Jankos Reacts to Rekkles Interview..New Champion Rell's Tanky...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1212

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Stu 2020.
Jankos Reacts to Rekkles Interview..New Champion Rell's Tanky...Daily moments from streamers ep 1212(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Tobias Fate, BoxBox, VoyBoy, LL Stylish, Faker, Scarra, Gripex...).
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  • Nemesis looks the exact same as 2012 pewdiepie ngl 😂

  • My favorite part is when Sion said “BRING ME THAT BOOTY”

  • The new champ is busted as normal

  • 2:26 he was ignited xDDD

  • 1:26 Broeki xD

  • Ngl jankos is the best streamer rn

  • 8:26 music anyone?

  • I honestly love Jankos man the dude made me laugh for 30s straight without saying a single word XD

  • The enemy team in my rankeds

  • Skups comment of the day is a Love Is War reference. Bet.

  • 6:28 it clearly didnt hit, hitbox is in gnar's feet and she used q on his head.


  • I'm sorry to say this, but this Loki guy is just turbo cringe. He glorifies himself so much even though he plays in Silver elo. He is the epitome of insecurity in a video game.

  • 8:26 music anyone?

  • I didnt know Chewbacca played league 2:28

  • the new champion looks so ugly

  • What is that song pls someone 7:18

  • 2:42 anyone else hear that one huge shit meme?

  • Jankos=Trash B)

  • I'm high so all those replays fucked me up

  • jankos going to perma gank botlane

  • Czyżby antypolak znowu miał się masturbować do własnego odbicia w lustrze?

  • That Brand Q at 6:27 misses. not sure why she thinks that it should hit.

  • For those who don't understand English, what does rekkles say?

  • I suddenly missed sylas' E2+Q combo 4:55

  • rell's ult like the old galio. the ulti snared but this chnge to like magnet

  • I hate these new champions with hich cc and high mobility.

  • Sound is waaaaay to low :(

  • Can you please stop putting i0ki in these videos. All he does is make meh plays in silver than call himself the best player ever. its annoying af to have to skip them every time

  • ,.-

  • who is this chicken little who play cait? anyone know tnx

  • Stupid jankos i understood the fucking 1st time

  • 0:50 Ofcourse you can kill a 2-11 Silver Qiyana in your smurf pbe account being 7-4 in a new unbalanced champ and getting hard saved by your teammates afterward, pog play

    • Ioki in a nutshell, disgusting

    • I mean if you’re 0-2 against your laner in high ELO you kinda don’t do damage to them anyways

    • wow

    • The thing was just to show the tankyness of Rell and it wasn't that op since it was Leona and another rell who's dmg is not that great

  • HOLY, Selfmade is so good.

  • what's the song at 7:02? anyone know? would appreciate your help!

    • [DnB] - Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) [Monstercat Release]

  • Does anyone know the name of that song at 9:41? Would be very appriciated!!

  • baus changed his ways its full tank sion now

  • Can someone tell me what the song is at 7:01? Hard to hear the lyrics to search for it over the League sounds.

    • Nevermind I managed to find it with Shazam. It was "Everything is Meaningless" by Alexander Wren, which is on Spotify

  • Rell is freakin taric 2.0 and no one is gona say it because no one plays taric

  • wait so you mean to say... that the new champ is busted?

  • That adrian evil laugh at the end xd

  • 7:25 wtf ? I want to see what happens next. Continue stuff like that next time!

    • @Henrik. he throwed his ult where kha would jump. he predicted it and was very fast with his fingers. I doudt you can do a "shitty" play like this.

    • it was just a shitty clip but it is in the vid cuz he is pro

  • 1:53 g2 perkz? what is this the middle ages?

  • kled 2.0 ?

  • Today I learned u can flash senna's w

  • haha how jankos is still repeating the clip

  • what music name in 9:40

  • get this Ioki guy out of here

  • that guy loki is so obnoxious lol

    • Try this other dude. I think he goes by Airsprenke? Something like that. That homie is on something else man :D

  • Anyone know the song for here 7:14

    • @EO EO EO Thanks man, the song was too soft for my music detector bot to pick up

    • Feint - Snake Eyes (Feat. CoMa) [DNB]

  • irelia player says hes to good bro ur playing irelia

  • What's the name of the song at 9:40?

  • that fucking sword clip holy fuck

  • Guys is there a way to see Dopa match history ?

  • 7:06 song?

