Kerbal Space Program animation - Life of Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Srp 2018.
Kerbal Space Program animation, starring Boris the blin.
Animated by:
Cut together from videos of Boris playing KSP:
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • soyuz blyat

  • dude you animation videos are awesome

  • ha ha yutube translated in slovenian

  • You know that because on moon theres no gravity that space ship really doesnt weigh much, so with a few trys you may be able to lift it?

  • thanks, was in a bad mood/demeanor and you made me laugh

  • 0:59

  • True slav rockets run on vodka

  • Boris: "this is the gopnik elite" Me:" it's blyatiful"

  • This is *ABSOLUTE CYKA*

  • Do the boost back burn before landing on moon blin

  • now we can squat in da Moon

  • Eventually, Boris stopped thinking XDD

  • The crew capsule appears to be the pea of ksp making history dlc wich is the equivalent of the ussr/russian soyuz descent module

  • Pixar would be proud

  • The person to Launch Sputnik 5, to orbit earth, and once again, make the First Russian satellite-ahem* Virus cure.

  • When I crash rocket: curses in unfriendly Russian words.

  • “Please send help” -All of my kerbals

  • *One small squat four man* *One giant leap for Slav kind*

  • what

  • "You see, a normal person would give up by now. But you see, I'm not normal." Not gonna lie, that actually sounds inspirational and wise.

  • Lol

  • Yes you totally need a helmet to survive in space no suit or anything....well besides this is boris who we are watching not some random western space teacher

  • Wait it's all boris? Chuckles always has been

  • Ну чтож я походу один РУССКИЙ

  • it looks too real

  • my mom: watching me playin spaceship out of cardboard having fun what I see: 1:42

  • I just noticed that boris's spacecraft looks like a vostok spacecraft, like what Yuri flew in

  • Hey guys if you guys what to watch a TV show about the Russians landing on the moon first it call for all mankind

  • In the End, Boris isn't wearing gloves, wich leaves space to the air to get out of his helmet, wich is a big mistake, so this proves that Boris never was capable of going to the moon by him self.

  • Play DCS World

  • I am a professional ksp player, the ship wont even go to orbit, the 2 firet one

  • Send your save file to Matt Lowne. He can get your capsule back.

  • i wish i could make animations like this =)

  • The reason it all failed is because he accidentally used American parts

  • everyones first expiriance with ksp 2 2:11 - 2:32

  • Rocket) go,s boom* Him) BLAYTT!!!

  • Why u don't have maked a vodka Rocket? Xd

  • nice

  • борис, что ты забыл у меня в рекомендациях?

  • Это оскорбления в сторону русских, эти стереотипы нас оскорбляют!!!

  • I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The launch music and animation gave me spacex vibes


  • Watching that first KSP video of yours was painful yet brilliant as an avid player. It’s what introduced me to Boris :D

  • Fun fact you wouldn't be an astronaut you would be a cosmonaut

  • сщщд

  • One small step for boris One giant leap for Slav kind.

  • Imagine yourself 40k, but with slavic setting instead of gothic, with gopniks instead of space marines, with Pahan instead of emperor, with vodka instead of warp, with musors instead of necrons, with fraiers instead of tau, with chruchevkas instead of hives.

  • Kerbal Space Program in a nutshell .

  • Clone abuse:nu blaaaaayt Boris: *BUT WAIT THERE'S MOAR*

  • *:o*

  • “You see, a normal person would give up by now but you see I am not normal”

  • U're animating those characters with 3d software or is it some other tool

  • In Soviet Russia...

  • Soyuz 🤣

  • Now I understand why soviets never flew to the moon

  • Michael Bay wants to know your location

  • Русским очень нравится когда их обсуждают))) 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • You see I'm not a normal person

  • 2:23 we've all been there

  • Борис блять говори по русскому!

  • cheki breki

  • The cabin came from a galaxy far far away... Mos eisley to be precise

  • it's blyatiful Boris keep up with the blyatin content boris -jokesh smolin

  • Yo he ready

  • terbang bareng yuri Gagarin😂

  • Gebral space program

  • Pleasee make more animations like this🙏 this is hilarious😂

  • this must be the new kerbal space program

  • *rest in shashlik to all the clones*

  • У вас самый худший пародия на русские акцент!!!

  • Ah cyka of course.

  • Slavic newyear

  • 1 like means 100 vodka and a better rocket ship for boris

  • Ahh russian.

  • Tovarish chto mhu dolzhnu delyat chtobu korabl poletel

  • Sooo....How is he going back to Earth?

  • When you fill your rockets with explosive vodka:


  • 1:27 i was expecting it to explode

  • Those aren’t failures just rapid disassembly for return to factory

  • One small squat for Slav One shot of vodka for Slav-kind

  • Boris: "is Russian" America: space race Boris!

  • поехали

  • But you see, I am not normal.

  • When did boris make "star wars blyat wars"??

  • According to Eric Partridge in his excellent book of word origins (Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English), "poop" comes from the Middle English word poupen or popen, and it originally meant "fart." The word was based on the sound of a fart. That’s why poop is called poop

  • whats the name of the song that's played at 1:25

  • How you land on the M¨¨un is how all my landings go, so you don't do it that bad.

  • The first slav to let his feet to touch the moon

  • No wonder Russia didn’t win the space race

  • ыуат

  • This is How Chernobyl Started Radiating

  • You can see how an amateur rocket builder because did not build a launch tower

  • If you hadve added the kid screaming BLYAAAAAAATT when the landing thingy fell over that would’ve been glorious. Otherwise 10/10 squatting gopniks

  • Я Борис чики брики в дамки и Сидорович из Японии

  • I tought you will make SSTO or something (Single Stage To Orbit)

  • Blyatiful animation boris


  • Did anyone else think that the animated Boris kinda looked like Anatoli in disguise?