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crazy league of legends gameplay including scary
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ESRB Rating: Teen
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  • Wanna see something more impressive? Stealing baron by redemption

  • is that the la la land music?

  • Algum brasileiro tb acompanha ele?

  • 2:21 Could anyone tell me what he had said?

  • River Shen

  • No like for Ubi.

  • Play Tryndamere and you will have this kind of feeling everyday

  • That ace attorney music slappin' hard xD

  • Naesus?

  • Ffg


  • what song is the intro/sponsor?

  • Idd love to play with u broo😂😂😂😂

  • This guy must like La La Land a lot

  • 1:34 and 1:49 his screams had me laughing so hard and i don't even know why

  • 1:07 wtf

  • 4:05 every ally ever when you are support

  • @Pinata is this Ur E-gurl in the Back?

  • No one: Me: that fiora drawing on the thumbnail looks kinda good

  • RIP earphone users aka me

  • Pianta evolved into uberdanger this video.

  • I feel like brian got a crush on that girl

  • Girl in discord= over exaggerate everything and make a lot of noises ;)

  • song is surrealism

  • You are a bully you know that? :D

  • sponsored game looks like a flash game gottem

  • ace attorney music?? 4:33

  • These plays make my stomach turn

  • Ace attorney ost in the background and epic lol gamer- this channel is amazing 😳✌️

  • Glad I found this channel, love the la la Land intro song and your content cracks me up

  • Man, pianta really is so active and keeps talking when he has a girl in his team

  • damn this guy's humor really is funny ... cause of you i started league cant say i enjoyed it though cause i dont have someone to shout at

  • River Tenmo

  • 4:17 sounds like that angry korean dude lmaooooi

  • dynamix bgm?

  • I literally didn't understand shitt about what was said in the video intro

  • What have they done to the heroes of Might and Magic Brand 😭

  • Aaaah whats the intro song its so good

  • casually watching a league video expecting nothing. video: CORNERED

  • 2:12 - Wait he actually had 0 hp for like half a second wtf xD


  • Where is my son?!

  • Rivershen

  • Discord link?

  • thanks team for the opportunity to work with you all day today and tomorrow morning we will have a good time flight to san and we have a good morning and evening evening and evening afternoon or evening evening or evening tomorrow evening or sunday was evening or sunday is the day you can have a great day with me and my mom or evening evening tomorrow night or tomorrow morning we are going there and you can have a good evening evening or sunday is well that i is a good time flight to san the morning is a good day for us to get

  • 4:17 What The Heck? ... Why you bullying me tower mechanics?

  • Nice video

  • Can I have ur Tenmos Father league account? If ur noot using it.

  • Wait you played with larissa thật mean you marries her cause you promo her in last video right DUMAS

  • its 4 pm where is video?

  • R u lolhounds

  • I still remember how they killd one of the best card game, a lot better than heartstone and almost better than MTGA

  • Is tenmo typo merch still available?

  • Played Teemo ARURF on PBE and a player though i was you the Tenmo player

  • what music is that on the advertisement xD

  • larissa??!!

  • Fiora is a cancer camp


  • Hey dude. Do face reveal please HEHE xD

  • Screaming = comedy

  • Hey i miss rlly some videos who we see you enjoed it and make just let us see some gameplay and longer.videos

  • Brian where is your videos with your sister;(

  • will littlebluemoon go back to this channel?

  • The spiritual successor to dunkey

  • im main fiora im happy to see tou play her

  • Can someone send me the link directly on how to download League of legends its my first time trying this game tho

  • I appreciate the scream warning, and I think my neighbours appreciate it as well :^)

  • What do I get first as teemo toplane vs morde?

  • Y’all forgetting that THEY MET THOOOO

  • I know no one cares but I will unsub because pianta changed and he swears so much now i just cant stand it, i hope no one is offended by this tho, its just a personal preferential

  • I just found out that, i watched your videos for 1 year. But i didnt sub

  • Man I remember this guy's very first upload and how it took forever for his next and then the next vid and look at him now...

  • Holy shit brian is on some drugs in this one

  • Omg I missed Pianta so much. Havent watched him in a while. And this video made me laugh right away...just like the good ol' days uwu

  • Those are some weird Teemo skins

  • naysus

  • You should do more videos with friends

  • Is this a seatgeek ad?

  • Hey Brian how’s that 8 game losing streak?

  • I miss the dog

  • actually im super glad that i found your videos. you deserve way more than 400k subs

  • So unfunny

  • Cringe.

  • This was terrible, you made it too obvious that all of this was just for the video, a scene that gave it away: when you chased down soraka and thresh came up, you were screaming for him to back off and not steal, but you just stood there for a second so he could steal it.

  • larissa: riven top brian Brian: oh hi riven thats cute oh hi~

  • Why do we only see the top Partons? Where are all the mid, support, jungle and botlane patrons??? Is this some act of league classism?

  • This is how i try to get a girl attention in grade 3 It worked

  • When u kill naesus with robohook is good What the fuck

  • Ngje nói có 1 video ông thừa nhận là ng VN?? Yes or no??

  • this tenmo player is on cocaine

  • Oh my God. Q and E evolve. DISGUSTING!!!!

  • wait did you actualy get to know larissa? dont mess it up *winky facy*

  • Who is the girl sayin "did he ult"

  • you really live dangerously don’t you

  • 0:30 to skip some silly ad

  • That Ubisoft even has the fucking audacity to name this bullshit after Might & Magic.

  • Yo mate, can you tell me what's ur rank ?

  • Wtf is a Nesus

  • I can’t believe I almost missed a pianta video on my feed

  • The most drunk Brian has ever been