    • [DnB] - Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) [Monstercat Release]

    • i actually made the same comment and would leave a reply here in case someone knew and replied XD

  • Get a life before you get a wife

  • 3:36 so cringe

  • 0:52 guys im confused wth is that champ? did i miss something?

    • It’s the new one that came out on pbe yesterday

  • I think Rell and Orianna will be brutal combo

  • I can see how substantial the clip at 8:13 is. What an outplay.

  • When did Jankos suddenly exploded as a streamer? He is funny tho

    • He talks to chat a lot

    • @Edward Angeler pretty much. Plus the fact that G2 rumours spread everywhere

    • Maybe because he started streaming English and now people noticed that his streams are not polish anymorw

    • did he really explode? Ig not many other league streamers streamed right after worlds

  • Pantheon 2.0

  • yone zed sett nonskilled champs

  • You could say that Rell is Relly tanky

  • Jankos is so sarcasticly funny

  • Rell is riots version of lord farquaad in a horse?

  • Idk why say this why alot of League players so slim? Is playing League good diet?

  • finally bauffs embraced the tank meta

  • 200 years in tank form

  • 2:12 this play is not impressive.

    • @Damian i hope thats a rhetorical question

    • mad

    • bro since when are plays from a 11 years old game impressive ._.

  • Wait, what's rekkless said? And what's jankos reply?? My brains trembleblebleble

  • Mate jankos its legit sneaky dont get so influenced by him leaking things he is doing that to be famous more and to look good on public opinion... u will see he is going te be a freaking bastard like community of league of legends is.

    • Quit the game man :) You don't have to play league if it doesn't five you enjoyment, u know~ And no teammates wants your toxic butt in their team anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • This new champ is for sure gonna be played top and it’s probably gonna be cheese on release like every new champ lol

    • Played her top on PBE. She’s ok with tank items late, but her lane phase in BAD. Her CS is AWFUL and her base ratios are very, very weak, not to mention you can’t E until you get a gank. It’s pretty fun to scale, though.

  • I wonder if Perkz can change his twitch to c9perkz

  • Jankos gayed

  • 0:15 when the teacher use you as a good example

  • Rell? A support ? Dont make me laugh riot, its just like oriana again

  • what is rework of hecarim? why don't just rewort it instead to release another champion and fix all bugs of lol

    • Because they're different teams entirely?

  • Love Coconuts

  • Does riot even try not to ruin their game and this point??

  • For the old people out here, finish this sentence: "look at my horse my horse is amazing"

  • someone tell nemesis how to stream in 60 fps

  • Song at 9:42?

  • Does anyone know the song at 7:02?

    • [DnB] - Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) [Monstercat Release]

    • i actually made the same comment and would leave a reply here in case someone knew and replied XD

  • 4:39 Sion typed : *BRING ME THAT BOOTY* I died XD

  • Kaypea gave me hashinshin vibes ngl

  • ahh kaypea, my grape cake

  • 0:21 jankos has a new phone ringtone

  • Baus playing tank sion eww

  • Legit thought the Ez ult boomerang'd at 4:55 LOL


  • 2:23 he was trying to flash juke. Lol he was ignited😂

  • i dont like to see ioki's clips. he hypes for nothing . and his nose looks like a shark fin .

    • @evoknz but kinda fucken annoying

    • @Chef Pag Chomps at least Aesirprenke is fun to watch and good on his azir

    • Try this other dude. I think he goes by Airsprenke? Something like that. That homie is on something else man :D

    • @Henrik. Well. I mean by definition. His main account is like diamond + And hes queuing up against silver or lower

    • @Alex Trollip it doesnt look like he is smurfing

  • 2:21 nice try 👏

  • song at 7:01?

    • @Kurt Corro believe it or not shazam caught it after tries lol

    • @Syko im amazed you found it. it has very little views but its kinda good. Thanks!

    • @Kurt Corro i found it it is, Everything is Meaningless - Alexander Wren. Enjoy!

    • [DnB] - Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) [Monstercat Release]

    • i actually made the same comment and would leave a reply here in case someone knew and replied XD


  • Jankos is the guy that all we wanted in a team. Confidently humble

    • Naah he s annoying.

    • And jankos is from Poland ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • "Confidently humble" What a phrase

    • Cheeky and cute

    • @Mr Victor Frankenstein g2 proffesional player

  • Hey I didn't notice it was 6 mins ago when I clicked.

  • So nobody going to mention irelia ulting secend time when its on cd?? Trick2g:FIX U R GAME RIOT 🤬🤬

  • hihih