In search of true Goulash - Hungary country review

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Srp 2018.
This is no usual travel video.
This is country review. By Boris. We review chickens here.
I go in search of true authentic goulash in Budapest and other places in Hungary.
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  • *Car guy appears* 3:04 Oy! That's an E30, not a 34. *Car guy goes away*

  • 1:50 when you dont wanna get caught recording beautiful lady so you pan in on the chickens lol

  • we in hungary even have beans in it

    • Az babgulyás, ez sima gulyás

  • opa opa! that e34 is a e30! close but no cigar

  • Ah yes.....ducks drowning in a swimming pool is exactly what I was looking for

  • Oh my god I laughed so hard at those crazy cyka ducks😂🤣😂

  • Boris, my man, that car you called an E34 is in fact an E30. Come on, dude, you're better than that.


  • 7:52 Wait this is actually true

  • Im hungarian and this video makes me happy

  • Ménkü capjon beléd means: get hit by a lighting!

  • You can buy gulyás in every (maybe) restaurant in hungary.

  • Boris cyka, me is from poland and these pige..... black chuchkens are called "gołąb"it sounds licke GOUAUB

  • Oh, we love langoshs in Czech Republic! with minced garlic, ketchup and grated cheese as toppings... mňam :)

  • I see Goulash, I click Like.

  • Somebody call the police

  • I've been spelling pigeons wrong my entire life

  • My Hungarian grandpa makes the best goulash, I need to learn the recipe

    • The first restaurant was closest to his. The dumplings he calls nookedly(idk how to spell this) Then your supposed to coat in sour cream. Then goulash on top.

  • Dzien dobry Boris, your local pickle dealer slav here. In case your goulash mistery hasn't been solved, try ordering "Pörkölt" on your next trip to Hungary. In kurna, I mean case you want recipe for the ultimate goulash of endless happiness to complete true slav life circle, leave a msg =]

  • i love Hungary from Australia :)

  • *This is Hungary and so am I* Wise words from a gopnik

  • Love from russia siberia

  • I love the swimming bus

  • Expensive soup, 6€? That's cheap


  • Those street chickens or black chikens you call , are pigeons or pidjon when you pronounce 😁😁

  • Street chicken LMAO 😂

  • I am from hungary

  • Boris! Come back here, we gonna show you around properly !!

  • 8:32 this doesn't seem to age well

  • i love Hungary, Russia, America and Slovakia and i am from czech republic :3 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

  • I have recipe from hungary to the TRUE RECIPE of goulash my babushka makes it for me

  • 7:32 igen gulyás gergelyt

  • I am Russian communism will rise again

  • 1:10 You come across a river. It is 45m across. You can 1) Pay the toll to cross the bridge 2) Pay a local to guide you across *3) Calk the bus and attempt to ford the river*

  • Majdnem 2200 egy kis fostos gulyásért? Nem is Magyarország lenne hehe

  • My fellow Hungarians are probably going to hunt me down for saying this, but in my opinion HALÁSZLÉ (fisherman's soup) is the definite Hungarian dish.

  • What is this? They have sült? What is this Estonia? Hahajybxfhnncg laughed

  • Interesting hungarian facts #753: Goulash is the phonetic form of "gulyás" (as hungarians call it), and it is the suffixed form of "gulya" (which means a bunch of "cattles", usually hungarians call them "marha". "Gulya" are the same animal but are kept differently. What the difference is? I dont know, its a well kept secret even us hungarians dont know. Damn this is interesting). "Gulyás" is actually the name of the person taking care of the "gulya", and if you add "leves" (or "soup") to it, then you have the gulyás leves. Basically it means the person who was responsible for taking care of the gulya actually cut up the animals and boiled them into a soup with vegetables and ate them. Because thats how we roll here! Cheers comrades!

  • Come to america we make the worst best goulash

  • Ćo 'dumplings'? Pierogi kurwa

  • 30 degrees? shit thats hotter than a viking funeral *concerned norwegian noises*

  • I have no idea how a language that weird can be a relative to Finnish.

  • Saw the price of 2150 and thought yes that must be expensive. Then looked at exchange, equivalent to about £5 GBP. That’s cheap asf compared to the crap we get in UK.

  • Proper goulash is definitely a soup 😉

  • Tranylvania is not hungary

  • Excelentes videos, felicidades!

  • Miért vagy az országomban?

  • I love bütterbrod, but ah, I have begun the ketogenic of diets, and behold, I cannot eat bread. But I find low carb tortillas, and make MEXicAn bütterbrod, is easier to eat, wrapped up on itself. And only 4 gram net carbs.

  • go to romania not to trators

  • 6:35 wheelchair access im fucking crying

  • Продам венгерское гражданство за 5кк или обмен на русское писать в лс

  • Love Hungary! From Spain!

    • ¡Hola amigo! ¿Cómo estás? - from Ungría

  • 1:07 Wait.. how is the bus floating??

  • What was with that bus anyway?

