LADA (GTA version) - uamee x Professional Gopnik x Boris

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Lip 2018.
This is the video I PLANNED to make, but Rockstar delayed the launch of the Cheburek two months blyat. So here is what I intended to upload a month ago..
AvtoVAZ (Russian: АвтоВАЗ), formerly known as VAZ (Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod) (ВАЗ, Во́лжский автомоби́льный заво́д, or Volga Automobile Plant), is a Russian automobile manufacturer. The company is best known for its flagship series of Lada vehicles. In the Soviet Union, its products used various names, including Zhiguli, Oka, and Sputnik which were phased out in the 1990s and replaced by Lada for the Russian market. French Groupe Renault has owned a majority stake in the Alliance Rostec Auto, which controls AvtoVAZ, since the end of 2016.
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Lyrics by Professional Gopnik.
Music: uamee - IL-76
You know bratan. I think it is time.
Bring out the iron cheburek.
AvtoVAZ - eto klass!
Uamee, Professional Gopnik, Boris - Let's go!
Strong steel box, on 4 wheel
In rajon I'm making deal
Fast steel box, on 4 wheel
Knock the spies back on heel
(back on heel)
Run on vodka, never slow
Russian motor never blow
Seeking out the western spy
I not quit but still they try
(I not quit but still they try)
Western spy have much to fear
When I switch in 2nd gear
Silent night, no one around
My tire tracks is all they found
(tire tracks is all they found)
(all they found)
Dump the bodies, drive away
Militsiya is on its way
My Lada now is in gear 5
Lets go pizdec, long way to drive
Avto AvtoVAZ
Моя машина - это класс!
On the highway still gear 5
Thanking god, I'm still alive
Militsiya is cracking down
Two hours pass, they here in town
Now three days, still no rest
Where I'm going? East or west?
I have lost orientation
This a house or police station?
(police station)
In eastern bloc it always rain
Drive my Lada down the drain
Coming close you feel the pain
I hit you like a subway train
Slavic life, now flying high
Get the ladies every time
Slavic life, now all is real
Lada closing every deal
Stomp the spies further west
Heel or toe, this is your test
Ushankas on, Makarovs out
In the street you hear my shout
(hear my shout)
iiiiiis BORIS!


  • There is tracksuit and lada in gta 5? Man I have to get this shit блин!

  • Another great day on democratic american republic

  • which car is that in the game actually?

    • The car in game is called the Cheberek Rune

  • that drop tho, EPIC

  • Boris can be somewhat Lithuanian cuz he said “rajon” and rajonas is Lithuanian word

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  • Mé mozkové buňky zpět


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  • That character totally looks like Putin, does he not?


  • 3To XbI

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  • Just think about it that this is actually his 'work'. (I mean he earns from youtube and it is beneficial for all of us)

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  • I can't stop hear this song


  • Boris dont knock spies back on heel do opposite so i know who i can say proffesional debil caught and thn take a big cyka and slap him with svetlana in face and after feed him to gena the krokodil

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  • What's funny is that the RUNE Cheburek is one of the fastest cars in the game when fully upgraded

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  • 9/10 Didn't wear a Balaclava

    • In Russia we wear shapka-ushanka)

  • 0:34 It looks like Putin.

  • Yeah i use this as my personal vehicle too it’s a great car and goes pretty fast

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  • Back to visit becuase I saw a LADA at the cross of Nordhoff and Van Nuys (LA) few days before. Did not get a chance to say privyet to the comrade. What a shame!

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  • WAIT WAIT WIAT ! LADA does not have 5 gears! This song lies! You western spy!

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  • Lyrics: in the description

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  • Лучшая реклама АвтоВАЗ, сука блять

  • Boris, just k ow that oliver (I, myself, names'Jesse by the way) is not a rat fleeing from a sinking ship. Just incase I end up in your country without a passport because I might. (I piss the pope off, know that)

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  • October 2019 and this is still my go to song to lift my mood up! Thank you Uamee and @lifeofboris for creating this masterpiece!

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