Is she into you? But League of Legends

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Lip 2019.
Based on a true story?
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  • Watching GTO on youtube This was reccomended

  • But was she into you? please answer question

  • 0:01 a hidden 420 mastery score

  • WTF brian was challenger

  • Ohhh shit, good morning man

  • 420 mastery

  • LOL good morning bitcchh!

  • Is she into you? Can't tell


  • My old name on league was jnnyuwu and im scared....

  • Ah shit.. Good mornin man -disconnect

  • F

  • Lmfao

  • original idea

  • E. G.I.R.L. - effective guy in real life

  • Sounds like he watches casually explained.

  • This video is useless for me....... Because I'm asexual.

  • I fucking knew it

  • I feel causally explained vibes

  • 0-0

  • LMAO

  • plot twist she is larrisa

  • It that a actual stranger and it’s actually a guy

  • So let's say you win a game of SR, then you win another, then you end up hitting it up, then she says she lives 3 miles away, you meet up and she's actually a beautiful girl whose the same age as you, and you grow up, get married, and have 2 kids. Is she into you? Again, C, can't tell, maybe marriage is just an everyday occurrence where she came from and the kids were probably sheer coincidence. Best be on your way before you destroy any hopes of a relationship by jumping to conclusions.

  • I think he was into you


  • GTO

  • this one never gets old

  • And it apear this girl is really RTB 😂

  • What normal lol player like supp


  • simp

  • prime example of a simp :)

  • 2:20 xDDDDDDD

  • Outro song?

  • Uploaded on my 13'th birthday

  • just fantastic video

  • Pianta I love you but don't steal jokes. You're out hear sounding like Any Schumer

  • casually explained but in league of legends

  • That was the manliest "Oh shit!" I have ever heard. 🤣🤣🤣

  • I knew that sth like this was gonna happened 😂

  • 2:07 Man I almost died of laughing when I saw he wasn't muted

  • 0:01 nice masteri points

  • I FCKING KNEW IT it happened to me too 😄

  • im litterally crowling and laughing and idk but okay XD

  • lol version of casually explained

  • :((((((((((((((((

  • lol

  • yall his mastery... nice

  • Simp

  • Listen, if you pick Ez and i go Lux... well let's just say ;) ... you can't really tell tho so might as well look for other hints

  • Outro song pleeease

  • oke man why do you steal video ideas now

  • Did this actually happen😂😂😂

  • xDD

  • I, a biological girl, use to speak nice to everybody BUT I have a huge crush on Draven and I tent to flirt with them just because... Draven. One day I will find my Draven main ♥

  • This test seems rigged...

  • i actually played with a couple of random girls at lol, cause they thought i was a guy bcuz i main adc dudes, and oH mY gAWd real-girls-who-want-people-to-know-that-they're-real-girls ARE SO ANNOYING in this game like for real that's why i secretly pretend i got a dick

  • Lmao

  • She’s a girl if she plays support and still sucks at the game lmao me XD Edit: Jk I’m gold Still bad LOL

  • Classic LMAO, egirl is not existed!

  • I know it's for fun and all, but I don't like it when youtubers copy other youtubers, it's funny when the one that is copying is funny but this felt like a nerd friend repeating a joke that he found funny on the internet. Sure it's funny, but it doesn't land the same. No hate. Just being real.

  • You know what? Girl doesn't exist

  • 420 mastery point for katar. Noice!

  • Shes not into u , u cringy fuk

    • Uchiha Aizen Check my last upload!

  • The plotwist everybody expected, but actually nobody did


    • The Wildcard Check my last upload!

  • Plot twist: this was a quiz to see if you were into **her**

  • Ign of a friend of mine is: SheWantsTheDraven.

  • GTO as avatar in discord . nice!

  • Is he into you tho?

  • this is actually good advice what the hell

  • casually explain likes league

  • 420 mastery score *ah yes perfection*

  • Doctor: "Dont worry, girl gamers can't hurt you. They're not real" "Girl gamers":

  • Legend say she still saying good morning

  • The song is Show me what I’m looking for by Carolina Liar.

  • Someone here watches casually explained and i respect that


  • As a draven main both men and women want to fuck your massive 30/0 kill streak

  • that got me in first half for real hahahaha

  • This Brian guy is really good...He should start a channel of his own

  • Доброе утро, чувак

  • Great teacher onizuka ❤


  • 😂😂😂😂HAHAHAHA

  • real life :(

  • xD


  • Oh lol your discord pic is from gto onizuka

  • Mastery 420

  • 1:39 Onizuka's face. Awesome!

  • Ok how the fk do u have 111k blue essence??? I can barely get 1k, and its a real struggle. 2:27

  • 2:15 I saw that one coming from the beginning of the video

  • Ripoff, fck off

  • Yes it was YES!!

  • This Great Teacher Onizuka profile pic on discord xDDDD so badass

  • Simply explained, league edition

  • Hahahaha