Kalashnikov the card game

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Ruj 2019.
Get the cards here: weslav.com

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Go to 01:19 to start of game.
This is the long-waited and much requested card game called Kalashnikov. You can play this with any deck of 52, but a Deck of Slav is much preferred. You can get the cards at weslav.com
The rules are very easy to follow. Essentially the two players are digging through a pile of garbage to assemble the AK. First one to assemble, gets points. Best played with comrades at party while squatting. Semechki optional.
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  • It shoots golden boolets сука

  • i just like how the "Queen" is actually Babushka lol

  • F in chat for this demonitised video

  • The first Boris video I watched.

    • Few weeks later, I am watching Slavic shenanigans. Powerful mind control, I know.

  • I have a few questions: 1. can you play with more than two people, like 4 for example, with the same rules like the ones in the video? 2. Can you use jokers as trash, not at all, or as a one damage card to the player who picked it up? 3. is vodka mandatory? >_

  • AK47 is also the strongest hand in poker if it's played by Slavic people

  • The rules should come in the card packs

  • I understand 80% 😂👍👍

  • Boris should programme a game of this

  • How to Win a Card Game? Dat Russian Kid: *AK-47*

  • I am so fucking upset that I didn't get those cards before they were removed... I had been so on the fence for so long, the tab was just sitting open on my desktop for like a month... and I finally was like, imma do it, imma buy the pretty cards and I went to checkout and the just vanished.... there are new ones now but is not the same, the deck of slav was the pinnacle of card decks... and now is gone forever. if you ever do bring it back, please for the love of god take my money X3

  • Bring back the cards

  • Fun concept Boris, let's play comrades!

  • Hello Boris, just bought ushanka, cards, glasses. And smol Boris from weslav. I am awaiting order. Very good quality Edit: I have gotten them a while ago now... very nice, I actually wear ushanka to help me sleep, very comfortable

  • What happened to the Deck of Slav? Is not in shop anymore

  • I played this game with my friend today. We didn't have the deck of slav but we still had fun. Thank you for creating this wonderful game 😂

  • Can someone explain to me how the damage is decided ?

  • Best thing to do while on quarantine

  • Here I'm adding more custom rule. If you want it to end faster, you can add more Kalash if you like. For example, AK-102 is going to be A-K-10-2, AK-104, 105 and so on. Kalashnikovs that use 7.62 will deals double damage. The one with 5.45 deals triple damage. And the Western 5.56 deal normal damage.

  • What if we both get to build one at the same time what happens next!?

  • The great game of Area 51

  • how much healt does players have

  • an idea for the games damage system when it comes to similar cards in hand. you can rank based off of suit if the cards have same value (spades, hearts, diamonds clubs)

  • Mr.Boris can you put this cards again on shop

  • Can you make up a game called “babushka”?

  • Where can I buy a deck of slav now?

  • what happens if you don't slam on the table or scream cyka?

    • @Mock i beleve it means idiot or stupid so much more tame than cyka

    • @Teh Whaffle what does that mean?

    • @Mock say urod instead

    • @Life of Boris but i don't want to tell the nextdoor neighbour's kid cyka

    • straight to jail

  • Instructions not clear. Shot myself with a real ak


  • Boris, the stock market is only for the western capitalists

  • “He dives into trash pile AND Antoli comes out”

  • Cześć/privet/ahoj możesz dodać napisy polskie?chciałbym poznać tę grę nauczyć się.

  • The ace should be a vodka

  • i can't find THESE cards on shop

    • @Life of Boris when will these cards come back?

    • @Life of Boris wanna play war thunder?

    • sold out

  • 6:12

  • this game is nice i play with my mother and my sister in pandemic time

  • Wow its so easy 😱😱😱😱😱💗🇮🇳💗🇷🇺 me and my sister started to play and she always smash the table in half yelling KALASHNIKOV CYKA 😅

  • Ey so wait, what if there are four players and two have a duel? Do the other two players take damage?

    • I think the game is only meant for 2 people...

  • I don't understand two things: What happens, if: A: Both players get Kalashnikov and both draw the same card? B: Both players get GOLDEN Kalashnikov? Does it go the same, as with Golden Kalashnikov, or do you add 8 points to the strength of the card (1-4)? Thanks in advance and I really enjoy this game. Edit #1: I ask, because the first scenario happened already once, and the second one happened twice already and I started playing today! Edit #2: Three times already! Double Golden Kalashnikov Curse! My opponent almost had a golden Kalashnikov at the beginning (except for one card) and asked me, what to do: shoot now and draw one of my cards or hunt for golden Kalashnikov. I suggested option #2, since the round hasn't even started yet, the cards have just been drawn.

