > diamond macro wins games even with trackpad

  • This is the first time I have seen his face


  • I must say your content is actually really good for a league youtuber

  • You dont look like your voice... Make's sense?

  • I have that exact sword too holy.

  • lel a wild trafalgar sword just appeared

  • Where did you record the real life scenes? It seems like somewhere in asia

  • Tenmo Player VS Fortnite Player Who Will Win Hope he doing it...love tenmo player from malaysia

  • Whoa wtf face reveal atleast to me


  • 2:06 is that Trafalgar Law's sword?

  • Ok but like why is he actually adorable?

  • 6:18 wtf ?????

  • Snowing in the basement? Dam

  • I really like tenmo player's music taste and anime taste

  • ITS ALIVE!!!!! ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haha pianta you fool I know your trick this ain't even the real tenmo player. You are hiding the real one somewhere else. But where? In the fridge perhaps?

  • Omg u are gay. This fortnite Sweatshirt and earring

  • Who else watches pianta for the plot