Datum objavljivanja: 28. Lis 2020.
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Schoolboy: aleksandr_toproll
Alex Toproll: alex_toproll
Khaled: khaled_jashell
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  • La fuerza está en la humildad de schoolboy.

  • I think school boy will win

  • Como no le van a ganar si jugó el doble que los otros jajajaj

  • 5:16 check Schoolboy's brother reaction

  • What about Khalid doing absolutely dominating......

  • What about Oleg vs school boy

  • Not impressed whatsoever. This is NOT the arm wrestling when the ONLY strength we employed was from our grip, forearm and shoulders as well as technique which did NOT INCLUDE DROPPING TO THE FLOOR USING OUR ENTIRE BODYWEIGHT! Doing so was cheating and was disallowed. If schoolboy and others did not drop to the floor placing their entire bodyweight on their challengers' arms and shoulders. their victories would not be nearly as high.

  • Não achei justo não o cara competiu com mais de um , já estava cansado e parecia ter machucado o braço!

  • I can’t think about a more detrimental and dangerous activity

  • Larry Wheels is a body builder School boy is an arm wrestler It is all about technique

  • I never seen schoolboy loosing If anyone knows any video in which he loose then share with me

  • Schoolboy 🔥

  • Khaled faced SchoolBoy tired after doing like 10 pulses and Larry would also like to see Khaleb with fresh schoolboy

  • I hate that lady in background without any reason 🙄

  • Парняга красавчик. Чем его кормят там? Вымотали вначале, а потом типа качки...

  • 10:00 ?

  • Such a humble athlete. Love the attitude and the things you're doing for the sport Larry.

  • Olm o çocuk nasıl alıyor ya

  • He should try to devon larrat

  • Why don't they bolt the table on the floor? Freaking anoying.

  • Larry and Khaled using 💉💉💊💊the schoolboy nothing 😅😅

  • Когда мышцы не решают

  • 💪🏽💪🏽

  • That girl in the pink bad asf

  • No matter what I'm team schoolboy

  • I am Polish and I understand this russian school boy XD

  • You could see the pain in Schoolboy's eyes when he slammed his hand against the table. Khaled is not a good competitor

  • Черти загрузили нашего, потом за бороли

  • I love how humble Larry is

  • Larry was a stand up guy, and a good loser. School boy was kind of a dick. Cut him some slack, he's been arm wrestling for a short time and still learning. If you want to talk crap, challenge him to a bench press competition.

  • Sayang laki ng katawan tol.

  • School boy : I didn’t feel the pressure against larry wheels unfortunately Khalid : hold my beers ! Ohh yeah now cry babies fans will respond and reported my comments!

    • Yea i thought it too cause this guys are right handed!! It must be hard to arm wrestle with left

  • Tom and jerry tshirt is cool now

  • Larry isn't aware of the secret technique ie keeping shoulders close to hand . Lean little forward on shoulders and then see the result.

  • My god that Khaled guy is so annoying. Just go wrestle a bear if u don't want to follow the rules bruh

  • I want to see a Match vs "Chef Rush", He will have massive Potential 👌

  • larry takes the win!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! broooooooooooooooooooo!!!! yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha LOL

  • Clearly difference between an American steroids guy and a Russian not steroids guys


  • 14:37 “You’re pulling too soon” That’s what she said anyway

  • The Way Covid-19 spreads. All use the mask wrong 🤪

  • When are they gonna come back to America, Dubai gives me such a bad vibe especially knowing how that place is built and maintained.

  • khaled vs denis cyplenkov who agree ? how about you larry ? 💆🏻‍♂️

  • Chiken kok kok kok

  • tell that need used shoulder and body..just used hand...

  • the famous cheater boy

  • 4:00 am watching arm wrestling tournaments, down bad.

  • Глядя на поединок я аж вспотел весь, и кажись бицуху потянул маленько!

  • Holy shit. Thought his wrist snapped off at 9:00

  • All the Schoolboy fans are cool when he has the position. Khaled wasn’t gonna let him get the position. They both were jockeying. People are biased.

