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irelia fortnite montage WOOHOO
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Cutie Honey Flash Single Cutie Honey (Original Karaoke)
No Game No Life - The Kings Plan (Official Soundtrack) (1)
Don't Lose Your Way Before My Body Is Dry Instrumental
年下の男の子キャンディーズ Younger boy Candies ピアノアレンジ piano
Funky Stadium Mario Kart Wii Music Extended HD
Dan Golding - The Garden
My Hero Academia OST - You Say Run
Naruto OST 1 - Naruto Main Theme
Miitopia OST - Event Battle
Montage - Team America OST
Sword Art OnlineSurvive The Swordland
Kevin Schweikert - The Boy Above The CloudsEmotional Piano


  • cowboy bebop hell yeahh

  • Wow pianta actually plays good

  • f

  • nobody: farmers that saw fiddlestick 9:46

  • River morgana

  • 30/9/7 is some bronze tier stats but sure


  • Yummi

  • Only i thought that the thumbnail is an ahri?

  • The more i watch your videos, the more I think you’re a dunkey copy :(


  • Wth, his fps is my ms and my fps is his ping

  • 5:17 the sound of surprised pikachu

  • Journey

  • I just realized that you said "jax says it"... Vladimir is crying at the corner right now...


  • 10:30 Flash for that 40 hp, Cutlass not good enough for you, huh!?

  • 10:14 jearny hahahahahha

  • I dont think anything could have beat "dont lose your way" as the perfect comeback song in that yas clip.

  • 2:16 i love the wow you suck at akali

  • The yasuo's time music is an OST from Gundam Unicorn no ?

  • I feel like you discovered Trinimmortal recently

  • all jokes aside ur rlly good at irelia

  • 0:43 Worth less than a cannon minion. Nice.

  • the swords art online music at the end just takes me to places ive never thought i would go


  • And to think that yasuo is getting a prestige skin this year


  • How do you play lol and have fun

  • Lmfao

  • irelia is bad, better aphelios jungle

  • remember when RTB lost to Pianta's irelia

  • Irelia’s that one champion that sometimes you don’t even know what’s happening anymore but you still get kills 🤣

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a yuumi

  • and finally. RTB....... (serious face)

  • Can we just respect that Yasuo comeback when he hadn’t even hit is 0/10 powerspike

  • "Not even fucking close" -edits out part where he walks into a second shroom-

  • Sometimes I forget that he’s actually good at Yasuo

  • 0:58 background music pls its in a lot of l0rds piantas videos and it drives me crazy what anime is that from its on the tip of my brrrrrr ain

  • Remember when this video is called the divine sword something

  • 1:10 you intentionally didnot ult there. I can feel the cringe creeping in


  • Tbh his yasuo montage is pretty good compare to my yasuo teammate and playing high elo diamond.

  • 1:35 Me: Ah I see your a man of good music choice as well

    • what is the name of the song???

  • U do not, under any circumstances, pick teemo against brian.

  • Could u play a game with Diamand Dave aka King of Gold?

  • Me encante este canal aunque no entiendo nada de lo que dice. Quizás si lo entendiera me gustaría mas.

  • Omg... You warded, teleported to it, then failed flash. That hurt my eyes...

  • 6:37 was Irelia’s revenge for that lifesteal Sett video.

  • like because of naruto music

  • 11:10 I remember rtb recording at that time about “big brains” XD

  • What is ur irelia build

  • Dude your irelia is SO SO clean wtf you're such a beast

  • Rememmmbahh

  • icog printer go brrrrrrr

  • me watching brian with his 19 ping while im here waiting for my internet to be fixed with 45000 ping

  • This is a very werid food review channel.

  • remember when RTB got solo killed by Pianta?

  • Sorry to all those Vladimir players out there being livid.

  • River shen

  • I loved the cowboy bebop music ❤

  • Remember the time when Pianta lost to a yuumi?

  • I mean youtube

  • U ahould censore the bad wors what if kids watch this u can get banned from game

  • From what anime is that song (2:00)?

  • I challenge you to play nasus my g

  • 11:20 i cried in this moment ;(

  • how can I cancel my enteries for the tenmo pc giveaway cause i when i saw the conditions i decided to cancel it

  • Love the music you put in your videos

  • Lmao

  • lets go lets win this teemo pc for tenmo players honour

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a yuumi

  • remember when tenmo player lost to RTB's yuumi

  • Upload vid im bored

  • Remember when pianta lost to yummi

  • why was this an other title when i first watched it?

  • Wow, the lifesteal though

  • River Shen

  • Wait did the title change???

  • remember when pianta lost to a yumi

  • Remember that Pianta lose yuumi 1v1

  • Rank1 pun1sher?

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a yuumi?

  • Woow....

  • emember when Pianta lost to a RTB yuumi

  • yea his edits may be funny, but he is a good player...

  • bro sell the teemo pc im sure people would buy it instead og winning

  • Remember when Brian lost to a yuumi

  • Remember the time when Pianta lost to Yummi

  • The kill la kill ost

  • Get masters with tenmo already. It's been like 6 months


  • nul

  • Pianta 2 years ago you made a katarona video where you played her in ranked do you still play kat?

  • "irelia the op divine sword" why did you change it??

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a RTB Yuumi?

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a RTB Yuumi :^)

  • Remember when Pianta lost to a RTB Yuumi?

  • remember when pianta losses to a yummi 1v1

  • Remember that time Pianta lost to a Yuumi?