LEAGUE OF AFK & TYPING with t3nm0plyr

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Pro 2020.
teemo infinite shroom welcome to tenmo player but not trnmo
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  • After four months i just realized this was a teemo gojou thing.

  • Another day reminding pianta i liked every vid

  • you are a disgusting teemo

  • 5:00 -“If you land an ability I’ll give you a thousand dollars “ *Irelia hits the w from behind*


  • Song?

  • Bro i feel u Either they afk or complain or trolling or afk

  • 1:34 whats the song ?

  • this is my lol life

  • Thanks Pianta for showing Jujutsu kaisen to me

  • 4:58 but irelia hit her w are you going to give irelia a million dollars

  • 5:13

  • wow

  • Whats this bg music when he popped off?

  • I can't win my lane and this guy carried all lanes and won....

  • song?

  • Yuumi support typing😃, that must be a meme 😂

  • This is the reason i subscribed 🙃

  • tenmo carries game is always winnable with tenmo around

  • 7:10 he predicted Gojou sensei?

  • Asks yuumi are they playing the game XD

  • Oh hi. I'm the Seraphine O_o I still remember this game... Rough

  • the definition of 1v9

  • Winning those 6v4 games feels so amazing... Especially when I get an instant feedback report an hour later.

  • whats the song at end montage?

  • Please make the legal abortionage however old that chogath player is

  • 7:57 whats thad song i rly like it man :D

  • What music is it at the end?

  • More teemo pls :)

  • music at 6:36? you really need to credit these in description.

  • Bruh, how the fuck do you carry a team like that? When I try that shit, I just go 2/19/15.

  • The auspicious tuna postnatally film because step-father thankfully part under a obtainable bike. skinny, lying blanket

  • Thanks for reminding me in these videos never to play League again


  • pianta rolling deep in losers que holy shlt

  • I love how this is a summary of every league game in a nutshell. Tops just on an island having their own 1v1 battle, with the occasional visit from junglers, meanwhile the whole rest of their team is completely losing their mind, while top just keeps vibing and playing their own game.

    • Its like a farming game

  • Dude that intro had that redmercy vibe lol

  • Every ranked game :)

  • I swear pianta has the strongest mental in league

  • end song?

  • hrdown.info/block/video/23ahireJoL2JqJo&ab_channel=DC0329

  • I did not understand a single fucking word of that intro but alright.

  • Players need to Beemo positive. Or just don’t play PvP at all.

  • Imagine losing 3rd turret at 12 that's a new kind of low Edit: one wise man said: "there's no I in team"


  • 6:58 i got that reference :p

  • i want tenmo player back

  • yo what's the name of the song in the background it slaps

  • what's the name of the song that starts at 6:07

  • Lol so tiring having to be these people's teammates AND therapists. Shouldn't need to convince people to play the game they queued up for. It took so much effort for him to finally get Chogath and everyone to stfu and play.

  • you are the strongest !!

  • 5:40 i could without a doubth go back to my last 10 games and titel them with "FUCK THIS" because of the very same reasons showed in this video... FUCK THIS

  • Holy shit this was rank??? And ur plat??

    • He is diamond 1

  • the thumbnail is satoru gojo???

  • P2

  • the crash bandicoot music tho

  • Hey Pianta, what's the sauce for the song? Also keep up the great work!

  • Whats that anime song playing near the end?

  • Jujutsu kaisen go Brrrrrrr

  • The last hope is a teemo.

  • River shen

  • Hang on what the fuck when you asked if we were sipping tea I was picking up my tea

  • How did they manage to type if they were afk?!!!?!)!?!?!!!;!:!,!:$:!3&:&&.

  • this teemo satoru went to teemo yuji so fast

  • 6:10 song name? Brian doesn't seem to post his selection of music in desc. so I'd like to ask


  • that was beautiful

  • The mha music!!

  • Jujutsu kaisen reference :)

  • What are the runes for teemo

  • whats the name of the song in the second half of the video?

  • that´s actually really impressive my guy.

  • Love the vid but... t3nm0plyr in wildrift?

  • mate...MAAAATEEEEE i'm feeling this kind of videos so hard... you can try so hard as possible still won't help by the actually league problems...

  • Unique ✅

  • Tenmo

  • Bro, can we have your teemo guide?

  • What was that song at the end?

    • @Just Korbii thx!

    • hrdown.info/block/video/tWOgkNuLpst-oLM

  • this gave me hope for humanity, which I had also previously lost as a result of playing this very game.

  • The last clip just legit made me happy to watch

  • Now imma play teemo on Wild Rift

  • Thats why i quit this game after 8 years

  • I know im late but the jujutsu kaisen references is sick

  • Jujutsu teemo

  • I was like so tilted after losing several games of league and by just watching this video my mental came back lol.

  • Love the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack ❤️

  • 7:58 Tenmo : " I am the strongest " Also Tenmo : *Play a range top every single game*


  • is this game winnable?

  • Typing should be disabled by default

  • What’s that song holy mama

    • hrdown.info/block/video/tWOgkNuLpst-oLM

  • This video makes me want to play and main Teemo rn.

  • That was just a paid actor plus try hard smurfing. Tho I'm still impressed by ur positivity.


  • In this video there are so many jujutsu kaisen references and soundtracks

  • 6:06 song name?

  • these jujutsu kaisen references are so random XD

  • Song at the end like at 6:30

    • hrdown.info/block/video/tWOgkNuLpst-oLM

  • this yuumi is like gacha life rp

  • can anyone tell me the name of the song ( 6:37 )?

    • hrdown.info/block/video/tWOgkNuLpst-oLM