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Ironside Computer Giveaway video -
Giveaway Link -
My new PC specs -
Case: Conqueror Black Casing
Processor: i9-9900k
CPU Cooling:n Corsair H100i
Motherboard: Z390
Memory: 64GB (4x16GB)
Solid State Drive: 1 TB
Hard Drive: 2 TB
Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2080Ti
Power Supply: 700W
TWITTER - @piantalol
INSTAGRAM - @brian_foodreviews
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  • The giveaway computer has the Akatsuki from naruto logo on it

  • The riven fight got me si bad Pianta: RELAX RELAX Riven walks up *PANICS*

  • soon again urf


  • 18 ms? add a 100 to it and it's the lowest ping i've ever had in my life ;-;

  • u can make any champion look fun


  • 8:19 lvl 22???????????????????????????

  • ez?

  • 0:18 Lookin' fukkin glowy glowy


  • 1:50 RELAX RELAX

  • King's plan


  • When your pc broke yesterday so you resort to watching tenmo to get your league fix :'(

  • imagine if the urf cannon can fire your enemy opponent...

  • game of thrones ad 10/10 voice acting

  • the thundercock went inside the horse

  • Shen on land..

  • 7:59 Top 10 Anime Comebacks

  • "he is inside the horse"

  • 5:40 when ur texting ur girlfriend in a game of league.


  • background music is haikyuu I love this so much

  • name of haikyuu Soundtrack used in this?

  • Dejavú i've Just seen this shot before

  • I joined the giveaway

  • Im too late no pc for me :(

  • 6:55 LOL

  • Just 2 minutes in and I'm already died laughing.


  • 😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing

  • Shit, wish my urf games were this fun. Everyone I play with is so serious.

  • I love tenmo, but i also love Pianta, but not as much as tenmo, but i still love Pianta, but that doesn't mean i love tenmo, except they're the same, wait what... i love Pianta

  • Yi and yuumi is better uwu

  • 4:03 my gameplay as sona in a nutshell with friends

  • How you lv 22 lol.

  • Creepy music in background

  • This is wild 😂😂

  • A Rat and A Cat

  • Best urf content ever xDD

  • Is that no game no life music

  • surrendering while at their nexus is the biggest twist

  • I want an ironside! I want a machine to start my esports career! I wanna go in the LEC. The first Indian player in the LEC :D. Pls ironside?

  • Musi in intro

  • God, pls link music

  • My PC has 512MB ram...

  • Play Annieversary skin to diamond to get PC means I don't need to get good at teemo, Stonks

  • Music in 7:45?

  • Predator Garen

  • 0:20 n word

  • The name of the last song?

  • New subscriber screaming here 😂😂

  • River Shen


  • 1:57 Pianta = Sr Pelo??

  • the made in abyss ost made me wet

  • . 40 seg. plz the name of the song. I know is from lol bit dont know the name

  • CREATE URF RIVER SHEN!!! Plz:( (Just Ap shen but in urf, ap fot the big shields)

  • P

  • Awesome vid.. keep it up!

  • can someone tell me app that allows u automatically make ur runes im too lazy to fucking think for ma runes :"(

  • From which anime is this song? 0:18

  • I love your videos. They always make me feel better

  • the eve's name 😶

  • Seriously, you are the funniest HRdownr i've ever watch !! Love from France

  • Hail satan.

  • Better than rtb

  • Ironside: Bro get to Master Brain: Thanks ironside, love you **heads to play urf**

  • Commenting on every video I see part 361

  • Viruses when all the anti-vaxs inevitably die: 4:02

  • I need that pc 😢

  • Help me i can't play teemo in ranked, everytime i try to play it my computer resets

  • 2080TI ? oh ok. i'm gonna cry, just here, on the cold floor.

  • Another "I have better PC than you" Vid.

  • only if someone gives me randomly a pc...

  • Funny thing is that he still has Larissa after that match

  • Pls play TR Server.

  • TeMi

  • Brian can you play minecraft?

  • Ur actually copying videogamedunkey

  • This was the most INTENSE URF VIDEO I have ever seen

  • 0:30 Music please?

  • I'll buy your old PC Mine broke and I havent been able to play in months : /

  • Hey you probably won't see this but I'm just wondering, how does 700W power that computer?? Building a pc and had to send my 650W psu back :(

  • You should make a tenmo’s mother and play with annieversary skin only

  • I cringed the whole video.

  • We love you ironside from ph wish i could order a pc from you guys so that i can replace my old one cant really olay with my old one i really wish i could buy a ironside pc it looks really cool love from ph

  • "Glowy glowy!!"

  • Why

  • you inspired me to play teemo xD

  • So, invisible Draven axes is actually a global glitch (or feature)

  • Can i know runes ur using?

  • Pianta is always welcome to Naruto Run into my heart. *_UwU_*

  • whats the skin hes using during the end of the video where he wins?

  • 7:17 That was the most conflicted sound of pain I've ever heard.

  • how many side jobs do you have to work to support yourself?

  • teo pc plss


  • Ur skarner is the real thundercock also start doing best comment of the day like synapse does