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is league of legend fun? sometimes
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Music is yakuza 7 main theme


  • I missed the clip of killing rtb in the montage.... anyone remember the time rtb lost to a yuumi?

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • No its not fun its full of toxic people

  • no

  • this reminds me of my friends bacck in the silver days

  • not really

  • no

  • To answer the question: no

  • Brom.. now it sucks...

  • Remember when you lost to a Yuumi? Oh wait wrong channel

  • forever remember adaptive helm when you receive 300 damage from mask

  • no

  • So... Is League still fun?

  • no

  • Hahahaha nice video bro

  • this video made my day

  • no

  • Never has been

  • No it isnt


  • I dont enjoy it but i cant stop its like a drug

  • 3:54 at that moment. he ****** up.

  • Can someone explain the point of this video?

  • Can someone explain the point of this video?

  • no

  • not so fun after s4 thats why many people left it

  • Psychiatrist: “describe your understanding of pain.” Me: 3:52

  • No it’s not fun... but we are to addicted to stop

  • no

  • League IS still fun. Though it's only fun when I mute everyone in game when playing ranked. It's only then that I enjoy the game for what it is, the insane outplays, awesome teamwork, and great comeback stories. The chat is what ruins in at time. I used to think this game was shit, but it honestly isn't. There are so many wonderful champions, and exceptional lore, that bring the world to life. I hope I can keep supporting Riot to keep improving the game for everyone.

  • Laughter more fake than the automatic ones in cinecomics

  • I need the name of the song

  • league is like a drug u know its bad but u always come back for more.

  • Solo-Duo: Hell no Playing with friends: Yes

  • yesn´t

  • Having friends is fun, league isn't

  • yes

  • no

  • Remember the time rtb lost to a yuumi?

  • its nice to see someone actually enjoying league this much or enjoying anything this much really it just made me happy

  • my therapist: tanjiro yasuo isn't real tanjiro yasuo:

  • whats the songs name

  • What game isnt fun with good friends

  • The answer is simple. Its not

  • Man i love this Miss style of this video

  • I often almost forget League is a game. A game, not a life investment. Great video, bruh!

  • yes

  • league is a piece of shit game.. I JUST joined a lobby and i get called the N word.... and then I GOT reported for asking why he would do such thing... NICE COMMUNITY

  • welcome to the gulag

  • you know why is it fun? because you play it with your friends.

  • Pianta : *Is league still fun?* Me : yes,... but actually i will consider that as a no.

  • "Is League Fun?" I guaran-fucking-tee you that if you ask that question to a league player, they'll say it sucks. From the 50hr play time casuals to the 1mil legends who sold their souls to Rito.

  • the demon slayer type icon though..LOL

  • Wait league can bring fun

  • now play roblox

  • Believe it or not, I play less if I'm constantly winning as opposed to constantly losing. Cause u cant end the day off with 8 straight losses right right?!

  • No league isn't fun

  • ?


  • Can't help but wonder what would happen if Pianta and Chilling smite were to do a vid together.

  • bro spoiler no

  • league is not fun :(

  • These players make League no more *TOXIC*

  • xd grand blue

  • xd grand blue

  • It's nice to remember each clip

  • Why phisical damage champions gives more damage than atack power champions on lol? is one of things that i dislike this game, is some kind of preference by rioters?

  • no.

  • No need to watch, i will answer - Not, but we are all addicted.

  • no

  • I am player who start this game at 2013 and i must say there is no fun like before guys spamming on urf reports.... rankeds and rewards is not like before i miss old client old shop , olds champs like Fiora,Katarina,Rengar and more but what i miss more friendly games like before

  • lol is still fun

  • song name?

  • The thumbnail got me omggg

  • lol is fun when you have friends and know how to play. If u suck at this game dont play alone. Play with frens. if u dont have frens then find in game frens

  • its funny but with friends

  • Yes because league of legends is league of legends

  • at first i thought league was so broing watching my cousin play back in like 2016 but now im in 2021 and my friends have got me into it 3 months ago and im experiencing wat there experiencing its a ride for you genuinely trying to get better isnt it? lmao

  • no.

  • like for music

  • no its not

  • its fun but i think most of the champions needs to be reworked.. they dont need new ones actually. they need a revamped of some

  • yes

  • *no*

  • people only play this game because they have nothing in their lives except this game. just an excuse to achieve something that is literally useless.

  • No.

  • so fun sejimohufgse

  • whats the title of the first song?

  • The answer is no

  • outro music???

  • good vibe video :)

  • No

  • R: no.

  • yes it is fun

  • 3:54 the best xd

  • so no

  • Is it or not?

  • league was the best in S3-S4... ever since it's been just getting worse each season

  • No, its not. Unless you play it casually, ONLY CASUAL GAMES, few times per week.