  • Me and my friends played this, but with changed rules. You see, we have a airsoft AK-47. And depending on how much damage you take that’s the amount of times you would be shot

  • Nice, now i can play with my friends with some vodka.

  • Up to how many comrads can play?

  • So I can pick the cards up that I dropped?

  • Did he really just build a whole actually fun card game for us? Props to Boris the supreme gopnik

  • 4:26 Boris; WHAT TYPE OF CRUEL PEOPLE HAVE DISCARDED THEIR BABUSHKA?!!!! Me, *stares blankly thinking, "Boris, you just did in the video.... BuT ITS IN GAME AND NOT REAL LIFE SO... meh"*

  • I can not find the deck of slav in weslav. Do you still sell them or not?

  • 5:45 Capitalist Propaganda spotted

  • That's actually a genius game tbh

  • Where is AK74?

  • I like the if the damage system is too hard to understand then roll a die 1 is 1 damage 6 is 6 damage

  • Im gonna teach this to my classmates after quarantine


  • How to play this card game if i have only 36 kards?

  • Instructions unclear Ended up with dead caitilast boides on my lawn

  • "Man arrested after playing with kalashnikov: 3 emotionnal victims"

  • i need an application of this blyad

  • “What is this the stock market? “

  • Ey Boris, will cards ever come back to the shop, blin?

  • Boris, I have a question, what if there are no more cards in shelf and garbage pile?

  • My Son’s name is Kalashnikov, is his name offensive???

  • I'm just gonna roll the dice...

  • Ima play this with my sisters

  • It sold outt hellppp PLS RESTOCK

    • Just so you know, *you don’t have to use the deck of Slav that was in weslav, any playing card deck of 52 works with this game.*

  • This..actually sounds like fun.

  • when I asked my friend if he wanted to play Kalashnikov he said YO WTF then I explain it is cards

  • It may actually be possible to make this game a reality on PC, using Deck of Slav cards as the skins.

  • Fun fact: In S.T.A.L.K.E.R is AK-74, not AK-47, and this name is used by western szpions.

  • Boris where is poland text 😄

  • There is one think I am not sure of. What happens when player1 shoots regular AK, but the player2 is holding a GOLDEN AK? Is there still the drawing for damage part or does the GOLDEN AK automaticly win? What would happen if two golden AKs went against eachother?

  • I cant find it on the website

  • Can i just say "Kalashnikov"? I don't want to scream "сука" when playing with my babushka

  • Ok, found this video late, but where can i get that deck? His store doesn't have it, or im a fool for not seeing it

  • I am gonna play it with my grandpa

  • A good Slav card game

  • i play a modified version of the game where you can get a silver Kalashnikov by having all of the components in the same COLOR, not suit. and it does only 4 damage, not 8.

  • I dont know how the damage counter works? anyone tell me how its work

  • Your slowly teaching me russian

  • What happens when you both get the golden kalashnikov? Since no matter what it is 8 damage, would it be like when both gets kalashnikov but whoever has the highest card gets the point or no?

  • I was trying to buy the deck of slave but it wasn't in the weslav

  • Does shipping go to America? I want to get some.

  • The funny thing is Kalashnikov is the definition of smg or assault rifle made in Russia

  • Of course i appreciate boris

  • Hey comrades...can someone explain me the draw situation..?

  • If u dont mind, i might try to make a mobile game, idk =P. imma have fun tho

  • I wish i had money...

  • *and we pick up one... блать

  • question: if you have golden kalasnikov can you use it like normal kalasnikov ore you have to wait for player2 to make kalasnikov

  • I can't find cards is shop?

  • What happens if I look on the shelf and pick up a part I already have, say for example I have A K 4 10, I go on the shelf and pick up another Ace. Do I wait for my turn and put it back? Or do I put it in the trash?

  • I don't get the use of shelf in this game...

  • Let's get this simple! The first one to make an AK-47 makes the other guy to take a shot of vodka! Who faint first loses!

  • Now can you make this an online game?

  • Gonna play this w my bro during quarantine

  • The game is very interesting and nice, but instead of the golden ak, we could have for the diamond suit the ak103, for hearts, akm, with a special forgrip, ak12 for another, ak74, and each ak to have a special ability: the ak103 has increased accuracy but lower damage, the ak12 is the normal ak (everything average), the akm increased damage but lower accuracy, etc.

  • I was playing this with my nine-year-old brother, and by pure chance, I got ace, king, a four (can't remember which suit) and a seven (can't remember which suit). It was a lot of fun, thanks Boris!

  • Are we allowed to discard trash in the shelf so that the opponent might pick it up and have the disadvantage?

  • Boris, Protect yourself from Westerners with a foil Ushanka


  • I hate how all the good stuff goes off the weslav store before I can find a fucking credit card in my cramped apartment

  • Why Anatoli not Ace? Both begin with A