  • You missed the Louise Blaha square, there you can't avoid getting mugged by testvérek

  • "This is Hungary, and so am I . " lmao 🤣

  • 0:06 not chikens this Galamb

  • I hope the Blyatmobile worked fine :D

  • Only subcribers are cheeki breeki,right boris.stay cheeki breeki

  • As an American who went to hungary without money and spent hours begging my way across Budapest for forints and food this resonates with me. I got by going to free tourist attractions, fetching forint coins from gutters and generally pretending to be a homeless person to make my way

  • 4:50 ło kurwa polish fiat

  • Zajebista recenzja👍 kraj tak wykurwisty że dam se 20/10

  • Watching a russian Man, visit Hungary, From Colombia!

  • 0:50 Rare recording of Stalin making the descison to invade Hungary, 1944 (audio only)

  • Gulyás is not a soup it is a soup too tho

  • 300 forint is 1 dollar

  • Find the guy named "Orban Viktor"and you will eat goulash

  • The gulyás (goulash) itself, nowadays, is a thick, spicy soup, based on onion, diced meat (originally pork), at least two kinds of paprika (red grounded and white or green - but none of them should be sweet and thick type, like e.g. the bell peppers or the ones, which are suitable for grilling), carrots (red&white, sometimes parsnip, too), potato, garlic, black pepper, caraway seed, bay, celery leaf and parsley. Sometimes, it is made with a special kind, homemade mini-dumplings, but it is absolutely not necessary. And, if you want, you can add red wine to it, indeed (at the first part of cooking). Good to know, that the goulash (soup) is not an ancient meal, considering, that it is based on paprika, which became known in the Carpathian basin during the centuries of the Ottoman (Turkish) invasion, after decades of the colonization of America. What you tried to make, and ate at first time, was a stew (pörkölt) which has a common root with the gulyás, but it is a totally other meal. The fact is that sometimes even in Hungary (mostly: in Budapest...) the stew called "goulash" on the non-Hungarian menu is based on that, that some places try to make the menu more understandable for foreigners. (And in abroad, several times, the stew is called - wrongly - "goulash".) In case, I think, this behaviour is simple stupidity.

  • Hungarian women on the Croatian coast...mmmmm 😀😀

  • Na a gulyásért megérte. Lájk vagy komment aki szintén felirattal nézte

  • no one: pigeon: boris: CHICKEN

  • Can I time travel

  • I am a simple guy- When I See Hungary, I Press like button. Greetings from Poland 😎

  • 20 Ft? XD That's around 16 cents XD

  • I like when youtubers from other countrys visit us hungarians.

  • Hangover snack :)

  • Oh damn. Now I'm hungry.

  • Што за хуйня Борис? Ета не гиляш.

  • Yes Boris in Hungary!!! I am a hungarian peapole and i really like this vidio. Welcome in Hungary!

  • In my opinion the closest you'll get to proper gulyás is the stuff they give you in schools. Yeah, it tastes bad, but I'll have to eat that stuff until graduation. I (don't) miss school.

  • YES, MAKE MORE HUNGARIAN RELATED VIDEO LOL. I am hungarian. ;) Edit: Also I am hungarian I speak the language but it's not perfect. So whatever the man said it was "Let (Something) Slap you".

  • I'm a hungarian and you haven't seen the "best" of Hungary

  • That was freaking hilarious :D

  • Greeting from Hungary dude, such a great vid!! I couldn't stop laughin'. :"D Boris is Life! xd

  • A legjobb gulyás az amit a nagyapád főz marhahússal és rohadt sok erőspaprikával. AND THAT'S A FACT

  • the real Hungarian goulash is made in a cauldron😋

  • Csirke xdd az galamb

  • Frici Papa. Kiryali Utca

  • I'm hungary OwO

  • Dude you must have gone to the worst place to get goulash, it looks like potato soup... Goulash should be full of meat and other vegetables not just potatoes It's glorious, especially if your Babushka makes it.

  • 0:11 ah shit i forget that brick here

  • Well im Hungarian too and i have to tell you that there isnt normal Goulash Soup,because everyone makes it as tasty or spicy as that person wishes it to be made. My mom usually puts kidney beans,carrot,potato,bacon(the one that is meaty as hell),sausage(mostly spicy sausage) and of course the spices to it. She mostly makes it so dense and so much in amount that i get full for the whole day from two deep dishes of Goulash Soup. So you make Goulash Soup as you like it,as you remember for it’s taste,cause if you make it like that,then that’s your True Goulash Soup.

  • The best is what your Mom made. . . . (my mom>

  • I liked ur video and im hungarian🙃🇭🇺 i am usually watching ur videos My mother is now the recipe of the gulyás:) im 14 btw


  • Dear Boris. I write my comment, with a Russian accent(in my mind) , if you next time come to Hungary, write me, and I will give you a lot of babushka made gulyás with lot of potatoo and carrot and fresh khleb. Your videos are verry good my friend, maybe you deserve 2 doza of gulyás. уважение

  • “Budapest is the strangest place I’ve seen,” says a Russian Can you imagine how strange must the place be?

  • 2150 Ft a gulyasleves. Lol nem kicsit pofatlan. Tegnap rendeltem ebedre 890 ft-ert es nagyon finom volt

  • "the money I had left" *20 forint* ***roughly 300 forint to 1 USD exchange rate***