  • 2nd guy wasn’t playin haha

  • Schoolboy I challenge you... To not beat everyone.

  • Drain Schoolboy 1st though.

  • Khaled don’t wanna play with him but he wanna break his arm, but schoolboy is the good one

  • This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen... I mean think about it. Gigantic muscle bound guy destroyed by a teenager not breaking a sweat in a Tom and jerry t-shirt. Freaking epic

  • Larrys laugh made my terosterone levels increase with 1000%

  • Im amazed how casually irresponsible Larry and pretty much everyone there is. Almist no one has a mask on. If they shut everything down again its because of shit like this. Guess everyone wants to have their face in the video.

  • Put those damn masks on for fucks sake! Fucking irresponsible!

  • khlaed has no sportsmanship

  • I know schoolboy is gonna win bc he never lost a match

  • Khaled mshaala 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 good man ❤❤ mshaala

  • Khaled - do not respecting the rulles! Dislike to him. I`d like to see how he will be crying, when Tsyplenkov take off his arm with love ! Larry - great person!

  • super strong

  • Cant believe larry lost

  • excuses makes one look really small...😑

  • School boy

  • Blue sleeve dude annoying asf

  • Schoolboy is a beast. He lost a few but he was dead tired. Crazy kid.

  • Schoolboy is schooling Larry

  • Sick sick sick intro.

  • He beat him, without the roids..

  • I’m starting to learn and understand arm wrestling more & more (because of this channel), but it’s still a bit of a head scratcher to see school boy demolish Larry like that.

  • Larrys not doing what devon taught him

  • Dhroo rapte salo ke

  • JESUS CHRIST is the way

  • School boy love from India brother.

  • JESUS CHRIST is the way

  • Perché non viene usato un braccio meccanico con 2 appigli sui quali gli sfidanti applicano la forza? Non si eliminerebbero tutti quei preparativi e la possibilità che una presa scorretta possa modificare il risultato?

  • School boy

  • เท็กนิก มากกว่าพะละกำลัง

  • Саня красавец!!!!!

  • Strength vs Technique!!

  • Damn, ole boy is 6 foot 5? I thought dude was only like 5"11 or something this whole time. 😆

    • 6' 5", 250lb. He is a big kid. Larry lacks wrist control and uses too much arm too soon. Technique and wrist control are important.

  • Don't worry Larry, few more year at the gym and then... yyyy nothing.

  • I came here to check who is Larry Wheels.

  • Is that school boy's brother filming?

  • Dude in the gray shirt letting all that hype go to his head being too arrogant

  • fkn hell why do they take so long to set up

  • В армрестлинге важнее иметь крепкое предплечье и кисть чем большой бицепс. У Лари слабая кисть.

  • химик слабак

  • It is the muscle form, Larry has power but Schoolboy has built strength and discipline over many years. I know Larry has passion fot what he does his body is a reflection of this and he knows he had to test Schoolboy's power in person. He also knew about not being able to catch up to Schoolboy in 6 months but he needed to try, nothing wrong. Larry is smart now he understands where he needs to go and what his strength goal is. I assure you Larry will catch up to him eventually. People think schoolboy is humble he is dedicated to the sport which is something that provides experience and difficult to beat by an amateur. Technique plays a huge factor over strength.

  • im hate larry very very much school boy your kings in armwristiling

  • 8:23 larry didn't understand single thing,what schoolboy said,, but speak good about him,,,, at 19:00

  • 18:30 onwards man ,,, larry always wins heart by saying good things about other aThletes❤ 19:00 man ,,,,

  • 3:20 look at that refree face😫😫

  • How many years is he gonna be a schoolboy

  • Why bother with this? It’s not about who’s the stronger man.... if it was Larry would win every time

  • Качок ето мешок блят 😂😂

  • I am school boy from Russia were we eat steel metal chips from breakfast and drink vodka be we are thirsty.

  • Aged Steroids vs Young raw strength lmaoo